Smackdown Synopsis for 6/19/20 (Follow The Buzzards) | Review

Backlash is in the rearview mirror, and little has changed in the SD landscape. No titles changed hands, and few storylines were definitively resolved—the exception perhaps, Braun Strowman’s program versus MC MIZ. And the Mayor of Slamtown. That program was most likely put in place to be a one and done affair. This premise is underscored now that the Forgotten Sons have been pulled from WWE TV for at least the next few weeks owing to social media posts by Jaxson Ryker. The SD tag team division lacks depth and requires an all hands on deck approach. This is the Smackdown Synopsis for 6/19/20

Given the returning Firefly Funhouse, don’t be surprised if the Fiend doesn’t attempt again to get under Braun Strowman’s skin. After all, the Monster Among Men defeated Bray Wyatt and not the Bank’s Fiend at Money. Since then, Wyatt has been off TV on paternity leave. No truth to the rumor that during this time, he was clothes shopping with Joseph P. Ryan. The fact that they wear similar sweaters is purely coincidental.

Wyatt’s announcement is expected to be ominous, sounds like a whole lot of fun!

As for now, we are back at the Performance Center and at the outset of our journey to Extreme Rules, which will be streaming live on the 19th of July.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/19/20

AJ Styles Intercontinental Championship Ceremony

A ceremonious debut. AJ Styles is about to be presented his new Intercontinental championship with the bulk of the SD roster gathered at ringside. Renée Young to preside over this historic moment.

While Ms. Young wants to present the title to Styles, he exclaims that only one person is worthy of that distinction, and he is referring to Daniel Bryan. Before that, Styles stated, “This is vindication. Winners find ways to win.”He also referred to himself as”The face that runs the place.”

While Bryan did anoint Styles with the belt, he stalled for a moment. He then relayed this message to his esteemed opponent of last week. ” You have the chance to be the best I-C champion ever if you defend your title on a weekly basis and give opportunities.”Bryan challenged Styles to give such an opportunity to his friend and coach Drew Gulak. The mat technician from Philadelphia upset Syles in a supposed tune-up match a fortnight ago.

Matt Riddle vs. AJ Styles

Then, we saw the much-anticipated arrival of Matt Riddle. There was no back door entrance for the Original Bro. He stormed the ring, kicked off his flip-flops, and grabbed the mic. “The Bro that’s going to run the show.” Styles attacked Riddle but quickly got his comeuppance.

A match was made on the fly, but Styles refused to put his championship on the line. Pretty smart on his part! Riddle was in control at the outset of the match. Riddle threw AJ off with a few German Suplexes, no lack of confidence from the former MMA fighter, good game plan to boot.

The momentum shifted briefly when Styles connected on a Dropkick. Outside the ring, Riddle stumbled into and exchanged a few words with King Corbin. This will most likely lead to Riddle’s first ongoing storyline.

Styles would then connect with a Chop Block and Calf Crusher. The Original Bro is not one to submit easily. Outside the ring, Styles got into some extra-curricular activities with Daniel Bryan. Short fuses lead to monumental errors and blown opportunities.

Styles ascended to the top rope and sought to strike with his Phenomenal Forearm to be outsmarted by Riddle. The champion was caught in mid-air and fell victim to Riddle’s finishing move, the Bro-Derrick. We had a count of three and one of the upsets of the year. Give the Bro-Derrick a definitive 10!

Winner: Matt Riddle

A delated but not deleted nor broken Jeff Hardy is interviewed by Renée Young. We recall, of course, that last Sunday on Backlash, the Charismatic Enigma lost a hard-fought battle to Sheamus.

Hardy put forward in no uncertain terms that ” Sheamus is a constant reminder of what I hate about myself and that he is a “miserable and insecure bully. “

Next week, Sheamus will toast Jeff Hardy. Expect more liquid substances to be thrown, and more fuel will be added to this intense feud.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/19/20

Shorty G vs. Mojo Rawley

Next up, a mid-card extravaganza, Shorty G vs. Mojo Rawley. Shorty G has pulled off a few consecutive victories as his star is seemingly on the rise.

Rawley, though, took charge early with a Northern Lights Suplex and an effective Pounce. He then splashed G in the corner and followed with a top rope Crossbody move. Shorty G one crucial step ahead. He caught his opponent and went for a successful Inside Cradle. That was the second underdog -feel-good moment of the show.

Winner: Shorty G

Miz Tv is must-see TV when the guest is Mandy Rose. Before presenting their glamourous guest, MCMIZ. And John Morrison provided us with a post mortem of their loss to Braun Strowman at Backlash. They attribute their failure to a rule change that turned the affair into a three-way confrontation as opposed to a handicap match.

Mandy Rose was brought out, and the focus was squarely on Sonya Deville. Stirring and shaking the cocktail, Sonya Deville was brought out as a surprise guest. Harsh words were exchanged between the two former friends.

Mandy Rose stating, “Aside from being a fighter, you have nothing; you are alone.”

Sonya responds, “I will tear you apart piece by piece by piece until your outside is as hideous as your inside.”

Fisticuffs ensued, Deville taking refuge behind The Miz before fleeing to the back. Lots more chapters to be written in this story.

We then greeted Bayley and Saha Banks to the announce table. Mention is made of Bayley being the SD Woman’s champion for two hundred and fifty days.

New Day vs. Lucha House Party

The tepid eight-time champions the New Day head to the ring to insult the Lucha House Party. A crisp series of acrobatic moves kick the match off—trouble brewing backstage. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro are looking on via a monitor. Last week, the aforementioned pair beat the champions.

A Big E Splash yielded a count of two. Lince Dorado administered a great looking Springboard Stunner. Seconds after that, the champions with a useful double team maneuver to procure themselves the W.

Winners: New Day

The evil pair of Cesaro and Nakamura charged the ring and blindsided the champions. We at least got to see the famous Cesaro Swing for the first time in months! The couple then made their way to the announce table to let it be known that they were sick of being overlooked.

Sheamus caught up with Kayla Braxton and stated, “I am a bully, and people like Jeff Hardy deserve to be bullied. He’s pathetic and weak”.

The show moves on, and Bayley and Sasha have yet to leave the announce table. However, backstage, Dana Brooke, Tamina, Naomi, Lacey Evans, and Alexa Bliss have a friendly chat about who should be the next in line to challenge Bayley for the SD title. Nikki Cross though is conspicuous by her absence.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/19/20

Nikki Cross vs. Sasha Banks

The mercurial Scotswoman dashes to the announce table to attack The Boss. Cross challenges Banks to a match that Bayley gladly accepted on her behalf. What a lovely gesture.

Fast-paced and hard-hitting action was to ensue. We were privy to a Back Stabber that would make even Carlito think it was cool. Cross would strike with a Tornado DDT mustering a count of two. Sasha is countering with a Banks Statement, but Nikki was in no mood to throw in the towel. We then witnessed three Rollups yielding two counts. Two by Cross and the third by Sasha Banks. Too close, too close for comfort! Sasha Banks was ultimately successful, making use once again of the Meteora.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/19/20

Firefly Fun House with Bray Wyatt ‘Follow The Buzzards’

The Firefly Funhouse re-opens but is not under new management. Bray informs us that over the past few weeks, he has learned to knit and resurrect the dead, it seems like he made wise use of his time.

The indestructible Ramblin’ Rabbit reminds Wyatt of his loss to Braun Strowman at Money In The Bank. The Monster Among Men storms his way to the ring to respond to Wyatt on the makeshift Titantron. He boldly stated,” You had your opportunity, and you failed. This game between you and me is over”.

Bray referring to his newfound ability to raise the souls of the departed, replied, “I created you, and I have to destroy you. You know how to find me, just follow the Buzzards.”

We see Wyatt’s flashbacks in his early days, lanterns, and the Wyatt compound’s images. We are left with the strong impression that this feud, as Smackdown leaves the air. Therefore, it appears as though it will be re-vitalized at Extreme Rules. A great deal appears to be played out in the coming weeks.