Ross and Marshall Von Erich – Choosing Triumph For The Next Generation

The story of Ross and Marshall Von Erich is anything but typical. Their last name alone is often tied to both art and tragedy.

“(Kevin Von Erich) is trying to use his story for good because death can do two things as my dad says.

It can make you hard toward the world or compassionate for those who suffer. Going through what my dad went through and seeing someone lose a brother, a sister, lose a parent.

He knows that the pain it brings. Sometimes it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Before we are wrestlers or anything else, we are human beings. We learn to love our neighbors and use the story for good”.

– Ross Von Erich on Wrestling Inc Radio

As goes the life of Ross and Marshall Von Erich.

The story of the third-generation stars it a tale of two scenarios. We have a story of hope and the prospect of an exciting future.

On the other hand, the question is asked if tragedy needed to surround these two men’s family history to shine a light on their future?

The simple answer is no. Over the past nine years, both Marshall and Ross Von Erich have fought the whispers that surround their family’s past. The difference here is their past and present are met with the sound foundation that is their father Kevin Von Erich.

Born four years apart, David Michael ‘Ross’ and Kevin ‘Marshall’ have been working to follow in their father’s footsteps since beginning to train in 2010.

For both brothers, their time in the ring is no different than their time growing up together. The seamless string of moves that they have to showcase undeniable chemistry that reflects both athletes.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich –
The Next Generation Of The Iron Claw

At over 30 years of age, Ross is the elder of the two brothers and in many ways leads the tandem. Ross has eight years of experience (as of this writing).

He has been trained by the likes of the late Harley Race, Japanese wrestling legend Naomichi Marufuji and of course his father. What is interesting to note is that Ross’s combat background is in Mixed Martial Arts.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is among his different noted means of competition. Ross’ early training and competition came in 2012 and 2013 when he competed primarily for Pro Wrestling NOAH.

The following year, Ross and Marshall competed for TNA/IMPACT Wrestling at the Slammiversary XII event facing Jessie Godderz and the man now known as Joaquin Wilde in the WWE, DJZ.

It was the only recorded match that year for Ross. The following year he was listed in 4 matches between TNA/IMPACT and Imperial Wrestling Revolution.

While he has competed for more since nothing shows he’s competed as frequently since those earlier years of development.

Much like his brother Ross, Marshall has wrestled roughly the same amount of time as his brother. In fact, both have wrestled almost the same number of recorded matches as the other.

Whether it is in singles or tag the younger Von Erich’s career will often be compared to that of his brothers. Much like Ross, Marshall incorporates the Iron Claw made famous by their father Kevin Von Erich.

If there has been one thing noted as different between the two is Marshall has a greater sense of athleticism and charm to him.

While alongside his brother Marshall has held championships in AZW, WCR and now in MLW as the reigning World Tag Team Champions. They achieved this when they defeated the duo of Richard Holliday and MJF of The Dynasty for the championship.

However, with their father, Kevin, behind them, their repertoire of moves is reminiscent of his time in the ring.

The biggest difference is the level of creativity that appears to showcase itself between him and them.

While opportunities to go to the WWE presented themselves for both Ross and Marshall Von Erich, Major League Wrestling was the right place for them and the right time.

The promotion provides them an opportunity to develop their promotional skills, wrestling skills, and meaningful feuds. This is their first major contract with a promotion, but that doesn’t exclude them from continuing to learn.

As we moved into 2020, the brothers continued to have goals collectively. While they have competed in singles action to date their time as a unit has proven to be where they have found the most success.

With the name Von Erich, the narrative has always been what could be. This third generation of talent appears to want to do more than simply be part of a story’s ‘tragic’ ending.

They have an opportunity to be a part of a promotion with a television deal and be used in a prime position to succeed. The brothers were approached at one time by the WWE with contracts, but MLW was the right fit for them.

One of the biggest needs the duo will seek moving forward is the opportunity to compete. This is anywhere and everywhere they can.

They had a great deal of time in the ring in Japan but they can also explore opportunities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico as well to showcase their talents. These brothers story is far from being over.

After years of competing in Major League Wrestling, the Ross and Marshall Von Erich have moved on to compete for other promotions, including All Elite Wrestling. They have even teamed with another notable next generation talent in the legendary Dustin Rhodes.

With a bright future ahead of them and a family lineage of championships won behind them. Ross and Marshall Von Erich can always look to the support of their father, Kevin, to be there, guiding them along the way.