Rest In Peace Francisco Alonso Lutteroth | In Memorium

Lucha libre was shocked a few days ago when the news about Perro Aguayo Sr broke that he passed away. Last Sunday, the lucha libre family received more bad news. We now must cope with the loss of Francisco “Paco” Alonso Lutteroth. This news has impacted all the wrestling world. Paco Alonso was the grandson of the founder of lucha libre in Mexico, Salvador Lutteroth. We talk about what he did for lucha libre, his goals, his challenges and all that he gave us for the lucha libre culture and the great company CMLL. So, come with me on the path of his career and the great sport that he loved and he showed it in his job. Rest In Peace, Francisco Alonso Lutteroth.

When you born with a destiny and in runs lucha libre your veins it’s something you can’t deny. This was the case for Paco Alonso. His grandfather was who started this in Mexico and he seeds the first basis to this great sport. Thanks to him, we have and we know lucha libre in Mexico which a sports representative in the world. Salvador was the one who created EMLL, that now know as CMLL.


Paco Alonso started in this business in 1975 next to his father. The destiny that we talked about before was written in 1987 when he was handed the company. Since that time, Paco was part of the evolution of lucha libre in Mexico. He also lived through some difficult moments in the company. One of them was some luchadors of EMLL left the company, they went to UWA or Toreo de Cuatro Caminos. Sadly, that was not the last time this would happen. In 1992, his partner Antonio Peña left and founded AAA and some luchadors followed him on this project.

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However, this isn’t all bad, because this experience helped him to develop the company and above all the development of lucha libre. He gave his all for lucha libre to keep up. Despite having any differences with luchadors when they left the company, he was known as a great leader.

Rest In Peace, Francisco Alonso Lutteroth

He was important to the business he was the one to give opportunities to luchadors like Ultimo Dragon, Chris Jericho, Atlantis, Vampiro, Ultimo Guerrero, and many more, the list is so long. It’s so long, his legacy that he leaves in the ring and in the history of lucha libre. Lutteroth has helped to make the careers of several men who are long indebted to him, giving them an opportunity that would otherwise not happen. Could we imagine wrestling history not to have the likes of Ultimo Dragon or Chris Jericho? The wrestling world is mourning a loss of a man that helped to put these men on the map.

He left us but we will always remember all the great moments that we enjoyed in the Arenas of CMLL. Thanks for all that he’s done and thanks for his love of this sport. In a world filled with heroes and villains, Francisco Alonso Lutteroth was more. He represented the best the Latin wrestling ring had to offer and for that, we are forever indebted to him.