PWP Podcast 12 (NEW FORMAT!)

The Pro Wrestling Post Podcast returns, this week with an exciting new format. For the next three weeks, Mark Blake, Marc Madison, and Pete Moon will be discussing various wrestling promotions. This week, they begin with the biggest professional wrestling promotion on the planet, World Wrestling Entertainment. This is the PWP Podcast Episode 12. Here’s what they talk about:

PWP Podcast 12
The History of WWE

Mark Blake gives a rundown of the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. From their start as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation in 1953 to the rise of Hulkamania in the 1980s, through to the modern era.

Our Earliest WWE Memories

Like most pro wrestling fans, Mark, Pete, and Marc found their way into the sport through World Wrestling Entertainment. Find out when they got into the product and which wrestlers they gravitated to at first. Also, find out how Marc and Pete drifted away from and back to pro wrestling over time, along with some of our favourite matches and moments.

PWP Podcast 12 (NEW FORMAT!)
Ideas About The Future

We usually try to resist fantasy booking on the show, but here we discuss what might be in store for us at Survivor Series and beyond. What matches would we like to see as we approach the road to WrestleMania? What problems do we see on the horizon for World Wrestling Entertainment, and how might the company go about resolving them?

Past and Future Pieces

Seven Nights of Frights – by Pro Wrestling Post Staff

Mayu Iwatani | The Brightest Star In All Of Stardom – By John Hill

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