Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review For (9/2/18)

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An even more condensed version of my Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for (9/2/18) folks, but never fear, you’ll have the major news stories (as I see fit anyway) for your reading pleasure. I’m not slacking, just recovering from watching All In at silly o clock UK time and family commitments. But you don’t wanna hear me bitch, so I’ll shut up and let you read. Enjoy!


Revolution Pro Wrestling Lands TV Deal

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Being a Brit, I automatically look for news stories about anything pertaining to the industry over here. And this? This is a BIG story!


Rev Pro – to give it it’s fan name – are one of the big three (in my eyes anyway) promotions here in the UK along with Progress Wrestling and ICW. They’ve been around for many years and their shows feature the cream of the British scene as well as top international stars too.


FreeSports, a satellite tv channel that airs….erm….some sporting events for free….broke the news a few days ago via their twitter feed.

As I said this is big news. Along with World of Sport Wrestling, Rev Pro will be in the homes of millions of fans, entertaining and inspiring the future stars of the sport, and putting more eyes on their product.


Congrats Rev Pro!


WWE SummerSlam 2019 In Toronto


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 WWE’s association with the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn for SummerSlam weekend has come to and as next year the event will be held in Toronto.


SummerSlam itself, as well as NXT Takeover, Monday Night Raw, and Smackdown Live will all emanate from Toronto’s own Scotiabank Arena as announced by ET Canada. The last time the event was held in Toronto was 2004.


It seems that either Sasha Banks was misinformed or trying to throw people off the scent when she mentioned in an interview that SummerSlam was actually going back to Los Angeles for next year. I’d like to think it’s the latter as if it’s the former, it makes her look like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and we all know that Uncle Vince doesn’t like that in his Superstars


John Saboor, WWE executive vice-president of special events was quoted as saying –

We are thrilled to bring WWE’s biggest event of the summer back to Toronto. We look forward to working with our partners at Tourism Toronto and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment to build a blueprint that welcomes our global fan base to the great city of Toronto”


This is big news for WWE fans north of the American border. Not only have they had Impact Wrestling run shows up there, but now the biggest promotion on the planet to being there for the first time in 15 years. Good times to be a Canadian fan.


I have a couple of friends who live in Toronto. I’m currently looking at airfares from London, UK to Toronto before tapping them up for somewhere to crash wink


Fan Power Changes Storyline Progression


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 In news that you could take with a pinch of salt, it’s being reported that the Becky Lynch’s heel turn on Smackdown Live might be changed direction due to the fans insistence on not booing her.


Since her turn at SummerSlam, Becky has been continuously cheered by the fans as the fans understand and take her side against current Smackdown Live and former best friend Charlotte Flair.


According to John Pollock of Post Wrestling, WWE might be altering The Irish Lasskicker’s creative direction based on recent fan’s reaction. He was backstage at Toronto (where Smackdown was being filmed this week) and was told by sources at the venue that the tweaks to Lynch’s direction will take place over the next few weeks, with the usual babyface versus heel story being ditched with both Flair and Becky not playing either role, a more “tweener” role as you will.


Is this the Daniel Bryan situation all over again? Someone that the fans have taken to their hearts as one of their own, un-accepting anything Uncle Vince & co gives them unless it’s what they want? Quite possibly. The support for Becky winning the Smackdown Live title at SummerSlam was huge and the crowd quickly cheered for the heel turn of Becky not long after. Maybe this was Vince’s plan after all? I mean he’s not going to come out and say it was fan pressure again once again will he? Think emoji


WWE Heading Back To Saudi Arabia


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It seems that money talks as it looks like the WWE are going back on the gravy train to Saudi Arabia for the second time in a year.


PWInsider confirmed that the company will be back in KSA on Friday, November 2nd, just a few short days after their first ever Women’s only PPV, Evolution.


Many are saying that the second Saudi show was agreed upon before the announcement of Evolution, and that Evolution was created to stop potential blowback for not using of the women’s division at the Saudi Arabia show once again. As of time writing, it hasn’t been confirmed that the show will be shown on the WWE Network, but as the first one was, it’s pretty spot on that the second one will.


Myself? I’m of the opinion that Vince signed this 10-year deal with the Saudi’s with one hand tied behind his back. It’s quite possible that they’ve told Vince when they want the promotion in their country and he’s just had to take his lumps and say yes.


Of course, I could be 100% wrong as it’s common knowledge that Uncle Vince hates to relinquish any facet of control over his company, but he’s also a businessman that has shareholders to answer to.


And that wraps up this week’s Week In Review dudes and dudette’s!


Just a quick heads up, there will be no Week In Review on Sunday 30th September as myself, my wife and a few SEPW friends will be attending the biggest Uk wrestling show for 30 years as Progress Wrestling will be running Wembley Arena! And it’s also my belated birthday too so many alcoholic beverages will be sunk too. So it’s a case of sorry, not sorry!

Anyway, I’ll leave you to enjoy your Sunday but I’ll be back quicker than an Earl Hebner fast count!