Week In Review for 11/04/18 (Pro Wrestling Post)

Hello, one and all and welcome to your weekly wrestling news catch up article, Week In Review. As always I, “Smart” Mark Blake, will find the biggest and most interesting stories of the week and round them up for your pleasure. So sit back, put your feet up and read the most interesting thing you’ll read all day Here is the Pro Wrestling Post week in review for 11/04/18.

Tegan Nox Originally Scheduled To Win MYC2

In news that is bittersweet, it emerged from the Wrestling Observer. The UK’s own (and in my opinion the BEST female wrestler in this country) Tegan Nox fka Nixon Newell – was originally planned to not only get to the finals of this year’s Mae Young Classic but to actually win the tournament overall and beat Toni Storm in the final.

As many of you know, Tegan injured her knee during her quarterfinal match against Rhea Ripley. The injury was so severe that the match was stopped.

Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review for 11/04/18

Reasons Why Cena & Bryan Weren’t At Crown Jewel

As you will all know by now, John Cena and Daniel Bryan didn’t appear at this Friday’s Crown Jewel event. The details for their non-appearance have now been revealed by Dave Meltzer.

In regards to Cena, it’s understood that he asked to not be on the card due to his agent’s advice. There was a risk that attending the event would have had a negative impact on his burgeoning movie career.

Daniel Bryan informed WWE officials during the height of the controversy over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Bryan and Vince McMahon both decided to keep the news secret. But as we know now, that news leaked a week later.

After Bryan worked the Greatest Royal Rumble event, he found out more about Saudi’s treatment of women, and homosexuals. He also found out that Sami Zayn was banned from entering the country due to being Syrian. There are also reports he asked to lose the number one contender’s match at Super Show-Down against The Miz last month, as he knew that the winner would have to go to Saudi Arabia.

Matt Hardy – Halloween Special, WWE Future & More

Following on from my piece last week about Matt Hardy, he appeared on former WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast this past week. It is there where he discussed the Halloween special, his WWE career as it stands, and many more topics.

Talking about his comments at a past WWE house show. It is there where he said that it was time for me to go home, he explained that wasn’t stating he was retiring from wrestling….

Well, that’s funny because, once again, people had quoted that I had left WWE and threw around the word retirement. But typically when someone teases it, it’s retirement but I never said retirement. I said that I needed to go home, which I really did after being there for a year and half and working on a full time schedule the entire time I was there”

While away from wrestling, he used that time to work on the Halloween special and plans for his secret new show on the WWE Network….

I am still with WWE. Being off gave us time to work on this first episode of ‘House Of Hardy’ special on the WWE Network. I am still with WWE full-fledged, I am waving the flag, I am in the trenches and I have been off TV for a little bit to take care of some injuries”

You can hear more from Matt Hardy on Lillian’s recent episode of Chasing Glory, which can be found right here.

Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 11/04/18

And that folks, brings an end to another Week In Review. As always it’s been emotional but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be back….RIGHT HERE….next week for more news from this crazy world of pro wrestling that we love. 

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