Pro Wrestling Post Podcast Presents Episode #3 with IMPACT Wrestling’s Eddie Edwards

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Boston native and Impact Wrestling star, Eddie Edwards has achieved a tremendous amount of success over a career that has spanned over 15 years. He has been everywhere and seen and done essentially everything. Today, however, marks a new beginning for Edwards as he is reaching into different parts of his persona that had otherwise been left untapped. What does the future hold for diehard?

A longtime and well-traveled veteran of the ring, Edwards is determined to reinvent himself from the Die-Hard character fans had come to know through his years in Ring of Honor. The key to success in any line of work is reinvention and growth. This much more hardcore persona of Edwards allows for that and has created several interesting and new match possibilities moving forward. His rivalry with Sami Callihan has opened a new side to Edwards that fans had otherwise not been privy to seeing in the past. Edwards is more than just a successful tag team wrestler he is showcasing just how much of a star he can be on his won.

During our chat, Eddie Edwards discusses how the nickname isn’t just a moniker but a way of life and something he lives with every day. Listen to his thoughts on his character’s evolution and growth along with the inspiration for a particular tattoo. Where did it come from and how a certain Philadelphia based film character icon played a part. Will Edwards and Davey Richards reform The Wolves? To hear this edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast click the icon below or follow the links to any of the available podcast platforms listed below.

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