#Preview WSU Presents The Reckoning

As Women Superstars United looks to close 2019 and move forward into 2020 they do so by looking into the past. Let’s rewind to 2017 and the landscape of WSU was run by Chrissy Rivera and The Reckoning. Fusing the tag team the Sinister Sweethearts, Brittany Blake and Samantha Heights, with the Undead Bride, Su Yung. She also recruited Annie Social and together they orchestrated the betrayal of Social’s longtime best friend Missy Sampson. The crowning glory of the Reckoning would be their dominant and decisive victory in the first-ever women’s War Games match at WSU Battle Tested.

Fast forward to September 2017 and Su Yung teamed with Eddy Blackwater to represent The Reckoning in the Queen & King tournament. They would vanquish teams like Anthony Bennett and Willow Nightingale, Brandon Watts and Kiera Hogan, and Jason Cade and Veda Scott. Following this, the group would splinter off in different directions. WSU wouldn’t hold regular events until returning in 2019, and Su Yung’s title shot has yet to be fulfilled. This will change at the event entitled The Reckoning. Two former stablemates will collide with the WSU World Championship on the line. There’s tons of other incredible action lined up for WSU’s special year-end double-header!

Sonya Strong vs. Ashley America

Sonya Strong‘s 2019 at WSU has been very successful. She has but one blemish on her record, against Savanna Stone in her debut. Sonya has also formed a partnership with her former rival, Ariela Nyx. They look to get a shot at the WSU Tag Team Championships very soon. At The Reckoning, she will deal with Ashley America. We first met the rugged Zen Warrior at Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus in her WSU debut. She too fell in her first match, to Vita Von Starr. However, she won’t let that get her down and she’s ready to return!

Ruthless Lala vs. Diamante

This will be a clash of two of the major forces in WSU! Ruthless Lala is undefeated and would love nothing more than to add gold to her radar in 2020. Lala is a veteran of 17 years in wrestling and is finally being given a platform on which to shine in WSU. Her opponent is none other than the Cuban Diamond, Diamante. Diamante built one hell of a record in 2019 having clawed her way to the top of the ranking. She lost to Kris Statlander to determine the Interim WSU World Champion before Tessa Blanchard vacated the title. Now she will look to rebound at The Reckoning to show the fans and WSU management that she’s still championship material. Respectfully, Lala would disagree and assert that it is she who has earned a title shot. Whichever woman can walk away from this fight certainly will be on Brittany Blake’s radar.

Shalandra Royal vs. Candy Cartwright

The Fighting Siren Shalandra Royal will be making her WSU debut against Candy Cartwright. Shalandra is from the Georgia area and works for indies such as Georgia Premier Wrestling, Intense Wrestling Entertainment, Girl Fight and more. She also made an appearance for All Elite Wrestling on episode six of AEW Dark. Candy is an opponent that can be easily overlooked because of her personality. However, don’t let her bubbly demeanor fool you, this Platinum Hunnie-In-Training can get vicious to get what she wants. She is a former Shine Nova Champion and has stacked up two wins in a row in WSU. Will the first female Dusty Rhodes American Dream Scholarship winner have a golden debut as well as her voice? Or will it be just another day at the office for the Cutie Pie? Shalandra will also be singing the national anthem at the events.

Tasha Steelz vs. Savanna Stone

One of the hottest rising stars on the independent wrestling scene as of late is Tasha Steelz. The Team Adams trainee worked with Ring of Honor this year, was backstage for NXT and recently debuted for the NWA. Steelz is also the current Battle Club Pro ICONS Champion and the Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Champion. The next stop on her journey is at WSU. Her opponent at The Reckoning is another rising star, 19-year-old Savanna Stone. Savanna fell in her debut to the indomitable Intergalactic sensation, Kris Statlander. She’s bounced back, picking up tough and hard-fought wins over Sonya Strong and Leyla Hirsch in the WSU/CZW family. The Elgin-trained Stone has also begun working for Prime Time Pro Wrestling and successfully debuted for Warrior Wrestling against Holidead. These two women will surely be at the forefront of leading the future of WSU, it’s just a matter of time.

Damaris vs. Izzy McCoy

Damaris has a record of 2 and 1 in WSU, she’s picked up wins over Valentina Vazquez and Brylee King. Her only loss is to All That, Ava Everett. She will take on the returning Izzy McCoy. The last we saw of Izzy, she took a tough defeat to Ravana Xin. However, she didn’t let that dampen her spirit.

Ava Everett vs. Violette

All That Ava Everett is in for another tough challenge. At Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus, she unsuccessfully challenged for the WSU Spirit Championship. Now she will take on the undefeated and vibrant Violette. Violette is one half of the team Bad Company with Masha Slamovitch and they too tasted defeat at Is It Fall Yet? In singles competition though, Violette has a record that’s hard to argue with. She’s put away names like Angel Sinclair, Shazza McKenzie, and Veda Scott. Violette also went to a no-contest with a fellow undefeated competitor, Ariela Nyx. Whichever of these ladies comes out on top could make a case for a title shot, especially Violette.

Corrine Mink vs. Kaci Dillon

The Golden Girl, Corrine Mink would like to break .500 in WSU before 2019 is over. At Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus, she picked up the victory over Karen Bam Bam. A regular for WrestlePro, A Matter of Pride, and New York Wrestling Connection, she keeps busier than Blanche Deveraux’s bedroom. Her opponent is the Princess of Darkness, Kaci Dillon. Dillon is just a few years into her career but has already made a bit of a name for herself. WSU is her first major women’s wrestling promotion, so hopefully, we can see more of her.

Squish X Threat vs Starlight Foundation

Following her second straight loss in WSU, Karen Bam Bam was down in the dumps. Neveah Chantelle approached her and proposed that they combine their efforts as a team. The two have formed a fairly successful partnership in the CZW Dojo Wars, so now they bring it to WSU. They will take on the Starlight Foundation, which is Gabby Gilbert’s new tag team.

Kasey Catal vs. Ariela Nyx

So this match is kind of interesting. Let’s set the scene. Kasey Catal is one half of the WSU Tag Team Champions with Delmi Exo. Ariela Nyx and Sonya Strong are a new tag team and feel they are deserving of a title shot. However, Delmi Exo will not be at The Reckoning and Sonya Strong is busy with a match of her own. Catal is coming off a victory over Jimmy Lloyd at CZW’s Night of Infamy. She also factored into Brandon Kirk’s Cage of Death loss to Lloyd. So we’ll have to wait and see what exactly this match brings.

WSU Spirit Championship Match
Davienne (c) vs. Kiera Hogan

The Girl on Fire returns to WSU at The Reckoning! We last saw her at WSU Breaking Barriers 5 when she lost the WSU Spirit Championship to Jordynne Grace. Kiera never got a chance to get her rematch following this title loss, so this is long overdue. Davienne of The Endless is Not America’s Sweetheart and eager to prove her worth as champion. This will be just her second title defense, but in her first outing, Davienne proved why it is she who unseated Kris Statlander. It is also a first-time-ever match up and should be an interesting clash of styles. Under Mother’s ever-watchful eye, the bruising beauty will look to further their legacy.

WSU World Championship Match
Brittany Blake (c) vs. Su Yung

In the penultimate clash at The Reckoning, we will see Brittany Blake’s first title defense as WSU World Champion. The only time these two were involved in the same match was in the all-female War Games back in 2017. Su Yung is one of the most intense and feared wrestlers today. It takes a lot to get the Undead Bride down for the three-count, especially when you have something that she wants. Brittany has also proven her mettle in this year, clawing her way to the very top of the WSU mountain. Now that she finally has her prize, she won’t be keen to see it slip from her grasp.

The Reckoning is set to kick off at 3:00 PM on December 28th. There is a second show entitled No Need For Glasses We Have 2020 Vision. This one will kick off at 7:30PM. What’s in store? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out! This is a full surprise card, but what is sure is that ALL WSU championships will be defended. WSU is going to go out with a bang!

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