PWA Black Label Presents Wahlberg vs Ugg | Preview

Saturday March 23rd 2019 mark your calender’s wrestling fans because the women and men of PWA Black Label in Australia are about to descend upon us with another massive event. PWA Black Label Presents Wahlberg vs Ugg featuring a main event that is going to blow the roof off of Max Watts in Sydney this Saturday. The main event will be for the PWA Heavyweight Championship. Matty Wahlberg not only has fended off the likes of Jax Jordan but he also picked up a monumental victory in a brawl with Jimmy Havoc. The win over Jimmy Havoc proved not only how tough Matty Wahlberg is, but it also showed just how dark this young man can go in order to get himself a victory.

Caveman Ugg is an absolute powerhouse that has managed to run down opponents at every single opportunity. Ugg will look at this overconfident jock personality that Matty Wahlberg sports around and he will want to tear the young man down a few pegs. Caveman Ugg is a proud champion and he is not going to allow the momentum of Matty Wahlberg cloud his judgment during this championship defense.

This match was sealed and confirmed during PWA Black Labels last event The Fight For Black Metal, so now it is on and these two men are going to bring the house down and provide the fans on hand a opportunity of a lifetime to see a new rising star stepping up to the challenge of a valiant champion. The fun does not stop at just this one match though, as always PWA Black Label have much more in store for the fans on hand.

PWA Black Label Presents Wahlberg vs Ugg

In a match just announced for the event Robbie Eagles & PWWA Champion Shazza McKenzie will team up to do battle with The Four Nations Jack J Bonza and Jessica Troy. Jessica Troy is currently the number one contender for the PWWA Championship so this will be an opportunity for her to really get inside the head of Shazza McKenzie and try to throw her off of her game ahead of the two of them meeting in one on one competition. Shazza McKenzie will not make things easy for Jessica Troy either, especially with her partner Jack J Bonza. When it comes to partners though Shazza has got herself excellent company in the form of Robbie Eagles.

In singles competition Steph De Lander is going one on one with one of the absolute best in the game Indi Hartwell. These two women will look to prove themselves here as they would both like to climb the ladder to the top and get their future opportunity at a PWWA Championship match.

When it comes to fun and exciting rolled in to one look no further then one half of the PWA Tag Team Champions Mick Moretti. The man is super quick, unorthodox, and prepared to mix it up with anyone.

In singles competition, we will also get to see the meeting of the Mat’s as it will be Mat Diamond vs Mat Rogers. This among the many other matches on the card is certainly going to be a treat for those who are in attendance. If you do not live near Sydney Australia or can not attend the show live then you can always head on over to the PWA Black Label website and click the link that says PWA Play. PWA Play is their own streaming service where you can go and watch a large catalog of shows from PWA Black Label.

There are also some events from PWA Black Label available through POWERSLAM.TV where if you would like to get yourself a free one-month membership all you need to do is use the coupon code MUNSONED and that first month is absolutely free. Keep in mind that PWA Black Label is not your typical family viewing event either, their shows are listed as 18+ as there will always be violence, course language, and plenty of beer pong to go around so if that is the kind of wrestling you enjoy then you need to check out PWA Black Label immediately.

Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.