Preview: Prestige Rise or Die Trying Tournament

Prestige Rise or Die Trying Tournament
December 8th, 2018
Hermiston Oregon


On December 8th in a small town in North East Oregon called Hermiston, Prestige Wrestling will be putting on another fantastic show. Though I’ve never had the privilege of making the pilgrimage to a live event, I have enjoyed streaming their shows. Based on what I’ve seen so far, the Rise or Die Trying Tournament will no doubt be another exceptional entry in their promotional catalog.

Confirmed Championship Match


Prestige Wrestling on December 8th is going to be a fantastic event! We already know what the main event for the evening will be for the Prestige Wrestling Championship! Current reigning champion King Khash is proving himself to be quite the competitor on the regional scene. He recently defeated wrestling luminary, Matt Cross at DEFY PDXIII City of Thorns. We have seen this man grow in size and talent over the last couple of years. I see enormous things in this young man’s future!

Making the championship challenge is none other than the Filthy Tom Lawlor! No stranger to Prestige, he’s performed in some of the best promotions in the business today and faced some of the greatest talent working in the industry. On December 8th he’s going for the belt! While he is more than a worthy opponent, I doubt this is going to be anything less than a brutal and grueling match. The safest thing I can predict with this championship challenge is that these two men are going to have the audience sitting on the edge of their seat the entire time!

Tag Teams Announced

We’ve had two tag team’s announced. Though we haven’t had an official announcement stating these two teams will be competing against one another I suspect it is likely going to happen.

The first tag team is C4. This is a pairing of two young men who come to us from the Buddy Wayne Academy. “Classic” Cody Chhun a lean, fast and nimble competitor and Guillermo Rosas, a strong and innovative wrestler. They are a well-balanced combination who have trained together for a while now. As a result, I suspect they are going to make an impressive showing.

The second tag team announced, is none other than No Lives Matter. The Devil Drexl himself and his partner Dr. Kleiver are rumored to be making an appearance. Though we have not had an official match announcement it seems likely we may see these veterans face off against C4. Keep watch for official word as we lead up to December 8th.

This Could Get Ugly!

Lance Pierson is a member of the roster of both Big League Wrestling and Lucha Libra and Cascade Championship Wrestling. This man is a champion and one of the up and comers of the Pacific Northwest.

Chase James has most recently been making appearances at Without A Cause in Everett Washington where he recently defeated Chris Ryseck. He’s also engaged in a vicious feud with local celebrity Steve Migs. A feud that is likely to come to a head very soon.

It has come to my attention these two gentlemen will not be competing in a tag team match on December 8! It would seem there might be something brewing within the EH Team. I learned Lance Pierson is going up against his tag team partner Chase James in a singles match. Will the EH Team survive their own civil war? Can these two men put their ego’s aside when everything is said and done? We’ll find out…

Tournament Match Announcements

I’ve recently learned Ethan HD, a member of the Amerikan Gunz tag team champions at DEFY will be competing in a singles match. Who will this champion be facing? None other than Julian Whyt! Also a member of a champion tag team with DOA as a member of Konami Code, we’ll get a chance to see these two men go at one another as singles competitors without their buddies in the ring to help.

Pitfall Jones makes his Prestige debut on December 8th! This young man has been building quite a name for himself at 321Battle! and Without A Cause. He comes to Hermiston Oregon to face the “Ace of Prestige,” Sonico! This young luchador has made Prestige his home away from home, recently destroying the Devil Drexl in a grudge match. This time he faces a competitor of a different type. Will Sonico prevail against Pitfall Jones? One way or the other this is going to be an excellent hard fought match!

We have learned the other half of the Amerikan Gunz will also be making an appearance in a singles match. Mike Santiago who has been a controversial figure at Prestige due to some suspicious suspicious circumstances relating to King Khash winning the Championship belt. I for one don’t believe anything dubious occurred and feel Khash and Mr. Santiago have been maligned by sore losers… (the owners of are not responsible for the opinions of this writers content) Facing Mike Santiago will be CJ Edwards. We’ll see if CJ can keep Mike from advancing to the final Four-Way Tournament.

All four of the winners of these singles matches will be advancing in the Tournament to a fatal four-way match. This should prove to be very exciting!

If you happen to be in the Hermiston Oregon area on December 8th, I highly recommend you attend Prestige Wrestling RISE or Die Trying! By doing so you will also be supporting a good cause. 100% of all proceeds from this show is going to a good cause. Cabins4kids! to learn more about this fantastic philanthropic organization got to their website: