Preview: DEFY – Kings of Crash

With the three-year anniversary show behind us, we move on to Kings of Crash! Washington Hall is going to host some of the best talents in the industry including Jeff Cobb, Damian 666 and out and proud athlete, Anthony Bowens! The folks behind DEFY didn’t just throw together a bunch of matches, they constructed a card that will likely be talked about in the years to come.

At this time there are eight matches announced. Defy likes to surprise us by having an unannounced match or two on each card. So those of you who aren’t going to be able to make it stay tuned to post-show updates on any surprise matches.

Currently, we have four championships up for grabs, the DEFY World Championship currently held by Schaff. DEFY Tag Team Championship currently held by 4 Minutes of Heat. The Battle Club Pro Championship held by Anthony Bowens and finally, the Crash Tag Team Championship with current title holders La Rebelion Amarilla!

Without further delay, this is what you can expect from Kings of Crash!

DEFY World Championship
SCHAFF (c) vs Ravenous Randy Myers

Preview: DEFY - Kings of Crash

Fresh off a title defense against Artemis Spencer in an epic ladder match at the Year 3 Anniversary show, Schaff is still holding the championship belt. The title has turned him into something foul and vile. Now like Golem holding onto his ‘precious,’ Schaff is hungry for blood and destruction and has a new challenger is in his sights.

For a very long time Ravenous Randy Myers, the Weirdo Hero, has been one of the most popular personalities to enter the ring at Washington Hall. He is beloved by the fans and anyone who has been lucky enough to have a kiss bestowed upon their lips by this man has had a life-changing experience. Randy will get his chance at grabbing the DEFY World Championship for himself on February 21. Anyone who doesn’t think he can pull it off is likely to be proven wrong!

Jeff Cobb vs Cody Chhun

Preview: DEFY - Kings of Crash

The meteoric rise of Cody Chhun here on the west coast is well deserved. With appearances at PCW Ultra and going up against the likes of Christopher Daniels, Brody King, and Jake Atlas is proof enough he’s a contender. Watching his career take off and unfold has been a fantastic joy over the last couple of years.

On February 21st Cody will add another impressive name to his list of opponents. Jeff Cobb will be returning to Washington Hall! There is little doubt when this guy comes out the fans in the audience are going to break sound records. Cobb is consistently one of the best performers in the business and when he shows up in the ring with Chhun we’re going to see fireworks!

DEFY Tag Team Championship
4 Minutes of Heat (c) (Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearl) vs Damian 666 & Guillermo Rosas

Preview: DEFY - Kings of Crash

New Tag Team Champions, 4 Minutes of Heat will be making their first title defense since winning their titles at the Year 3 Anniversary. Both Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl have been making their mark in the region and winning the DEFY title has thrust them onto an international playing field. Are they up to this? It is this writer’s humble opinion they are, however, we will find out very soon.

On their first title defense DEFY didn’t take it easy on their new champions. Making the first challenge for the belts is someone very familiar to the audience at DEFY. Guillermo Rosas will be making his way ‘down that old town road,” and make a play for those belts, but he isn’t coming alone. Joining Mr. Rosas is none other than Luchador luminary Damian 666!
If 4 Minutes of Heat think this championship thing is going to be easy… they have another thing coming!

Sonico vs Black Danger

Preview: DEFY - Kings of Crash

One of the fiercest competitors in the local lucha scene over the last couple years has been Sonico! He is so impressive. He’s demonstrated his talents all over the North American Continent and Japan. We haven’t even come close to seeing the heights this young man is going to reach in his career.

Traveling north from Tijuana Mexico, is Crash regular and spectacular talent, Black Danger! He’s held the Crash Junior Title and as of this writing holds the EMW World Middleweight Championship. If you aren’t already a fan of Black Danger you likely will be after this show. There is little doubt these two exceptional luchadors are going to bring down the house!

Judas Icarus vs King Khash vs Eli Surge vs Travis Williams


We’re in for an impressive display of talent direct from the DEFY roster! We have two winners of the DEFY Fight to Survive Tournament in this match. Judas Icarus won the most recent tournament and King Khash, who won at the 2 Year Anniversary. Joining these two gentlemen in the ring will be Eli Surge returning from an injury. He’ll be ready to prove he’s back and in top form. The fourth opponent entering the ring will be “Golden Boy” Travis Williams. While the much-maligned Travis is frequently regarded as a pretty boy and easily discounted as a wrestling pariah, it is never wise to underestimate the “Golden Boy.”

Battle Club Pro Championship
Anthony Bowens (c) vs Jet Knight


One of the great talents in the business will be making his DEFY debut on February 21. Anthony Bowens, one of the top openly LGBTQ athletes in the business, will also be defending his Battle Club Pro Championship. Those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Bowens are going to see why this man’s career is skyrocketing into the stratosphere. It is this writer’s prediction upon the conclusion of Kings of Crash, Anthony Bowens is going to have a whole new set of fans!

Facing our guest and making a play for the Battle Club Pro Championship is one of the top talents emerging from our region, Jet Knight. This young man has style and he can move through the sky like no other. Whether Jet Knight wins this match or not, he is a champion and it’s only a matter of time before we see a belt around his waist.

The Crash Tag Team Championship
La Rebelion Amarilla (c) vs Amerikan Gunz


Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf will be making their way into Washington Hall to defend their Crash Tag Team titles. These two luchadores are among the most respected in the business. They have built a reputation for being hard workers and exceptionally gifted talents. You might want to cover your ears when they enter the auditorium because the reception they are going to get from the DEFYance is going to blow your eardrums!

Making a play for the title belts are none other than the Amerikan Gunz. Ethan HD and Mike Santiago are no doubt bitter over their loss to 4 Minutes of Heat taking the DEFY tag titles at the last show. Winning this title would position the Gunz to make another title challenge for the DEFY belts. These guys have had a taste of gold and they want it back!

Danika Della Rouge vs. Rebel Kel

Photo / DEFY

We have two incredibly talented wrestlers set up for this match. Danika Della Rouge has been hitting it hard lately, making appearances both here in the states and up north in Canada. She’s been working so hard the WWE is keeping their eyes on this talent. She has been a crowd favorite at DEFY over the last year or so and there is no stopping this young woman from reaching for the stars!

Stepping into the ring to face off against Ms. Della Rouge is none other than the party girl herself, Rebel Kel. Rebel has been working in the ring at DEFY almost since the beginning and she has definitely made her mark here. For the first time at DEFY these two are going to face one another in a singles match. This is going to be fantastic as both are highly skilled technical wrestlers who put everything they have into their matches.


DEFY: Crash of Kings is a 21 and older show. Food and beverages are provided by Lunchbox Laboratory. Washington Hall is a historic building and it is important to treat our home with respect. Please deposit waste in the garbage and recyclables into recycling containers. DEFY is a SAFE place for everyone. Hate speech and intolerance is not welcome here. Be kind and respectful; it costs you nothing.