Jet Knight discusses training, his families thoughts on wrestling and more

There is one in every generation… a chosen one, if you will. A person who is inspired by the Muses and the artistry of their craft comes naturally. With bone instinct and preternatural skill, a small few take to professional wrestling so quickly as Jet Knight. With less than a year of training under his belt, he demonstrates the kind of polished performance we come to expect from someone with a decade of training and performance behind them. However, it didn’t simply come to him like a supernatural gift from the gods. He worked for it; with the kind of dedication, one must invest to achieve this kind of greatness.

Jet Knight and Nick Wayne
Jet Knight grew up in Atlanta in a family where sports and athleticism was a familial pursuit. He played football and competed in track and field. He learned about nutrition and fitness at a young age as he trained and learned discipline in athletics programs in his community. This obviously served him well.

While he has always been a fan of professional wrestling, he didn’t pursue his interest until his day job brought him to Seattle Washington little more than a year ago. Those of you who have had conversations with the pros and industry insiders know, it takes a great deal of training and preparation before someone is ready to perform in front of an audience and even longer before big-name promotions like DEFY take notice of you.

What makes this young man stand out as not only an exceptional talent but as a great human being? I had the distinct opportunity to meet up with Mr. Knight over dinner one night in early October and ask him a few questions.

Philip Jones: Were you always a fan of professional wrestling or was it something that developed later? Who were you watching in those early days that you were a big fan of?

Jet Knight: I was always a fan of professional wrestling and I watched with my brother and my dad. I liked the moves and the larger than life characters and I used to play the wrestling video games with my brother and that’s where I learned the characters and the moves and I was a big fan of people like Jeff Hardy, Kane, Essa Rios and Too cool. These were the people that really stuck out for me growing up.

Philip Jones: Did you do the whole backyard wrestling thing as a kid?

Jet Knight: Not really. I used to practice moves on the trampoline and would always Swanton Bomb into swimming pools. We used to practice all the Kurt Angle submission holds and try to make each other tap.

Philip Jones: How has becoming a professional wrestler changed you as a fan?

Jet Knight and “Golden Boy” Travis Williams

Jet Knight: As I became more familiar with wrestling, I started to have an appreciation for some of the guys I used to think were boring. I realized those guys were the ones who were really good at making the other guys look good. People like William Regal and Christian. They do little things that make people look good in the ring. They have really good in-ring psychology.

Philip Jones: At what point did you decide to take your interest into the professional realm and start training? Where did you get your start?

Jet Knight: Really, about this time last year when I moved here in Seattle, from Atlanta. It was always something I dreamed of and fantasized about doing but never knew how to start. Positive representation really drew me in. Seeing people like Lio Rush, Velveteen Dream, and Shane Strickland a.k.a. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott gave me hope someone like me could do this.

When I went back to Atlanta in December 2018, I messed around with it a bit. I got in the ring for a couple of minutes with QT Marshall and took a couple of bumps. I really liked it. Then I came back to Seattle in January and looked around for training schools. I first found Lucha Libra Volcanica and started training with Jose. That’s where I met Danika Della Rouge who introduced me to the Buddy Wayne Academy. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from a lot of people in the area. I learned how to fly at Lucha Libra Volcanica and I learned ring psychology and fundamentals at Buddy Wayne.

I’ve really have learned a lot from King Khash at the Buddy Wayne Academy. He’s a good teacher and tells you when you do something wrong. He tells you straight up and I appreciate that.

Philp Jones: What did your family think of you doing this?

Jet Knight: The first person I told was my older brother. He was really excited. Then as I started to post stuff to social media and I started doing matches, my family found out that way. I think they were concerned at first about being safe and not wanting me to get hurt, but they came around. Many of my cousins and uncle love it. I’m chasing my dream and that is what they want for me. Having that support definitely helps me mentally whenever I get down on myself.

Philip Jones: You have a foundation in your training with Lucha and American. Tell us about how you have developed your current style in the ring and what are you hoping to add to your arsenal of wrestling moves and knowledge?

Jet Knight: I think the next step for me is mastering things like ring psychology, timing, and character development. I think being able to cut a good promo and engage the audience is what gets them emotionally invested in you. It is really important to understand the structure of a match and the pacing so that the crowd can register and feel what is going on in the ring. Also making a good ring entrance has always been important to me because it’s the crowd’s 1st impression of your character and how they perceive you.

Jet Knight
Photo / Nick Lindsey

Philip Jones: Tell us about your gimmick Jet Knight. How did you choose that as your gimmick name?

Jet Knight: I spent a lot of time thinking about the name and move sets. I kept a list and I thought about what I wanted to portray about myself. I’m cool and laid back and I wanted to be a flyer in the ring. I wanted to reference that with my name, so I came up with Jet. Knight is actually my real last name, so I kept that, and Jet Knight was born.

Philip Jones: You have recently been performing with Lucha Libra Volcanica and Without A Cause as well as some other promotions in the region. Are there any places in the area you’re hoping to make a debut in the near future?

Jet Knight: I hope to be in a DEFY show someday. Getting a chance to work at ECCW up in Vancouver B.C. would be fun. Working for PCW would be incredible. I didn’t know much about independent wrestling until the beginning of the year when I started training. The first independent match I ever watched was DEFY: Lio Rush vs. Shane Strickland on Youtube and I was in ever since then!

Lucha Libra Volcanica is like home to me. I like having a mix of Lucha and American styles. I love the high flying. I’m a fan of Alan Extreme and his lucha style.

Philip Jones: What has been the career highlights that stand out for you so far?

Jet Knight: I would have to say my Lucha Libra Volcanica debut in May of this year. I loved the crowd’s reaction was absolutely amazing. I have to also say getting a chance to work in the ring recently with Andy Dalton at Without A Cause was great. That guy is really good to work with.

Philip Jones: Who are you hoping to face in the near future? Dream bookings?

Jet Knight: On a local level I’d love to get a chance to work with King Khash, he’s a really good heel. I’d also like to work with Judas Icarus and Tyler Elliot. Another one I’d really like to have a one on one match with is Cody Chhun.

As far as my dream booking would be a fatal five-way ladder match with Jeff Hardy, Velveteen Dream, Leo Rush, and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

Philip Jones: What’s your dream with Professional Wrestling? WWE? AEW? King of the Indies?

Jet Knight
Photo / DOA Wrestling

Jet Knight: It would be to be able to make a living as a professional wrestler. I would really love to work for the WWE and be in a WrestleMania. That would be my ideal dream come true.

Philip Jones: For someone who has not been training for long you already a very polished performer. How did you go from being completely new to being as good as you are in such a short amount of time?

Jet Knight: Thank you for the compliment. I’m never really satisfied with my performance and always want to improve. I watch my matches afterwards and write down what could’ve been done better and I watch them multiple times looking at different aspects, the execution of moves, then the timing or match structure. I have to dissect things to better understand the ways I can improve.

Philip Jones: You have obviously worked very hard to get in shape, and perfect your craft. Tell us about what your week looks like in terms of training, gym, and diet. Did you learn all of this on your own? Or, did you have trainers?

Jet Knight: I’ve always been an athlete from a young age. I played football and ran track in high school and played football all 4 years on a collegiate level.  My father passed away in 2008 but he played football as well. My mom is a powerlifter and competes. She’s fifty-four and she’s in incredible shape. She also was a track star in high school. My older brother played football and played for Wake Forest University and spent some time playing professionally in Germany. My little brother plays football and he’s into track and field. To be honest, I’m probably the least athletic in my immediate family.

As far as food I’m pretty self-disciplined. I stay away from fried food and sweets. I eat a lot of chicken, turkey, rice, pasta, and broccoli and I have a pretty high metabolism because I’ve always been active so I can have a cheat meal from time to time.

Philip Jones: When you look to people who inspire you, who might those people be, and what is it they do that inspires you?

Photo / DEFY

Jet Knight: My wrestling school friends really inspire me. When I see them have a great match or when I see them being successful it motivates me to work harder. Just seeing people that I personally know living their dreams motivates me the most. There is also a motivational speaker named Gary Vanderchuck who I feel I have a connection to what he has to say. You only get one chance; you don’t get a practice life. I once read I don’t remember who said it, ‘Be phenomenal, or be forgotten.’

Philip Jones: As someone new to the Seattle area, what have been your impression of the wrestling scene here? How does it compare to where you’re from?

Jet Knight: This is the only wrestling scene I really know. From what I heard about what it was like a couple of years ago it’s getting better. There are more opportunities than there used to be and more people paying attention to what’s happening here in the Pacific Northwest.

Philip Jones: Were you very connected to the wrestling community back in Georgia? If so, who are some of the talents from that area we should be paying attention to?

Jet Knight: Not at all. I didn’t start training until I moved out here to Seattle. All I really know is what’s here. Some of the talents around here that are worth paying attention to would definitely Hernan, he’s a new student at the Buddy Wayne Academy. He has a gymnastics background, so he will easily stand out when he makes his debut. Also, Thom Alman. He’s a good athletic big man that I hope gets more opportunities in this area.

Philip Jones: When Jet Knight isn’t at the gym or training, what kinds of things would we likely find him doing with his free time?

Jet Knight: I’ve started taking Kempo classes, it’s a type of self-defense. I’m going to be going for my purple belt here in a couple of weeks. Sometimes you’ll find me hitting the nightlife, going to night clubs and dancing to good music. I love Rap, Hip Hop and late 90’s music.

Philip Jones: Tell us something about yourself that people may not know about you.

Jet Knight: From time to time I still play Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon. The actual games. Once I learned how to breed/super train my Pokemon, the game became much easier. Anyone reading this article who wants to battle me, send me your code on social media! I love the thought and strategy involved in these games. Also, some Yu-gi-oh monsters have inspired some new ideas for gear so be on the lookout!
Jet Knight
Photo / Jet Knight

On October 19, 2019, Jet Knight made his debut at DEFY Fight for This, going up against “Iron Heart” Douglas James. Not only was this a great match, but it was also arguably the best match of the night. He won over more than a handful of fans that night. Jet won over the entire crowd.

He has the kind of charisma that pulls the crowd in and the kind of skill in the ring that keeps them captivated. In-person he is bright and engaging, the kind of person you could easily sit back and converse with for hours. He is humble and shows the kind of humility rarely seen in someone as gifted and talented as he has become. He’s eager to learn and hungry for more.

When you break everything down to its core, the drive, talent, natural aptitude, humbleness, athleticism, and charisma… you have the perfect recipe for someone whose career is destined to enter the stratosphere. There is little question Jet Knight is a star in the making and right now, this moment will be remembered as the beginning to an enviable career.

Don’t believe me? See what other people in the business think:

“Jet Knight popped up seemingly overnight and is now wrestling everywhere – and it is for the best reason; Jet has the most potential in the PNW at this moment in time & we at WAC are over the moon about the performances he’s done for us in Everett”Max Zaleski, Without A Cause

“Besides him being extremely athletic, he’s also got an incredible in-ring presence. Always a pleasure to work with.”“Golden Boy” Travis Williams, Professional Wrestler

“I’ve only known Jet for little under a year and the progress he’s made from then to now is insane. I got to share my first DOA match on Oct 6th with him and it was crazy. My favorite match. Jet definitely has big things in store for him in the future. Hoping I can share the ring again with him soon!”Nick Wayne, Professional Wrestler

“Jet is a super athletic and a natural in the ring. If he can see it done, he can do it. Not since Clark Connors have I seen someone take to pro wrestling like Jet Knight.” – Kevin Cook, Professional Wrestler

“Wrestling is not for everybody, but it is for Jet Knight. He thinks the right way, he looks the right way and he WORKS the right way. He’s very gifted. He also works very hard, and when you put those 2 together you get someone unbelievable like Jet.”King Khash, Professional Wrestler

Jet Knight is one of the most athletically gifted people I’ve ever met. So exciting to watch, he eclipses what you think is even possible! Beyond his athleticism, Jet is an incredible person I’m proud to know and call family. His future will take him far, but he can always call the Buddy Wayne Academy home.Shayna Edwards, Buddy Wayne Academy

“Jet Knight has absolutely no limits he can’t reach. If you think you know who’s the next big thing and it’s not Jet you have another thing coming. Just sit back and watch, you’ll see.”Danika Della Rouge, Professional Wrestler

Facebook Post 01/20/2019: “Hey guys, not every day I look to toot my horn, but toot toot. Jet Knight is a seriously incredible talent and I’m happy I got to have that experience last night. He’s not even a year in and we definitely had a banger to start an amazing show. Full disclosure, I told him in the back, you can’t steal the show, when you are the show. Bet your ass I am every time. Love you all. Thank you, PCW Ultra and DEFY for a memorable weekend!” – Douglas James, Professional Wrestler


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