King Khash talks ultimate goal, early training and more

There are many, many talented people who work in the world of wrestling. Every once in a while, someone stands out just a little bit ahead of the others, who has a spark that catches your eye. Someone who’s star shines a little brighter in the sky. King Khash is one of these people.

Born twenty-two years ago in Tehran, Iran, Khashayar Mirzaei, came to the United states when he was ten years old. He didn’t speak a word of English and he was dropped into the middle of a new country and an unfamiliar culture to which he could not relate. He was a young boy flipping through television channels when he saw something amazing and stopped. It was professional wrestling and it was at that moment when he found a way to connect to an unfamiliar world. It obviously left a profound impression on a young boy who grew into a man, who has become one of the finest professional wrestlers in the business.

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With a little guidance from Daniel Bryan, Khash found his way to a gifted trainer, Buddy Wayne. Buddy was one of the most successful professional wrestlers to come out of the Pacific Northwest. Many of you will remember him from his work with WCW and WWE. Fortunate enough to find Buddy Wayne, Khash began his training at the age of eighteen. Thus, he started down the path towards fulfilling his dreams of becoming a professional wrestler.

He wasn’t just a good student. Khash excelled and Buddy took him under his wing. The two developed a close relationship. After only a few months of training, Buddy declared Khash ready and put him in the ring for his first match. By the age of nineteen, only a year into his training, Khash was asked to do a dark match for the WWE.

On June 17, 2017, tragedy struck. His trainer, mentor and friend passed away, at the age of fifty. It was a significant loss for the wrestling community, but nothing compared to the grief felt by those closest to Buddy Wayne. Despite this heartbreaking loss, Khash has pushed forward to bring honor and respect to the memory of a great man and the wrestling traditions Buddy Wayne passed down to his students.

Today, King Khash has become an icon on the local wrestling scene. He has been a regular on the DEFY roster since their very first event back in January of 2017. He has appeared in numerous promotions in the Pacific Northwest region and has wrestled on the East Coast and in Mexico. Currently he holds the Prestige Heavyweight Championship and will be making a title defense against Tom Lawler on February 22nd.

I was fortunate enough to capture a little bit of the “Persian Prodigy’s” time, and he was able to answer a few questions I had for him.

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Philip: You’ve talked about how professional wrestling was one of the first things you were able to relate to after moving to the United States at the age of ten. Was it an instant love or was it something that developed over time?

King Khash: No. It was an instant love. The first move I actually saw was a powerbomb… and it looked devastating. I loved it. I had no friends when I moved here. Didn’t know the language so pro-wrestling was definitely the friend I needed. Still to this day, the only friend I need.

Philip: Triple H is one of the performers you’ve mentioned as begin one of your all-time favorites. Have you ever had a chance to meet him? If so, how did it go? What did you say to him?

King Khash: I actually have met him twice. First time, I met him I was shocked. Just didn’t know what to say. I was 15 at the time. The Second time I met him was after I started training to become a pro-wrestler. Just wanted to tell him I’m training to work for the WWE and will hopefully see him down the road. He looked up and probably wanted to make fun of me but replied back “see ya down the road.” I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Photo / King Khash

Philip: With Buddy Wayne no longer with us, how has this impacted the Buddy Wayne Academy, that is still in operation, and continues to sustain an outstanding reputation? What has kept this academy going? How are you keeping his lineage in wrestling alive as his students?

King Khash: Buddy taught me that this business is cut throat and a one-man business. You will do everything for you and to protect your business. Everyone is after that one spot and you got to protect it by outworking everybody. I think the school is going on just by the love we all had with Buddy. Some of us who have been there the longer will help train the younger guys that have less experience. But we are all there because we all love this one thing. Wrestling.

Philip: You have credited Daniel Bryan with pointing you in the direction of Buddy Wayne when you were a starry-eyed kid wanting to get a start in the business. If you encountered a young man or woman who approached you today, with the same question, how would you advise them?

King Khash: I really believe in learning under a coach who has done something. Being a weekend warrior for little to no pay isn’t doing much. Making a living in this for many, many years and being respected by your peers because of your work is what I would advise them to look for. Finding a reputable trainer who is known by people who runs the business behind the scenes, who gets a response the way people would react when I told them I was trained by Buddy Wayne. Finding someone like him is hard but if you want to be the best, nothing should be hard.

Philip: You have created a family for yourself in the wrestling community. Who are your biggest supporters?

King Khash: I’m not liked by many people around. I know that. I don’t really give a fuck. The right people that matter like me and that’s all I could ask for. Rip Rogers helps me out all the time, so does Tim Flowers. Guys that call me on a week to week basis. I’m my biggest supporter.

Philip: You have stated WWE is your ultimate goal. While I’m certain any of their properties would be a dream come true, do you have one in particular you would like to be on (such as RAW, NXT or Smackdown)? What do you think you can bring to the WWE as a performer?

King Khash: I just want to be employed under World Wrestling Entertainment. That’s it. No particular brand or show. I’ve always loved the TV style of wrestling. What I think I can bring as a performer is believability and being different. WWE has the best talent in the world. But I always love to suspend disbelief and not fall under your generic Indy wrestler with 20 dives and backflips. I’m also from Iran and Farsi is my native tongue. I can capture that audience.

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Philip: You have been a part of DEFY since the inaugural event at the beginning of 2017. As both a participant and observer of the local wrestling scene, what impact have you seen the development and success of DEFY have on the region?

King Khash: DEFY made this area. This place was nothing before DEFY. Not an ounce of good wrestling. I always thought everything was on the east coast, but now non-wrestling fans know what DEFY is and I think that’s super cool.

Philip: Give us the top three matches you’ve had and the top three you haven’t had but would like booked one day.

King Khash: My top three would be 1. KK vs. Buddy Wayne, 2. KK vs. Davey Boy Smith vs. Bobby Fish, 3. KK vs. Eugene. Three matches that I really want is wrestling Triple H. That’s a dream match! Wrestling Daniel Bryan would also be super cool, to bring my career into a full circle. The other one would be John Cena, just because it’s John Cena.

Philip: As your reputation and notoriety grows, what have been some of the biggest challenges to becoming known? Have you been recognized in public before?

King Khash: Definitely making a name out of this area is very hard and that’s a challenge for all indie wrestlers to become an Indie Darling out of this area. But also, there is not only one path to WWE. So, it depends on what your goals are. I’ve been recognized a couple times at the gym and other places.

Philip: What is something about King Khash that people don’t know?

King Khash: …Man, I spent way too much time thinking about this question. There is honestly none. I feel boring now that you have asked me this… Thanks…

Philip: Sorry… Why hasn’t Philip Jones been able to purchase one of your t-shirts?

King Khash: Since you asked me that last horrible question, you definitely aren’t getting one now!

Philip: Thank you King Khash for taking the time to answer some questions. Make no mistake, I will get a shirt!

What was learned while writing this article with King Khash? He is highly professional, who has a sense of humor, and a profound passion for his craft. Every day he works hard to be not the best but the very best. He admires the older style of wrestling, to which he excels. One need only watch him in the ring to see a polished performer, who understands what he’s there to do. It doesn’t matter if he win’s or loses, he makes the journey between when he enters the auditorium and when he finishes the match, something to savor.

What does this young man have in front of him? He will be working for the WWE on February 4th and 5th. Then he’ll be attending a seminar with IMPACT. At the end of February, King Khash will be making his way to Japan, where he will be working with Zero 1 for an undetermined amount of time.

Not everyone see’s their dreams come true. There are people who dream, but never work towards anything other than getting by and living life as contently as possible. Others work hard, with determination and shoot for the stars. King Khash is already one of the best. His primary goal is to reach the WWE as part of their roster of regular talent. It seems likely his dreams will come true!

Need more convincing? Take a look at what some of his peers, the fans and some local promoters in the industry have to say about King Khash:

 “Khash is one of the best all around talents in the PNW and WAC is very proud to have had him on our inaugural event.” -Max Zaleski, owner/promoter of Without A Cause

“I have been watching King Khash for almost three years now, and he is a credit to his profession. Hard-working, doesn’t compromise what he wants, and gives everything to improving himself to make his goals.” – Lyle Schwieger, Host of Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast

“Khash is so dedicated to the wrestling business and it shows. He studies it, he lives it and he breathes it. He’s gunna go places. Mark my words!” -Danny Dang, a fan

“Khash is an amazing wrestler to watch, he can push people to perform higher than what they’re used too.” – Cody Chhun, Professional Wrestler and training partner

“… Khash has always been one of my favorite guys to see in the locker room. I remember my first time going to DEFY he was one of the first people to come over and introduce himself and instantly you could tell that he genuinely was a guy that was passionate and had a love for this business like no one else.” – Chase James, Professional Wrestler

“Khash is one of the young stand outs in the Pacific Northwest. He’s one of those guys who takes the time in the gym, presents himself as a professional and continues to advance his craft by continually training. He is a guy to keep your eyes on as he grows and travels in wrestling.” – Matt Farmer, Promoter at DEFY Wrestling

King Khash
Photo / Philip Jones
There are also several of his matches available on Youtube, where you can see for yourself, what King Khash is capable of in the ring:

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