Preview: Bar Wrestling 54 Presents Mach 1

If anyone is catching the winter blues, Bar Wrestling is back with Mach 1 to brighten up your day and get your ready for Winter to end and bring in the sun. On the 27th February,  from the Glass House in Pomona, Bar is bringing you an amazing card of wrestling. So many kinds of matches and all your favorite wrestlers. From singles to tags and even a huge invitational, it’s an event not to be missed! Here’s your show preview to get you excited!

The Rascalz & Chris Bey vs. Matt Cross & Willie Mack & Tessa Blanchard & DAGA

Preview: Bar Wrestling 54 - Mach 1
Credit: Bar Wrestling

There’s something about seeing this line up for a match that sends tingles up my spine. From the outset, it’s such a diverse match and we are seeing teams that a lot of fans would never think possible. The super talented and athletic Chris Bey has a huge advantage by teaming with the experienced tag team of the Rascalz. Together, all four guys have a wealth of experience in the business fighting across the world and with a history of championships. Combining these four charismatic men in one team is going to be such fun to watch.

Then, on the other side, we have another team that is a mixture of everything wrestling has to offer. You’ve got the unorthodox style of Matt Cross, the size and power of Willie Mack and the high flying style of DAGA. Put those three with the woman of the hour in wrestling Tessa Blanchard who is quick, strong and athletic and it’s a recipe for success not even thinking about her in-ring chemistry and experience teaming with DAGA. With so many amazing athletes in one match, anything can happen.

Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Masters

Preview: Bar Wrestling 54 - Mach 1
Credit: Bar Wrestling

If this match isn’t a complete clash of styles then I don’t know what is. How is it possible to describe Orange Cassidy? He’s in a world of his own and whether you like him or not, it’s impossible not to see how Cassidy is so popular. In a sport that can sometimes become too serious and toxic, Orange Cassidy brings that much-needed lightness to the sport. Combining his unique personality but also an amazing wrestling style, he is able to entertain crowds across the world and bring a new flavor to wrestling.

You then have the submission master and wrestling veteran Chris Masters. Both guys couldn’t be any different even if they tried. Beginning his career at 16, Masters worked his way up and experienced both the highs and lows the industry has to offer and coming out of it in 2020 as good as ever. Nobody will be able to predict what to expect from this match but it’s definitely going to be one to watch.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Kimber Lee

Preview: Bar Wrestling 54 - Mach 1
Credit: Bar Wrestling

Looks like Bar Wrestling is trying to make a cliché of these posts by continuously giving us amazing women’s matches. It’s making me sound like a broken record. Taya Valkyrie and Kimber Lee are two amazing wrestlers and are out to prove why they are the best. Both women have very similar experience in the ring with both starting their training at the start of the last decade and competing in a number of promotions and winning a number of titles.

Lee and Valkyrie are also both very strong and sassy women able to hold their own against any opponent. This makes this prospect of this matchup even more exciting in an environment like Bar which allows wrestlers to thrive and shine. In this first time match up, anything can happen and it’s going to be exciting to see what’s going to happen.

Joey Ryan vs. Kris Statlander

Credit: Bar Wrestling

This match is very exciting for wrestling fans. We’ve got the King of Dong Style Joey Ryan facing the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien Kris Statlander. Both wrestlers are so unique and have their own unique selling points which make them so loved with fans. On one hand, we’ve got a man whose greatest weapon is his penis and then we’ve got an alien who combines strength and a supernatural force. It’s two things you’d probably never ever hear in real life but it just works in wrestling and in this promotion. It’s a recipe for success!

What will also be interesting is to see how the two wrestling styles go together and whether one will be able to lure the other to their way of thinking. No matter what happens, one thing that is for sure is that this match is going to be so much fun it might blow the roof off the place. However, with the hot streak Statlander is on across different promotions, this could be the advantage she needs to get the win.

WATTS vs. Adrian Quest vs. Miranda Alize vs. Adam Brooks

Credit: Bar Wrestling

In the midst of singles and tag matches, we’ve got a nice little fatal four-way in the mix for those of you who like something different with Bar Wrestling 54’s Mach 1! What’s so good about this match, in particular, is how diverse the four athletes are in the match. You’ve got a mix of so many different styles and personalities and this is just going to make the match even better.

You’ve got the big, strong Eric Watts who is the perfect combination of speed, strength, and agility. There’s Miranda Alize who is an amazing athlete with so much fire and passion that is a statement to her opponents not to underestimate her. We’ve then got Adrian Quest and Adam Brooks who are both such diverse athletes who have so much experience between them. With so many amazing athletes, it’s so hard to pick a winner because it really could go any way.

Jon Ian Tag Team Invitational

Credit: Bar Wrestling

If the card couldn’t get more stacked with all of these amazing matches above, Bar Wrestling is really spoiling us with the Jon Ian Tag Team Invitational at Mach 1. Bringing together 7 of the best tag teams not only in Bar but in the industry, let the chaos begin. From looking at all seven teams, it almost seems impossible to pick a winner. There’s such a diverse bunch of wrestlers. There are teams Bar fans are familiar with like RockNES Monsters, Los Luchas, Dom Kubrick and Heather Monroe as well as the return of DoomFly as Delilah Doom makes her return after injury.

There are then teams that you may not be as familiar with in this company like the Leftovers and Wolf Zaddies alongside the badass team of Kiera Hogan and Diamante. Within these teams, we’ve got high flyers and heavy hitters; singles and tag team specialists as well as purists and sneaky stylists. However, one thing that all these teams have in common is that they have tons of personality and really know how to put on a show for fans.

Looking closely at each team, if there were any with the advantage, I’d have to give it to either RockNES Monsters or DoomFly. Both are huge favorites with the fans and have been teaming for such a long time to the extent that they know what each other is probably thinking before they even know. With so many teams in a match, it’s going to be a lot of fun and craziness which is literally the epitome of what Bar Wrestling is all about.

If that doesn’t excite you, then it doesn’t seem like anything will with Bar Mach 1. It quenches any wrestling fan’s thirst and there is something for everyone. As always, presale tickets can be bought from The Glasshouse for only $25 which is a bargain. However, limited tickets will be available on the door but these cost $40 and the amount is very limited. The best shot is to buy early to avoid disappointment because it’s a show you will not want to miss!