#Preview: AAW Pro Wrestling Presents Windy City Classic XIV (12/29/18)

On Saturday, December 29th, AAW Pro Wrestling returns for what is now the fourteenth edition of their annual event. This night proves to have a cornucopia of different matches slated for this evening. The card also has no less than four championship matches on this night. Could this be the night differences are settled and new championships are crowned?

At the time of this posting, there are only seven matches scheduled. What should be of note is such names announced are; Stephen Wolf, MJF, David Starr, Ace Romero, Shane Strickland, and Trey Miguel have not been announced what their matchups are or not. Here is our preview of AAW Pro Wrestling’s Windy City Classic XIV.

AAW Tag Team Championship Match

Fiyah Fox (Myron Reed & AR Fox) vs The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier)

Photo / AAWrestling.com

If there was ever a match fans should look-on with bated breath in anticipation it is this one. While tag team wrestling with partners that don’t team regularly with one another can be a slight cause to concern, it is when they do team with one another that absolute poetry tends to take place. For fans of the Rascalz, the duo’s longstanding teamwork and familiarity with one another is always fun to watch.

Those that have seen them recently on Impact Wrestling have seen the magic the duo can perform in the ring. If there is a team that could mirror that teamwork in the ring with a spectacular means of execution and finishes it would be Myron Reed and AR Fox. The teams are so similar that Dezmond Xavier and AR Fox look so similar one would think they were brothers. If there was a match where the fans are the winners on the night it would be this one.

  Paco / Jessicka Havok vs Jimmy Jacobs and Josh Briggs

Photo / AAWrestling.com

Tag team matches are always interesting to see as it is a case of four different, individuals coming together to put forth their best effort in a match. It is always a challenge because fans aren’t quite sure what to expect as its four different individuals having to come together to make a match work. This dynamic is even that much more of a challenge when all parties involved don’t regularly team with one another and ensuring everything goes to plan before and during the match.

Of any of the pairings in this match that some may be most interested in it are the exchange between Jimmy Jacobs and Jessicka Havok is the most intriguing. Havok and Jacobs have both worked or work for Impact Wrestling and match up with a size differential that would be fun to watch. Will the Havok Death Machine crush the Zombie Princess? It will be interesting to see what happens

Submission Match

AAW Women’s Championship

Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae (C)

Photo / AAWrestling.com

Two of the top female independent talents in a wrestling lock up for the Windy City Classic XIV in what will have a specific stipulation. While it is also for the AAW Women’s Championship match it is also a submission match. Both women have an extensive submission background with one having a very specific and distinct advantage on this night. Kylie Rae is from the Windy City and her involvement in this match automatically makes her the hometown hero. She will certainly have the fans behind as she faces longtime veteran, Kimber Lee. For anyone that has seen both women they know what to anticipate from both of them. Lee is well versed in striking, submission and overall technical wrestling. She is also not without taking the occasional risk. The same could be said about Rae with what we have recognized on this night being a very specific advantage.

Quinn McKay, Jake Something, Curt Stallion vs Scarlett, Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett

Photo / AAWrestling.com

Six-man tag matches are usually exciting. When we add to that six-man tag action as being a six-person tag match ever more fun could apply. While the question of how this match would come about look no farther than the creative booking exploits of the Pro Wrestling Revolver. It will be interesting to see how these two teams are likely going against one another. The Besties in the World has a longstanding relationship with one another as a team.

Their inclusion of Scarlett Bordeux as part of the team has only further made it a compelling. How will Bordeaux fair against Quinn MacKay? Will MacKay take Bordeaux lightly? And how will Stallion and Something do against Vega and Mat Fitchett? If being a team longer lends itself to being an advantage than Vega and Fitchett may have something on the likes of Something and Stallion. Fans could be witness to the advantage that could prove to be what puts one team over the over and that’s the besties.

AAW Heritage Championship Match

DJZ (C) vs Bandito

Photo / AAWrestling.com

With the recent return to the independent circuit of DJZ and his match against arguably one of the hottest Latin stars in wrestling today this show be a must-see match. Bandito’s rise to popularity all over Latin America has now come to bring his style of wrestling to AAW Pro. For those that aren’t familiar with either man, they can be assured that it is likely to be one where both push each other to the limit. There is likely to be a match that involves a bit of a feeling out process between them.

With that said both men will need to read moves and adjust on the fly in order for either of them to be successful. Bandito is normally teamed with Flamito with both men successful in Mexico. His wrestling lineage makes him a fourth-generation wrestler with his brother also competing. In DJZ is trained by the likes of Taz El Ferroz and Super Tenta. So while being of Filipino decent that doesn’t mean he isn’t well valued wherever he competes.  

Grudge Match

ACH vs. Eddie Kingston

Photo / AAWrestling.com

As much as one of these competitors may want to make it a brawl where anything and everything goes, the other will do everything in their power to ensure that the contest doesn’t turn into that. ACH is well-known for his risk-taking and ability to showcase an aerial assault matched by very few in the ring. Eddie Kingston has no desire to play by the rules and in fact, will either break them or his opposition if the intent is to win. ACH is coming to showcase once again why he is easily one of the most adaptable talents in wrestling anywhere in the world.

Whereas Kingston’s smash-mouth manner is what could be where he gets the advantage over ACH. What is interesting about this matchup is that a scenario could very well play out where ACH goes out of character and does exactly what Kingston would do to win the match. Does that mean he would cut corners? All is fair in love and war. In this instance, however, we can be assured that there is certainly no love between the two competitors. 

  Steel Cage Match

AAW Heavyweight Championship

Sami Callihan vs Brody King (C)

Photo / AAWrestling.com

The word violent always comes to mind when it involves Sami Callihan. His desire to be seen, heard and to make a difference is no different anywhere he goes. When he stands across from the current AAW Pro champion Brody King his quest is clear, and his intent has meaning. After Kind retained the AAW Heavyweight championship against Eddie Kingston, it also meant that a new challenge was on the horizon for him.

It was at this time when the draw Sami Callihan attacks King and ensures that he has made his mark in preparation for the upcoming encounter. King is quickly learning that when you are the face of a division that you are also a target, and everyone is heading for you. We aren’t anticipating a technical match up, but one where the battle will be either in the ring or out. King will do whatever is needed for him ensure that he ends 2018 as the AAW Heavyweight champion. It is a match-best suited to end the year on.