#Preview: AAW Pro Presents Take No Prisoners

On Saturday, May 11, 2019, AAW Pro presents Take No Prisoners from Chicago, Illinois. This event should prove to be a special night indeed. Fans can anticipate debuts, rivalries culminating, and perhaps new champions being crowned. As of the publication of this preview, there are currently six matches advertised but fans can anticipate that a number of matches will likely be announced last minute which will just add further value to the show. A couple of key questions in advance of the event are, will the animosity between WRSTLING’s David Starr and Sami Callihan finally reach its conclusion? And will Mance Warner dethrone the new AAW Pro Heritage champion, MJF before his title reign even gets started? Here is our preview for AAW Pro’s Take No Prisoners.

Photo / AAW Pro

Lucha Brothers vs. Team Tremendous

This recently added match could do a great deal in setting up who the new number one contenders for the AAW Pro Tag Team championship will be. When Fenix and Pentagon Jr step into the ring with Bill Carr and Dan Berry one of two things are likely to happen. There is a better than likely chance violence is going to happen and fans will undoubtedly split a gut in laughter at what Team Tremendous can bring to this matchup. For those unfamiliar with the duo, they originated in CZW but have been crafting a career as a tag team since 2013. They recently vacated the ISW tag team championships thus making a win her against the Lucha Brothers a huge step in contending for All American Wrestling’s tag team championships at Take No Prisoners.

Take No Prisoners TJPREED
Photo / AAW Pro

TJP vs. Myron Reed

This will be a match that pits the finesse and skill of TJP against the rising talent of Myron Reed. It will likely be a match that will push both men in a number of different directions, both in the air and on the mat. TJP has a lengthy history in the ring and has been in there with some of the greatest of all time all over the world. Reed will be in tough against a man that has been a champion everywhere he has been. Despite being relatively close in size and stature, TJP’s experience trumps Reed going into their contest. Will that be enough to get the victory? Or does Reed have a few tricks he can pull? It will be a fast-paced match where Reed will likely have to adapt to his opponent’s technical prowess.

Photo / AAW Pro

Josh Alexander vs. Adam Brooks

An exciting match is slated to take place as the Walking Weapon from Canada faces the Aussie that is taking the United States by storm, Adam Brooks. Alexander’s involvement means the fans in Chicago get to see someone they may not be familiar with. For those unaware of Alexander’s back story, his career was nearly over just a couple of years ago when neck surgery necessitated he step away from the ring for quite some time. Subsequent, visa issues got in the way of his competing in the U.S. for quite a while. However, his effort and commitment since then have resulted in his re-emergence, and now he is coming to AAW Pro. In Brooks, he faces someone quite unlike himself. With the style of a highly decorated striker combined with a high-flying skillset, Brooks will be a true challenge to the Walking Weapon. What ramifications will this match have for either man and where will the winner be positioned as it pertains to championship gold at Take No Prisoners?

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AAW Pro Tag Team Championship 

LAX vs. Besties in the World

Once again Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett come to AAW Pro, and this time they square off against the current tag team champions Ortiz and Santana. These two teams have faced each other before, and this match will highlight the skillsets of both teams. Fitchett, for instance, brings a moveset that showcases his high-flying ability style. This time around the stakes are increased, and there is a chance we could see new AAW Pro tag team championships. But if LAX have anything to say about it that won’t be the case. These teams have battled for Wrestling Revolver’s tag team championship, and neither came out victorious. This time around all bets are off, and the result of that match could continue to resonate with these teams.

Take No Prisoners MJFWARNER
Photo / AAW Pro

AAW Pro Heritage Championship 

MJF vs. Mance Warner

As the new AAW Pro Heritage Champion, MJF immediately has a bulls-eye on his back, and everyone and anyone is gunning for him. On this night he will face the first challenger for his championship. And the challenger is no stranger to AAW Pro and is someone that will channel his violent past and lay waste to who is in front of him, and MJF will have to shoulder that rage. As fans are aware, MJF defeated DJ Z at the promotions recent EPIC – 15th Anniversary event. He did everything he had to in order to topple the champion. He is on the other side now facing someone that will likely do the same. Warner will leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of the Heritage championship. What will MJF do in order to retain the Championship at Take No Prisoners?

Take No Prisoners HAVOKROSA
Photo / AAW Pro

AAW Pro Women’s Championship

Jessicka Havok vs. Thunder Rosa

Havok continues to impress since capturing the AAW Pro Women’s championship at Take No Prisoners. After defeating Kylie Rae for the championship, she has been on a quest to prove that she is a fighting champion that will defend the title against anyone in the sport today. Her next challenge is against noted independent wrestler Thunder Rosa. Rosa has faced many challengers all across North America in several promotions, including Ring of Honor. Havok alone does not represent her next test, as capturing the AAW Pro Women’s championship is the key challenge here. With her height and size advantage be all the advantage Havok will need? What will happen as these two women lay waste to one another with the championship on the line? Tune in to find out who walks away as the winner.

Photo / AAW Pro

AAW Pro Championship  

Sami Callihan vs. David Starr

It has been a long time coming, but it finally appears to be coming to a head. After taking out Curt Stallion and Jake Something, Callihan will finally get his hands-on David Starr. Fans may recall that Starr and his WRSTLING faction emerged towards the end of 2018, and wiped out Callihan and his manager at the time, JT Davidson. Since that event, they have put challenger after challenger in the way in order to avoid Callihan facing Starr. It is likely that the intent was to have Callihan worn down leading into this match. Starr is seen as one of the most complete talents in all independent wrestling today. Considering his charm, charisma, his mat technique and his ability to provide a compelling promo, Starr is second to no one. Callihan faces the greatest challenge to date for his championship. Could we see the crowning of a new champion at Take No Prisoners?