Powerslam.TV Review: Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling 8/26/18

In this edition of the Powerslam.TV Review I dive into the latest video release from Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling! I reviewed their most recent video earlier this year, the August 19th show from the Miyagino Ward Cultural Center. Now we have the follow-up show to enjoy! This show took place on August 26th from the Shikama Townsman Gymnasium. This was the tenth annual Shikama tournament in Sendai Girls’ history. The show opens with the introduction of several wrestlers, dressed in red or black jumpsuits. The women announced were Ami Sato, Manami, Mika Iwata, Cassandra Miyagi, Heidi Katrina, DASH Chisako, Meiko Satomura, and Chihiro Hashimoto.

Manami vs. Ami Sato

This was a very traditional Joshi match, with a lot of mat wrestling, elbow and kick strikes. One thing I have noticed about Ami Sato is she is always shooting for the cover. Anytime she hits a big move, she immediately goes for the cover. Great technique. The latter half of the match became all about submissions. Ami wore Manami down for several minutes in a half Boston Crab. Manami was able to hold on and eventually get to the ropes. She later put Ami into this beautiful hybrid submission that was a combination of a chicken wing and a surfboard. Another key moment was when Ami tried for a second-half Boston Crab and Manami was able to block the attempt. Manami was able to then roll Ami up for the pin attempt. The third time ended up being the charm for Ami Sato, as she was able to lock in the half Boston Crab again. Manami dragged herself to the ropes, but after the rope break Ami dragged her back to the middle and locked the move in again. Manami had no choice but to tap out.

Bolshoi Kid vs. Aiger

The next match was a comedy style match to change things up. Bolshoi Kid is a clown-type character while Aiger is a demon/ghost type character. Aiger starts the match with a scream which frightens Bolshoi Kid. Aiger even makes Bolshoi Kid cry! This causes the referee to chastise Aiger and demand that she apologizes. Aiger eventually does apologize, and Bolshoi Kid takes advantage to hit her with a strike. Aiger looks to the referee to admonish Bolshoi Kid, which he didn’t do. He said, “I didn’t know she was going to do that.” This was a fun, fun moment. Later in the match, Aiger gets tossed from the ring. She then chases small children around in the audience.

Bolshoi Kid leaves the ring as well and comes back with an adorable character-style umbrella. Aiger returned to the ring with her chains. They appear to be ready to do battle with their selected weapons until the referee reminded them “You can’t use that!” All in all, this was ten minutes of good fun that saw Bolshoi Kid come away with the win. She was able to roll up Aiger for the pinfall. The winner of this match also received a bag of rice from this region.

Eight-Person Tag Team Match

Aja Kong, Ami Sato, Hiroyo Matsumoto & Chihiro Hiromoto vs. DASH Chisako, Manami Katsu, Meiko Satomura & Sareee

Usually, multi-person matches don’t turn out so well, but this one was quite fun. This match involved legends (Aja Kong, Meiko Satomura), future legends (Chihiro Hiromoto, Hiroyo Matsumoto) and up and coming stars (Ami Sato, DASH Chisako, Manami Katsu and Sareee). Like all multi-person matches though, this one is to be seen and not called. It’s controlled chaos that does yield some fun moments, like Aja Kong laying everyone out with a trashcan. This one goes to a twenty-minute time limit draw. I would recommend this one, as it’s just enjoyable.

Sendai Girls Tag Team Title Match

Cassandra Miyagi & Heidi Katrina (c) vs. Strong Style Rush (Alex Lee & Mika Iwata)

As mentioned in the August 19th show review, this is Alex Lee’s last chance to challenge for the Sendai Girls Tag Team Titles. The match starts with Alex Lee on a major roll, before she tags in Iwata. Iwata is the best woman in the world with dropkicks. The height, the form, everything about them is perfect. Mika does well against the champions for a short time before her larger opponents were able to get the upper hand. Miyagi and Katrina pummeled away on Mika for several minutes. Eventually, Mika was able to make the hot tag to Alex Lee. Despite Mika and Lee’s best efforts, they were overcome by the champions. Cassandra dropped Mika with a piledriver, setting her up for Heidi’s top rope leg drop.

After the match, a presentation is made to Cassandra Miyagi and Heidi Katrina for winning the tenth Shikama tournament. Cassandra then cuts a promo, decrying the fans and promising to return next year to win again. Cassandra’s promos are always worth tuning in for. Alex Lee also got on the microphone and thanked the fans. She also announced that since she failed again to win the championship, she was resigning from the tag team division. She also announced that she will be moving onto the singles division.

Our final promo of the evening came from Sendai Girls World Champion, Chihiro Hashimoto. She restates her intention to become a double champion in Sendai Girls. Hashimoto also mentions how the previous match where Iwata lost made her sad. She also restates her offer to Mika Iwata to be her partner and go for the Tag Team Titles. Hashimoto thanks the crowd one last time and that’s the end of this show.

This one was well worth waiting for, and it’s available right now on Powerslam.TV! They recently launched web-based access to the site and if you would like to take it for a test drive, I have an offer for you. You can sign up and use the code PROWRESTLINGPST to get a FREE MONTH of access! You do need to sign in via the web-based application before you can use it for the iOS, Android or Roku apps. So, check out this show and so many other great ones available on Powerslam.TV!

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