Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling 8/19/18 Review

Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling held an event at the Miyagino Ward Cultural Center on August 19th. The show was recently uploaded to Powerslam.TV and decided to check it out. Sendai Girls is owned by Jinsei Shinzaki and Meiko Satomura and has been in operation since 2006.

Manami vs. Mei Suraga

The first match of the night was between two young newcomers, Manami and Mei Suraga. Manami is just 14 years old, and Mei slightly older at 19. This contest had a ten-minute time limit and would be for one fall.

This match was highlighted by lots of mat-based chain wrestling. Also notable were the girls’ bridges, they were all very strong and reminiscent of William Regal and Daniel Bryan. Both ladies also traded beautiful dropkicks. Manami picked up the win via a roll-up pinning combination.

Ami Sato vs. Yuna Mizumori

The next match was also contested under a ten-minute time limit and one fall. This match was defined by Ami attacking the legs and back of Yuna with various submissions. Yuna is a very old school babyface, using Ricky Morton-style crowd participation throughout.

Yuna also has a unique set up for her back body drops. She picks up her opponent in an Alabama Slam position before dropping her over the back. This was a hard-hitting back and forth affair that went to a time limit draw.

Cassandra Miyagi & Heidi Katrina vs. Alex Lee & Nyla Rose

The next match was a tag team affair, with Cassandra Miyagi and the British Amazon Heidi Katrina taking on Alex Lee and Nyla Rose. Cassandra and Heidi are the Sendai Girls’ Tag Team Champions here. While Alex Lee has been on a long chase for their gold. The titles were not on the line here though.

Cassandra strikes me as a combination of Bull Nakano and Tetsuya Naito. This match was another hard-hitting contest, with Heidi getting the victory. Heidi landed a top rope leg drop on Alex Lee for the pinfall.

After the match, Cassandra cut a promo on Alex Lee, Alex responded, Heidi chimed in and finally Cassandra got the final word. She laid out a final challenge for Alex Lee to get a shot at the Sendai Girls’ Tag Team Championship. This match will be the main event at the next Sendai Girls’ show on August 26th. This was a fun exchange that is definitely worth looking up.

Meiko Satomura & Rin Kadokura vs. RIOT Crown (DASH Chisako & KAORU)

Another tag team match with The Final Boss, Meiko Satomura teaming with Rin Kadokura to take on RIOT Crown. This was a fun match that even involved weapons and brawling on the outside. I was definitely not expecting that, and it didn’t get the match thrown out.

KAORU is known as the Original Hardcore Queen and it showed here. RIOT Crown is sort of like an American style Goth or alternative style tag team look which was unique compared to the other women on the show. Despite Meiko’s efforts to save Rin, DASH Chisako hit a frog splash on Rin to get the win.

After the match, KAORU cut a promo, advising Rin and Meiko to “always do their best and don’t give up because you never know what might happen. Have hope.” Meiko got a kick out of this, as did the fans. She said off the microphone “I’m bummed out but, I will have hope and do my best!” This was the match of the night for me.

Chihiro Hashimoto (c) vs. Mika Iwata

This was the main event of the evening with a 30-minute time limit. The Sendai Girls’ World Champion Hashimoto took on Mika Iwata. Mika started off the match hot, going right after Chihiro. However, the champ quickly turned the tables and dominated the match.

Lasting just over 6 minutes of fast-paced hard-hitting strong style, Hashimoto got the win following her move Albright. This is a bridging German suplex held for the pin. After the match, Chihiro cut a promo saying that she wants to be on top of the world and is going after the Sendai Girls’ Tag Team Championship. She also looked at Mika after, inferring that she could look to team with Mika in the future.

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Originally written by Brandi Wagner

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