NXT Weekly for 10/11/22 (Dragunov vs. Waller)

Welcome to the NXT Weekly for 10/11/22. We are live in the CWC. Vic Joseph welcomes us to NXT and introduces us to his new broadcast partner, Booker T!

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NXT Weekly for 10/11/22
Bron Breakker v. Javier Bernal

Our opening contest has NXT Champion Bron Breakker taking on Javier Bernal. JD McDonagh joins us on commentary. This match came about from Bernal running his mouth backstage last week. It doesn’t last long, as you would expect, with Breakker picking up the win.

After the match, Breakker and McDonagh face off and are then joined by Ilja Dragunov. The obligatory fight brea,ks out, and it ends with McDonagh dodging a Dragunov Torpedo, which Breakker eats instead.

Winner – Bron Breakker

This was a friendly little tune-up match for Breakker, but it was just to set up the after-match activities.

Alba Fyre talks about Toxic Attraction and her match with Jacy Jayne toniIt shouldhould be a good match.

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NXT Weekly for 10/11/22
Axiom v. Nathan Frazer

We have a video recap of the first two matches in the Best of Three series between Axiom and Nathan Frazer before going to the ring for the third match. There is an additional stipulation for the match. Whoever picks up the win also qualifies for the NXT North American Championship Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc.

The match was just as good as their other bouts, with lots of back-and-forth action. I think this may have been their best outing of the three. Frazer continues to impress me, and Axiom is really good. They get in an almost double count-out spot for a quick near fall by Frazer. Near fall after near fall, they go back and forth. In the end, Frazer picks up the win with a drop-down counter.

Winner – Nathan Frazer

This was well done by both. It was a great series of matches.

Grayson Waller wanders into an interview McKenzie Mitchell was doing with Ilja Dragunov. He tries to turn the attention off of Dragunov to him and winds up getting into a match with Dragunov, tUnfortunately, onight. Waller’s mouth got him in trouble again.

Apollo Crews gets a video package to sell his match with Waller at Halloween Havoc. It was a very well-done package. The new Apollo Crews gimmick has been interesting to watch progress. I’m curious to see where it leads to.

NXT Weekly for 10/11/22
Valentina Feroz v. Indi Hartwell

Sanga was reassuring Valentina Feroz backstage ahead of her match with Indi Hartwell. Sanga accompanies Feroz to ring for the match. Hartwell comes out alone. It was a decent match. Veer Mahaan shows up in the middle of the match to tell Sanga som,ething and he leaves with him.

Feroz eventually realizes Sanga is gone and looks around for him. However, Hartwell battles back and picks up the win with an impressive Cesaro-style superplex (Hartwell on the second rope and Feroz on the apron). After the match, Pretty Deadly shows up and talks down the three teams that will face off in the triple threat tag team #1 Contender’s Match next.

Winner – Indi Hartwell

Before we get to that match, Cora Jade is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell talking about next week’s Pick Your Poison Matches with Roxanne Perez. Jade thinks Perez has no friends and freaks when Mitchell tells her that Perez is going to Smackdown this week to pick someone.

Jade says she’s calling a few people at Raw. I would probably expect Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley to be the ones picked.

NXT Weekly for 10/11/22
#1 Contenders Triple Threat: Edris Enofe and Malik Blade v. Briggs and Jenson v. The Dyad

The teams of Edris Enofe/Malik Blade, Josh Briggs/Brooks Jenson, and The Dyad are ready for the #1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match. Pretty Deadly is looking on. This was a car crash in the making. There is action all over the place. It stays fast-paced paced throughout.

Each team gets decent spots in and have believable chances to win the match. Joe Gacy interjects himself to try to help The Dyad, but Cameron Grimes comes out of nowhere to wipe him out and prevent Folwer from breaking up the pinfall in the ring with Enofe pinning Reid to become the new #1 contenders.

Winners – Edris Enofe and Malik Blade

I think the right team won here. I saw that Briggs and Jenson have made an appearance on Main Event, so they are likely getting called up soon to bolster the tag team division. The Dyad are still feuding with Cameron Grimes, so it is good to see Enofe and Blade get a chance at the tag, however, titles. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will win them.

WWE NXT for 10/11/22
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NXT Weekly for 10/11/22
Alba Fyre v. Jacy Jayne

Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin are talking backstage with McKenzie Mitchell about Alba Fyre and their possible surprise for her ahead of Jayne’s match with Fyre. The match was pretty good. I think Jayne is the more polished of the two, and Fyre also had to fend off Dolin at certain points.

After some nice back-and-forth action, Fyre overcomes a Dolin distraction to hit Jayne with the Gory Bomb to pick up the win. After the match, Sonya Deville appears from in the crowd to attack Fyre. Jayne and Dolin eventually join in and put Fyre through the announce table with a Shield-like triple powerbomb. Deville would say later that Mandy Rose is still her best friend, and she stands with Toxic Attraction.

Winner – Alba Fyre

The match was good, and the appearance of Sonya Deville was a suHowever, rprise. I wonder if Deville is getting added to the Toxic Attraction act for Smackdown or NXT?

The Schism is upset backstage and takes out a cameraman, warning Cameron Grimes to get ready to fight. A quick video package for the new #1 Contenders for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship, Zoey Stark and NikkitaLyons plays before cutting backstage to Quincey Elliott and Hank Walker watching the video on a monitor. Walker and Elliott may be a tag team now.

NXT Weekly for 10/11/22
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NXT Weekly for 10/11/22
Wes Lee v. Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo

Lorenzo blames Wes Lee for Tony D’Angelo’s injurearly starts targeting the knee early. Lorenzo works it over most of the match, but Leeeps on fighting back. Finally, Lorenzo makes a mistake that Lee capitalizes on to pick up the win. After the match, Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes attack Lee but Oro Mensah makes the save.

Winner – Wes Lee

The Creed Brothers are at the hospital visiting Roderick Strong. Strong says he is almost ready to get out of the hospital. Julius says that Kemp is going to be the next one coming here after their Ambulance Match at Halloween Havoc for Diamond Mine. It’s good to see Strong back, and I wonder if he is going to figure into the Ambulance Match result.

NXT Weekly for 10/11/22
Kiana James v. Thea Hail

Back in the ring, Hail is ready to take on James when Robert Stone interrupts with a promo on Hail embarrassing him last week. She easily disposes of Stone but gets wiped out by James to come out on the losing side of things, which I think was Stone’s plan all along.

Winner – Kiana James

This a quick match to build on from last week. Tony D’Angelo appears backstage with Lorenzo and tells him that he has disappointed the family. Next week, Lorenzo will face an opponent of D’Angelo’s choosing. Interesting…

Also, backstage, Robert Stone is getting laughed at Von Wagner tells him to focus on Halloween Havoc. Finally, Cameron Grimes isn’t worried about facing The Schism next week. Unlike NXT, he has friends on Raw and Smackdown.

NXT Weekly for 10/11/22
Ilja Dragunov v. Grayson Waller

It’s main event time with Dragunov taking on Waller. Waller is the perfect heel to hate, kinda like the Happy Corbin gimmick. His mouth gets him into more trouble. However, Waller looks really good against Dragunov, and that makes for a fun match.

Waller gets distracted by the stage spin-the-wheel, which allows Dragunov to take over on Waller and finish him off with a Torpedo. After the match, Bron Breakker appears and drops Dragunov with a huge spear to close out the show, with JD McDonagh watching from the crowd.

Winner – Ilja Dragunov

That match was pretty good. It was a nice showcase for both competitors. The spear Breakker hit on Dragunov even knocked off one of Breakker’s shoes! It was a funny visual to see.

Overall, the show was pretty good from top to bottom. The build for Halloween Havoc continues, and the card is shaping up quite nicely. In addition, the announced matches for next week look to be pretty solid for the go-home show.

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