NXT UK Inclination 2/6/20 (Steel Corners Street Fight)

Hello, one and all to another NXT UK Inclination! On this week’s program, we have Tyler Bate vs his padawan A-Kid, NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray speaks, and a main event of Trent Seven versus Eddie Dennis in a Steel Corners Street Fight main event! Try saying all that three times fast 🙂 With the card run down, let’s crack on with this weeks review –

Piper Niven vs Dani Luna

Piper’s first match since Takeover: Blackpool II. Can she atone for her loss here against Dani Luna, in Dani’s first match in over four months?

It was a great start for Piper as her superior strength took pride of place. She commanded the ring and Luna for the start of the match. No surprise really as she’s the veteran here. But Dani comes back well, with some stiff boots to the body of Piper.

It’s all for naught though as Niven carried on that dominance. Wearing Dani down with a cobra clutch was the beginning. Quickly followed with a stiff clothesline and a Michinoku Driver for the win. And for those that know me…Michinoku Driver’s should NEVER be kicked out of! Put the driver on a protected move list STAT!

Winner – Piper Niven

Quick backstage promo as those Gallus boys accept the challenge of Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. Why? Because the Gallus firm run NXT UK!

A-Kid vs Tyler Bate

A story as old as time itself. Teacher versus student. Tyler suggested to Kid that maybe they should have a match to see how far along he had come. And here we are. Could this be the beginning of a piece of long term booking here? A slow burn of a feud?  I hope so as these two have chemistry in the ring. I mean really good chemistry.

The feeling out process is your usual technical chain wrestling and escapes. But this sequence here was lightning quick and crisp. It was so damn good folks. If you can, you gotta go out your way to watch it.

Then the match steps up a gear. We get head-scissor takeovers, exploder suplexes, running shooting star presses. Reading that back, the match stepped up a hell of a lot of gears! The speed, power, and intensity of both men was great. Even towards the finish, Kid still looked like he was in the match.

After being spun around via Bate’s Airplane spin, Kid sends Tyler to the outside with a well-placed dropkick. And then follows it up with a moonsault. The crowd is lapping this up. Kid rolls Bate back in and heads to the top rope. As he jumps, he eats a dropkick from Tyler. Kid sells it like he’s been shot! Another stiff as fcuk clothesline and the Tyler Driver 97 gives the win to Bate. A great match that could have easily gone another four to five minutes and still be great. Food for thought Mr. Smallman 😉

Winner – Tyler Bate

As A-Kid walks to the back, Joseph Conners walks to the ring and blanks him. With a mic in hand Conners begins to rant about being the forgotten man. Rotting away in the back. The UK crowd is great here, as they chant “Who are ya?!” at him! Conners ignores them and calls out Bate for a match sometime in the future. Hopefully, Bate will pull a good match out of him…fingers crossed peeps!

Pretty Deadly vs Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith

The underlying story here is that Carter and Smith are pulling underdog wins out of their hat recently. Could it continue against NXT UK’s newest signees, Pretty Deadly?

Well if the start of the match is anything to go by…yes, yes they can! Ashton and Smith start off hot. Hard physical offense combined with a technical delayed suplex gave Smith a two count. Carter is tagged in and the team continued their dominance with a slingshot sunset flip for another two count. Stoker tags in and is met with more double team moves. But somehow Smith was sent outside and lands awkwardly. Time for Pretty Deadly to offer some payback!

Smith was under a barrage from Stoker and Howley. Mainly double team moves were the order of the day, keeping Ashton from making that tag. But make that tag he did and Carter came in like a house on fire! The hot tag worked really well here. A nice uranage nearly won the match for the underdogs. But it was the blind tag that leads to Pretty Deadly’s downfall.

A move that is essentially an Electric Chair Neckbreaker (???) picked up the win for Smith and Carter. Yet another win for the perennial underdogs! But on the flip side, this loss makes the newest signees look weak. One way to get that heat back? An after-match beatdown! Yup Stoker and Howley went to town on Smith and Carter after the announcement. Still not enough in my eyes, though.

Winners – Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray came to the ring. Her original aim was to carry on bragging about still being champion. But instead, she was there to challenge Toni Storm one more time. Throwing more shade at Toni as the segment went on. This brought out an incensed Storm who “stormed” to the ring with a purpose.

KLR’s challenge was all about obsession. In particular, Toni’s obsession with the NXT UK Women’s Championship. So with that in mind, she’ll offer Storm one more title match. But this one will be an I Quit match. And if Toni loses, she has to give up her obsession with the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Steel Corners Street Fight
Eddie Dennis vs Trent Seven

Steel corners street fight? Basically, the turnbuckle pads have been removed. Why? I really don’t know why. A street fight means that the match leaves the confines of the ring, doesn’t it? I know the reason why we have this match. Trent thinks that Eddie only won their Takeover: Blackpool II match due to an exposed turnbuckle. But still…combining that into street fight rules? I hoping for some ingenious finish to this match.

Fast start as Trent went for Eddie as soon as he got into the ring. Raining down forearms over the Welsh Dragon, making Dennis jump out of the ring. Smart move, as Eddie threw Seven into those unforgiving steel steps. As you can expect, the majority of this match took place outside, as all good street fights do. And those steel steps took a battering as Eddie was DDT’d straight onto them at one point.

A nice walk and brawl through the crowd too. Never underestimate how good that spot can be. Getting the live crowd involved comes across to the viewer, making the match better. The walk made it’s way over to the announce table, but luckily for the announcers, it was the table next to theirs that was demolished. A Trent Seven Burning Hammer (one of my all-time fave moves) being the move that destroyed said table.

Back into the ring where eventually those exposed turnbuckles were about to get used. And it was Dennis’s head that made full use of those turnbuckles. And he sold the shots like he was shot himself. Nice work. Trent with another Burning Hammer in the center of the ring to take the win. One apiece now. Will there be a rubber match? What stip could they use? Answers on a postcard folks!

Winner – Trent Seven

After watching that match, I still feel the steel corners were a bit redundant in this match. A stip match that two stips? Overkill for this reviewer I’m afraid.

And that was that my peeps. Another NXT UK in the books. To me, it was a bit less than in previous weeks. But as always it’s still a good watch. Still better than 90% of WWE programming.

I’m looking forward I’m hoping that we see some KLR evil mind games in her battle with Toni Storm. I really think she’s got it in her to be an evil manipulative bitch of a champion. And Burch/Lorcan versus Gallus has all the making of a war. A nasty, brutal war. I will be rubbing my hands in glee for that match!

As always I will be back right here with another Inclination. So until next week…

TA TA from a very windy UK!