NXT UK Inclination 16/01/20 (Mastiff vs Ohno)

I’m still on a comedown from last week’s Takeover: Blackpool II. In particular, that Devlin/ Bate match. Oh wow! But before I lax lyrical about that match and the event itself, it’s worth knowing that two other matches took place before Takeover aired. And those matches form the basis of today’s review. Joseph Conners versus A-Kid and Dave mastiff faces off against Kassius Ohno. Can you all guess which one I’m looking forward to? 😉

The show began with a simple In Memory of Rocky Johnson. Such sad sad news.

A brief rundown of what took place at Takeover: Blackpool II takes place. Highlights include Bate vs Devlin, the four-way ladder tag team match, and the Undisputed Era taking out Imperium.

NXT UK Inclination 16/01/20
A-Kid vs Joseph Conner

Mr. Takeover worthy himself, Joseph Conners finds himself on the undercard of a Takeover. Whoops! Maybe he’ll make the main card on the next Takeover…or not. We shall see, won’t we.

In regards to the match itself, A-Kid looked like a million dollars. His ground-based offense was perfect along with his technique. Some of the submissions applied by A-Kid were picture perfect. He definitely had the early runnings of this match, and if he took his chances, he could have walked away the victor.

But Connors showed why he is Takeover worthy when A-Kid missed from the top rope. It was all Conners after that, much to A-Kid’s chagrin. Being thrown face-first into the turnbuckle will change the course of any match! The power advantage of Conners was evident as he took over the match.

Targeting Kid’s knee throughout was a great tactic. It made sense when Conners hit his Don’t Look Down finisher. The weakened knee of A-Kid made kicking out so much more difficult.

A good match and in case you didn’t see my hinting, I still don’t rate Conners.

Winner – Joseph Conners

Imperium cut a promo saying that they will discuss what happened at the end of Takeover: Blackpool II next week. Also, Ilja Dragunov will be in action. Can’t wait to see Ilja, a real unsung hero of the brand.

Gallus appears and talks about how they are still kings of their kingdom after overcoming three other teams to retain the NXT UK Tag Team titles. How are going to step up and face the kings of the tag team division now?

ANOTHER promo as Jinny and Jazzy reportedly say that things are fine between themselves. I am instantly transported to that episode of Friends where Ross stresses the word “fine”…ahhh good times! Anyway, Jazzy comes up against Killer Kelly next week. Fingers crossed that Kelly finds that Killer streak again…or gets booked properly if you know what I mean?

More announcements as NXT UK GM Johnny Saint and Sid Scala announce that the winners of the Jordan Devlin vs Ligero and Travis Banks vs Brian Kendrick matches will be added to the Cruiserweight Championship match at World’s Collide.

Kassius Ohno vs Dave Mastiff

YES! A match! Ok, it’s the last match of the program but it’s a match I’ve been looking forward to. Big Dave Mastiff squares off against the wrestling genius that is Kassius Ohno! The power of Mastiff versus the technique of Ohno. But don’t forget, Ohno is no slouch in the power department.

And it’s Ohno’s “superior” technique that gives him the advantage in the early goings. But for every time Ohno was about to take charge, Mastiff surprised him with a counter of some kind. Big Dave’s power and counters was really getting to Ohno.

A great spot was where Ohno reversed Mastiff’s Into The Void finisher into a sunset flip. Seeing two big dudes flip around like cruiserweights is a sight to behold folks! But it was all in vain for the Wrestling Genius. Mastiff hit a rolling senton and finally hot the Into The Void for the 1..2..3.

A good short but sweet undercard match. I’m sure I’m not alone on wanting to see more from these two guys. Twenty minutes would do me fine 😉

Winner – Dave Mastiff

And that was that! A short NXT UK edition this week, which suits me fine. I’m full of cold and need a hot toddy. But next week Ilja Dragunov is in action, along with Jazzy against Killer Kelly. AND Imperium will want retribution of some kind. That’s going to be a good show heading into World’s Collide next Saturday!

Talking of World’s Collide, there will be a preview of the show dropping next Thursday, right here, at PWP!

So until then my chums, TA TA!