NXT UK American Assessment for (3/13/19)

KayEarlier tonight, NXT UK American Assessment for 3/13/19 GM Johnny Saint and assistant Sid Scala were interviewed while making their way into the venue. When asked what fans could expect from tonight’s show, Scala said that Kay Lee Ray would make her debut. Saint followed up by stating that the main event would feature The Coffey Brothers taking on Walter and United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne in tag team action.

Before we get to tonight’s tag team action, we start with a singles match!

Flash Morgan Webster vs. Wolfgang

The match begins with Webster going on the offensive, coming at Wolfgang with a flurry of strikes. Wolfgang takes control by catching Webster in the air, before nailing him with a big clothesline.  He follows up with strikes of his own, keeping Webster in the corner.  Wolfgang whips Webster into the other corner. From there, Wolfgang slows Webster down, cranking at his neck, before clubbing him down to the mat. Wolfgang goes for a suplex, but Webster counters, nailing the bigger opponent with a hurricanrana. He then follows up with a suicide dive, causing Wolfgang to crash into the barricade. Webster hits a second suicide dive. Webster finally hits a plancha over the top rope, crashing onto Wolfgang on the outside. Back in the ring, Webster hits a senton from the rope. Webster goes for the cover, 1… 2… Wolfgang kicks out!


Webster follows Wolfgang out of the ring, going for a 619 with an assist from the ring post. Wolfgang catches him and sends him into said ring post. Wolfgang then hoists Webster up in a powerbomb, slamming him against the rope before finally powerbombing him on the apron. Back in the ring, Wolfgang hits Webster with the Caber Toss. Wolfgang pins Webster for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Wolfgang

Post-match, Wolfgang continues his assault on Webster. The referee quickly stops the attack, sending Wolfgang to the back. Next up, Kassius Ohno sounds off on NXT UK! We are also treated to a video package showcasing The Coffey Brothers, hyping the main event.

Ohno, in the aforementioned interview, stated that he was the man to bring authentic British wrestling to NXT UK. He said that he wasn’t being appreciated in NXT proper and he wanted to move on, which led him to the United Kingdom.  He wrestled throughout the UK against the likes of William Regal, and stated that newer talents like Moustache Mountain were imitations. Ohno believed that these newer talents were treating British wrestling lightly, and that he was the one to bring authenticity to the style in question.

NXT UK American Assessment for 3/13/19
“The Lucky” Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan vs. Tyson T-Bone and Saxon Huxley

The match begins with Williams and Huxley. Huxley drops Williams with a shoulder block, but Williams rolls him up, getting a two-count. Williams targets Huxley’s arm before tagging in Jordan, who continues the onslaught to the arm. Huxley and Jordan exchange pin attempts before Huxley tags in T-Bone. T-Bone stands tall after dropkick attempts from Jordan, but is taken down with a low crossbody. Jordan goes for the pin, but T-Bone kicks out at two. Jordan soon finds himself in his opponents’ corner, who keep him isolated from Williams. T-Bone hits Jordan with a stalling suplex, going for the pin after, but Jordan kicks out at two!


Jordan tries will himself out of a seated clutch by T-Bone, but T-Bone floors him with a shoulder tackle, keeping him grounded once more. Jordan rolls through with a school boy, only getting a two-count, and tries to make his way to Williams. Finally, Jordan makes the tag, with Williams going after Huxley, who is now the legal man of his team. Williams hits a springboard back elbow on Huxley. Kenny Williams sends Huxley to the outside. Williams and Jordan hit stereo dives to the outside on their opponents!

Williams plants Huxley, with Jordan following up with a swanton. Jordan pins Huxley for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: “The Lucky” Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan

Following the match, the babyface team celebrates, plenty of momentum on their side in the NXT UK tag team division.

Earlier today, Jinny was interviewed regarding the NXT UK women’s division. She said that she is sick of Toni Storm, even hearing her name, and that she didn’t care about her. The only thing she cared about was the NXT UK Women’s Championship, which would put the spotlight on her. We then cut to a backstage segment with Eddie Dennis, who said that he will return next week to face Ligero. He said that while he respected Ligero, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Dennis said that Ligero will be the first of many victims to come.

Noam Dar, making his return to NXT UK, advances toward the ring. Loud “Super Nova” chants emit from the crowd. Dar says that he is in NXT UK to stay, saying that the promotion has been doing well. However, the promotion will do even better when it goes to Glasgow, Scotland, which is met with resounding boos. Dar taunts the crowd, saying that he was in NXT UK at the start, showing everyone what a true Superstar was. He wasn’t overly impressed by the talent, saying they couldn’t fit his “big golden boots,” and that the brand needed him. Dar says that he wasn’t going to be a guest spot, like other talents, and NXT UK wasn’t ready for the blinding light of the Scottish Supernova.


This prompts Mark Andrews to come to the ring, clearly unamused by Dar’s words. Dar attempts to attack Andrews, but he evades, dropkicking the Scottish Supernova out of the ring. The segment ends with Andrews standing tall.

We cut to a backstage interview with Xia Brookside, who said that her family name meant a lot to British wrestling. However, the name brought her some difficulties growing up. Her trials in life allowed her to become more confident and better able to stand up to bullies. Brookside then turned her sights to Rhea Riley, who she declared the biggest bully of all. Fed up with Ripley’s bullying of her, Brookside said that their next encounter would be different.

Next up, Kay Lee Ray will make her NXT UK debut! We then cut to a video package featuring The Hunt, comprised of “The Primate” Jay Melrose and “The Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman, who will arrive next week!


NXT UK American Assessment for 3/13/19
Candy Floss vs. Kay Lee Ray

The match begins with Ray targeting the shoulder of Floss, wearing it down. Ray, trapping Floss’ arm in a hammerlock, sends her into the corner. Floss rolls through with a pin attempt, but Ray kicks out. Ray responds with a dropkick and a series of stomps. Kay Lee Ray strikes Floss with a sharp chop to the chest, followed by a crescent kick, before concluding with a Widows Peak. Ray covers Floss for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

We cut to a selfie promo with Moustache Mountain, who hype up their Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic semifinals match with The Forgotten Sons. However, they are still focused on their NXT UK endeavors. Tyler Bate challenges James Drake to singles action, which will be next week’s main event! Next up, on NXT UK, we have our main event!

NXT UK American Assessment for 3/13/19
The Coffey Brothers vs. Walter and Pete Dunne

This tag team main event begins with Mark and Dunne. Loud “Bruiserweight” chants emit from the crowd. Dunne targets the hand and shoulder of his opponent, keeping him floored. From there, Dunne starts to manipulate the elbow. Mark performs a roll-through to break away. Dunne viciously stomps on the elbow of the Coffey brother. Dunne tags in Walter, who continues the joint manipulation, perhaps as a challenge to Dunne. Mark chops Walter, who is unphased. Mark quickly tags in Joe, who slowly steps into the ring.

Joe keeps Walter down with a headlock, but the larger Walter powers through. Walter and Joe meet with simultaneous shoulder blocks, neither man budging much. Finally, Walter gets the better of the exchanges, flooring Joe. Walter tags in Dunne, who focuses and stomps on the arm of Joe. Dunne tags Walter back in, Walter following up with two loud chops, one for each Coffey brother. Walter and Dunne have a short standoff in the ring, but The Coffey Brothers interrupt, pouncing on their opponents. Walter and Dunne hit simultaneous ring apron backdrops. Back in the ring, Walter and Dunne exchange taunts.

Walter tags back in Dunne, who hits a dropkick to the knee of Joe. Dunne executes a bow-and-arrow lock, slamming down on Joe’s knees. Joe makes a quick tag to Mark, who executes a German suplex on Dunne. On the outside, Joe attacks Walter, keeping him on the mat outside. The Coffey Brothers tag in and out, keeping Dunne isolated from his corner. Joe executes a backbreaker on Dunne and goes for the pin, but it’s only good for two. Mark is tagged back in and he continues to stomp away on Dunne. Joe is tagged back in and goes for a running splash to the corner, but misses. Mark is tagged back in, but Dunne hits a German suplex on him. Joe attempts to keep Dunne out of his corner, but Dunne kicks him back.

Walter is tagged back in. He powers through a double clothesline attempt and tackles Joe before hitting Mark with a German suplex. Walter hits a running seated senton on Joe, going for the cover, but the Coffey brother kicks out at two! Joe hits a series of short arm clotheslines and clubbing blows, followed by a massive German suplex. Joe goes for a discus clothesline, but is caught in a German suplex by Walter! Dunne and Mark are tagged back in the match. Pete fends off The Coffey Brothers. Dunne hits a moonsault to the outside on his opponents. Dunne sends Mark back in the ring, but Mark meets him with a Polish hammer across the chest.

Walter makes a bling tag to Dunne and hits a massive dropkick on Mark. He follows up with a butterfly suplex, but it’s only good for a two-count. Walter locks in a Boston crab on Mark. Joe tries to chop at Walter to break the hold, but Walter returns with a stiff chop of his own. Walter stops Mark at the top turnbuckle, but soon finds himself on Joe’s shoulders. Doomsday Device from The Coffey Brothers! 1… 2… Walter kicks out!


Mark slaps the fallen Walter, but Walter traps him with a sleeper hold. Joe attempts to break the hold from the outside, holding onto his brother. On the outside, Dunne grabs hold of Joe’s arm and snaps his fingers. Walter uses this advantage to hit a double German suplex on The Coffey Brothers! 1… 2… Joe kicks out! Dunne and Walter execute double submissions on their opponents. Joe powers through and slams Dunne onto Walter, breaking the holds. Joe grabs the UK Championship on the outside, but Dunne clotheslines him out. Mark, with the title now in his possession, is quickly kicked by Walter, who follows up with a powerbomb. Walter covers Mark for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Walter and Pete Dunne

Following their victory, Walter and Dunne have a standoff in the middle of the ring. As Dunne leans down to retrieve his title, Walter places his foot on it to stop him. Walter picks up the title, staring down at the treasured prize. He then passes is to Dunne before making his exit. Is this a show of respect, or is it a message that Walter has championship gold in his sights? This was the NXT UK American Assessment for 3/13/19.