NXT Inquisition for (12/4/19)

With Survivor Series celebrations in the rearview, NXT continues with action long associated with the brand. Among the matches to watch out for, in this show, is Rhea Ripley taking on Dakota Kai. Given Kai’s betrayal of her team at WarGames, Ripley is out for blood. This, and more, will be covered in the Inquisition!

The show begins abruptly with Killian Dain storming the ring. With mic in hand, Dain challenges someone to face him. This brings out Pete Dunne, who marches to the ring with a purpose for this opening contest!

Match 1: Killian Dain vs. Pete Dunne

The match begins fast, Dunne laying in a number of forearms. Dunne goes for a submission, to which Dain counters. Evading a senton, Dunne kicks Dain’s arm. He continues to focus on the arm, wrenching the fingers. Dain tosses Dunne to the outside and goes for a dive. Dunne counters with a kick and goes to the top. Dain catches Dunne with a running crossbody followed by a senton. He maintains control, wrenching in a chinlock. Dain catches Dunne from the top and brings him to the mat. From there, Dain applies a stretch, which Dunne fights out of. Nonetheless, Dain lays out Dunne with a running tackle, covering him for a two-count.

Dunne begins to take control, hitting a missile dropkick to the legs. He lands a German suplex! 1… 2… Dain kicks out! On the outside, Dain catches Dunne on the top rope. Nonetheless, Dunne stomps the hand! Dunne lands gingerly on his bad knee, allowing Dain to nail a suicide dive! NXT returns from commercial to Dunne superplexing Dain! Dunne catches Dain with a tornado DDT, stomps the hands, and kicks him in the head for a near-fall. With Dain on the outside, Dunne lands a corner moonsault! Dain catches Dunne and drops him on the apron before landing another senton! Dunne rests against the steel steps, giving Dain the chance to hit the cannonball!

The action returns to the ring, where Dain lands a corner splash. Dain goes for the Vader Bomb, but Dunne counters with the triangle hold! Dunne wrenches on the fingers, to which Dain responds with a sit-out powerbomb. The two make their way to the top, where Dunne cinches in a sleeper hold. Dain falls back from the top, crashing onto Dunne for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Killian Dain

Backstage, Dakota Kai is interviewed. Kai says Tegan Nox isn’t worth her time. She also says that Ripley wants to play hero, but Kai will take her out like she did Mia Yim.

The Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, and Adam Cole make their way to the ring. Bobby Fish is away due to injury. Cole takes the mic, saying that they took over RAW, SmackDown, and embarrassed them at Survivor Series. He says that the year of the prophecy has only just begun. Nonetheless, they feel disrespected, such as when Keith Lee pounced him. “I am not a rag doll,” Cole exclaims. The crowd chants for Lee. Cole expresses disgust toward Finn Balor, who kicked him in the face. He demands answers and won’t leave the ring until they get them.

Lee makes his entrance. O’Reilly takes the mic, referring to Lee as “Keith Momentari-Lee.” O’Reilly says that everyone was talking about Lee after Survivor Series, but he lost against Reigns. Lee calls himself a game-changer and turned Cole into one of the most viral gifs on the internet. Lee wonders which of the championships they hold he should take first. Soon enough, a brawl breaks out. Lee fights back against the group with sheer power. The Undisputed Era exit up the ramp. Tommaso Ciampa attacks Cole from behind before rolling him back in the ring. Lee goes for the Spirit Bomb but O’Reilly and Strong help Cole escape. Lee and Ciampa stand tall in the ring. Ciampa lifts the NXT Championship, eying it.

Xia Li cuts a promo backstage, telling Shayna Baszler to get ready to fight “the warrior.”

The show cuts to a video package featuring KUSHIDA, who suffered a broken wrist. Said video focuses on his family, emphasizing the importance of love. KUSHIDA doesn’t fight for him, but rather his family. After two months of inactivity, KUSHIDA returns tonight!

Match 2: Xia Li vs. Shayna Baszler

Li and Baszler exchange a flurry of strikes, the former getting the better of the exchange. They exchange mounted strikes. Baszler shakes Li off, but is taken by a roll-up. Li lands a tornado kick, sending Baszler toward the apron. The NXT Women’s Champion takes control again, stomping Li’s arm! Li fights out of a cover. Baszler wrenches the arm. Li tries to fight back with kicks, only for Baszler to transition into a single leg Boston crab. Li fights back again, landing a kick to floor Baszler. The action moves to the corner, where Li unloads with a series of punches and kicks.

Baszler takes control, going for an avalanche gutwrench suplex. Li fights back with a sunset flip powerbomb! 1… 2… Baszler kicks out! Baszler avoids a tornado kick and locks in the Kirifuda Clutch for the submission!

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Earlier today, Kassius Ohno cuts a promo. He’s been across the pond with NXT UK. At Worlds Collide, Ohno will take part. For now, Ohno plans to give a preview of the event in question.

Match 3: Adrian Alanis and Leon Ruff The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake) (w/Jaxson Ryker)

Blake takes control of a running Ruff, landing a big clothesline to the back of the head! Cutler is tagged in as he double stomps Ruff across the bottom rope. Ruff is buckle bombed into his corner. Alanis gets into the ring, only to be hit with a running knee by Cutler. Blake is tagged back in as The Forgotten Sons hit their tandem finisher for the quick 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Forgotten Sons

Post-match, Ryker chokeslams Ruff on the ring apron!

Match 4: Dakota Kai vs. Rhea Ripley

Before the match, Ripley takes the mic, introducing Mia Yim! Making her way to the ring, Yim tackles Kai to the mat, the two of them going at it. She tosses Kai across the ring and lands a running corner boot! On the outside, Ripley returns Kai to the ring, where the brawl continues. Yim lands a series of kicks on Kai, who retreats to the outside. Kai tackles Yim into the apron and kicks her in the face. Yim resumes control by sending Kai into separate barricades. The brawl spills into the backstage area. Yim and Kai will face off next week!

With Ripley at ringside, Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke make their way to the ring. Ripley, despite her best efforts, is outnumbered by the horsewomen. Ripley makes it to the ropes, Baszler on her back with the Kirifuda Clutch. Baszler cinches in the move again while Shafir and Duke hold her arms to restrain her. With no other option, Ripley passes out in the Kirifuda Clutch. NXT officials break up the attack as Baszler takes the mic. Baszler tells Ripley that she has her NXT Women’s Championship match on December 18th.

Ciampa and Lee are interviewed backstage, introducing their tag team partner for the evening: Dominik Dijakovic!

A video package featuring Balor plays. Balor says that there would be no “flag” of NXT without him. He says that everyone else is playing checkers while he’s playing chess. Balor’s future will be his past. “Adam Cole, checkmate,” says Balor.

NXT shows another video package, this time showcasing Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

Match 5: Kassius Ohno vs. Matt Riddle

Both men jockey for position to start. Riddle takes control of the arm, though Ohno is able to escape. Ohno wrenches the arm, taunting Riddle, “wrestling genius, bro.” Riddle deadlifts Ohno in response. Ohno hits a series of knees before applying a headlock. Riddle fights back with a big German suplex! This is followed by a series of kicks in the corner. Ohno escapes to the outside, to which Riddle responds with a running penalty kick! The show returns to Riddle laying in kicks on a kneeling Ohno. Riddle is soon caught by a running boot courtesy of Ohno!

Ohno viciously attacks Riddle in the corner, laying in a big forearm. He applies another headlock, which Riddle responds to with a bodyscissors. Ohno catches Riddle and drops him for a two-count. Riddle is trapped with a straitjacket chinlock, who escapes before landing the Bro-Ton! Ohno goes to the foot. However, Riddle fights back with a series of strikes followed by the Bro-To-Sleep! Riddle lands a powerbomb and the Final Flash! The Floating Bro gets Riddle a two-count!

Ohno catches Riddle with a right hand followed by a cravat suplex. He goes for the Gotch piledriver, which Riddle escapes from. They exchange a variety of techniques before Riddle plants Ohno with the Bro-Derik for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Matt Riddle

Before Raul Mendoza can make his way off the stage for his match with KUSHIDA, he’s caught by a surprise Cave-In by Cameron Grimes! “KUSHIDA, you’re fighting me now, boy,” Grimes declares before making his way to the ring.

Match 6: KUSHIDA vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes cinches in a headlock early on. KUSHIDA catches Grimes with a handspring kick followed by a diving plancha to the outside! The action returns to the ring, where KUSHIDA lights up Grimes’ chest with chops. KUSHIDA locks in the octopus stretch, rolling Grimes onto the mat. Grimes takes hold of the bottom rope to break the hold. KUSHIDA goes for a handspring elbow, only to be caught with a German suplex for a two-count.

Grimes focuses on KUSHIDA’s arm, stomping and wrenching it back. KUSHIDA counters with an arm drag followed by a basement dropkick. Grimes goes for another German suplex, but KUSHIDA rolls him up for the surprise 1… 2… 3!


“The man of the hour, your time is done,” Angel Garza tells NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush in a video package. Garza says Rush didn’t beat him, as his foot was on the rope. Rush warns Garza to not disrespect his family. Next week, Rush defends the title against Garza.

Match 7: The Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, and Adam Cole) vs. Keith Lee, Dominik Dijakovic, and Tommaso Ciampa

Strong and Lee start things off. Lee corners Strong and tags Ciampa, who lays in a series of stomps. Ciampa tags Dijakovic, who continues the assault. Strong manages to tag O’Reilly, who lays in various knee strikes. Dijakovic plants O’Reilly with a suplex and lands numerous corner strikes. Following a backbreaker, Dijakovic hits a springboard splash for a two-count. O’Reilly catches Dijakovic with a kick before tagging Strong. Nonetheless, Dijakovic is able to use his power to attack The Undisputed Era as we go to commercial.

The show returns to Strong in control of Dijakovic. Strong lands a dropkick and taunts Dijakovic, who lays him out with a big clothesline! Strong tags O’Reilly, who dives to Dijakovic to stop the tag. The Undisputed Era drag Dijakovic to their corner, where the assault continues. O’Reilly attacks Lee on the apron, only to be kicked by Dijakovic! Ciampa is tagged and he takes the fight to The Undisputed Era! He clotheslines Strong out of the ring and lays various offense on his opponents. Ciampa drops a knee on the back of O’Reilly’s head and lands Project Ciampa! 1… 2… O’Reilly kicks out!

O’Reilly makes the blind tag to Strong. They hit Ciampa with Total Elimination! 1… 2… Dijakovic breaks up the pin! Dijakovic is laid out by stereo knees by O’Reilly and Strong. Ciampa lays out Strong with a kick. Ciampa tags Lee while Strong tags Cole. Lee takes the fight to Cole, planting him in the center of the ring. With The Undisputed Era on the outside, Lee goes for a dive, only to regroup and tackle them on the outside. Dijakovic hits a springboard spinning plancha to the outside! O’Reilly goes up top, only for Dijakovic to catch him. During the melee, Balor rushes the ring and dropkicks Cole, causing everyone to fall! Balor plants Ciampa with 1916!

As Balor readies himself in the corner, Lee takes hold of him. Lee hits the Spirit Bomb on Balor! Lee turns around into a superkick by Cole! He goes for the Last Shot, but Lee catches him with the jackhammer for the 1… 2.. 3!

Winners: Keith Lee, Dominik Dijakovic, and Tommaso Ciampa

Following the match, NXT General Manager William Regal makes his way down the ramp. He announces that, on December 18th, Cole will defend the NXT Championship. Next week, the challenger will be determined when Balor, Ciampa, and Lee square off in a triple threat match!