NWA-TNA PPV 10 | NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView

Tonight we are greeted with the NWA-TNA opening graphic with NWA-TNA PPV 10 with NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView. AJ Styles music hits as we’re starting with our opening match.

Match #1
Best of Three Series Falls Count Anywhere Match
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn

Styles goes for the baseball slide before Lynn gets in the ring, but Lynn catches Styles and drops him over the guardrail.

Lynn is well in control and throws Styles all around outside the ring. Styles dodges Lynn and gets a couple of shots in, and goes for the pin for a two count. Both men are trading shots as the crowd is cheering loudly for Lynn.

Both wrestlers are making their way into the seats as neither man has a distinct advantage. Styles dumps Lynn over the side of the bleachers and follows with a dive over the rail. Styles with a cover and only a two count. Styles brings Lynn back to the ringside area. Styles goes for the springboard off the guardrail, but Lynn pushes his feet out from underneath him. Lynn suplexes Styles over the guardrail back to ringside and only gets a two count.

Lynn tosses Styles back in the ring, and after a back and forth, Lynn hits the jawbreaker, but it’s another two count. Lynn goes for the package piledriver but Styles counters. Styles with the pin, but Lynn gets the foot on the rope. Styles with a neck breaker and another near fall.

Both men are back outside the ring trading shots. Lynn throws Styles off the stage but again a two count. Both men are back on the stage, trading shots again. Eventually, Lynn gets Styles up and hits the package piledriver for the three count and the first fall.

Winner: Jerry Lynn (Leads 1-0)

Goldylocks is backstage with James Storm and Chris Harris. Chris Harris is again begging Storm to drop the Cowboy shtick; they’ve got an enormous opportunity against Brian Lee and Ron Harris. But, instead, Harris and Lee come in and laugh off the cowboy gimmick.

Back to the ring, and Lee and Harris are out to the ring, followed by Storm and Harris.

Match #2
‘Primetime’ Brian Lee and Ron Harris vs. The Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris

Storm and Lee start off in the ring. Lee initially has the strength advantage early on, but Storm catches him in the corner. Storm blocks the hip toss, and Wildcat cuts off Harris.

It’s now Harris and Harris (sorry, had to pop myself with that) in the ring, and Wildcat gets the advantage with some deep arm drags. Ron Harris gets an edge, but Wildcat receives it back. Storm launches Wildcat over the top rope taking out Lee and Harris.

Back in the ring, and Ron Harris finally cuts Wildcat off. Now Lee and Harris are in firm control and start laying in the offense.

Storm finally gets the hot tag and sends both Lee and Harris flying. Lee is outside the ring and throws a “fan” over the guardrail, and lays into him. Harris is distracted in the ring, and Storm gets the roll-up for the three count.

Winners: ‘Cowboy’ James Storms and ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris

Brian Lee and Ron Harris attack Storm and Wildcat after the match and lay them out. We cut to Mike Tenay and Don West as they recap what’s already gone on and hype what is to come tonight.

Match #3
Two out of Three Falls Match
Sonny Siaki vs. Jimmy Yang w/Jorge Estrada

Yang runs up the ramp to get the jump on Siaki. After throwing Siaki on the guardrail a few times, he throws him back in the ring, hits a dropkick, and only gets the two count on Siaki.

Yang is still in control as he hits a springboard dropkick and again gets a two-count. Estrada finally gets in control and drops Yang for a two count. Siaki, with a whip into the corner, but Yang counters, hits the Yang Time and gets the pin for the first fall.

Yang wastes little time and heads back up to the top rope, but Siaki knocks him to the floor. Siaki follows and tosses him into the guardrail and rolls him back in for a two count. Siaki continues to lay in the offense and gets a couple near falls. Yang tries to mount a comeback with some chops, but Siaki catches him with a pump-handle toss.

Estrada has firm control of the match now. Yang is able to catch a backslide for a two-count, but Siaki cuts off the comeback again and eventually hits a flying spinning kick. Yang almost catches Siaki again, but Siaki counters and drops Yang on his head for a three count, and the match is tied one fall a piece.

Siaki doesn’t give Yang room to breath and continues the assault. Siaki hits the ropes, but Yang rolls him up for a single-leg crab. Siaki barely makes it to the ropes to break it up. Yang starts working over the knee and applies a kneebar. After a struggle, Siaki gets a hand on the rope.

Siaki is able to get back to his feet and knock Yang back. Siaki gets Yang up to the top rope and hits the superplex, but Yang is back to his feet! Yang hits the shining wizard, and both men are down. Both men finally get back up, and Yang with a flurry of offense and a couple near falls.

Yang has Siaki in the corner and goes for the hurrincanrana but Siaki counters. Siaki to the top but Yang crotches him. Yang up to the top and hits Siaki with the neckbreaker. Both men up, and Yang drops Siaki but only gets a two.

Estrada is up now arguing with the ref. After a roll-up, Siaki gets on top, grabs the rope, and gets the three count and the win.

Winner: Sonny Siaki

After the match, Jarrett hits the ring. Jeff Jarrett doesn’t give a damn who Bullet Bob’s surprise is; he is running through everyone. NWA screwed Jarrett out of his title shot, out of his tag titles. Before he can continue, Brian Lawler jumps Jarrett, and both men brawl until security breaks them up. Lawler is in the ring as Goldylocks comes out, asking Lawler what Jarrett did. Lawler grabs the mic and says he’ll tell everyone what Jarrett did. But, before he can, he’s jumped from behind by his opponent for tonight, Slash.

Match #4
Slash vs. Brian Lawler

Slash is in control, tossing Lawler all over the ringside area. He pulls the mat up and goes for the piledriver on the concrete but Lawler counters with a backdrop. Both men are back in the ring, but Lawler clotheslines Slash back outside. They go up the ramp, and Lawler hits a bulldog on the ramp. Lawler goes for a chair again, but the fan refuses, just like last week.

Slash is back in the ring, and Lawler goes to the top rope. However, Slash catches him and hits a superplex. Pin and only a two count. Slash gets Lawler up and hits the Slash and Burn. Another pin and another two count. Slash sends Lawler to the ropes, and Lawler floats over and hits a DDT. Lawler showboats a little, and Slash catches his leg, but Lawler hits an enziguri.

Lawler picks Slash back up and Slash with a low blow. Slash puts him on the top rope, but Lawler pushes him off and hits the Tennessee Jam for the three count.

Winner: Brian Lawler

He cut to the back, and Jarrett is arguing with Bullet Bob Armstrong. Back to the ring, and our competitors are introduced for our X Division Championship match.

NWA-TNA PPV #10 (August 21, 2002) - IMPACT Wrestling
Low-Ki (shown in front) defends his X-Division Championship against the Spanish Announce Team and Amazing Red [Photo: IMPACT]

Match #5
Four-Way Elimination Match
X-Division Championship
Low-Ki vs. the SAT vs. Amazing Red

The SAT and Red try to get the jump on Low-Ki, but he dispatches them one by one. Red hits Low-Ki with a dropkick and then goes after the Maximos. Finally, we have Low-Ki and Red alone in the ring, and both men go back and forth with the offense. Red gets Low-Ki into the corner and tags in Joel Maximo. Maximo gets the edge and gets Low-Ki down for only two.

Joel and Jose are both in and hit the double offense on Low-Ki. Low-Ki lays in the kicks on both Maximos and lays them out. Red tags himself in and hit a standing press for a two-count. The Maximos start trying to double team Low-Ki. Red feigns teaming with them but blindsides the Maximos. All four men are in the ring trading shots. Low-Ki and Joel hit the floor, and Red hits the hurricanrana on Jose into Joel on the floor.

Red hits the ropes for another dive, but Low-Ki catches him. Low-Ki puts Red on his shoulders for the Ki Crusher, but instead, he throws Red onto the Maximos. Low-Ki to the top rope and hits a twisting moonsault on the Maximos outside.

Eventually, it’s Red and Jose in the ring. Jose goes for the pin on Red, but Joel breaks it up. He hits his own brother with the Maximo Overdrive and eliminates Jose Maximo. The remaining three competitors are in the ring, and Low-Ki starts laying into Joel with kicks. Joel counters, but Red cuts him off, hits a spinning moonsault, and eliminates Joel.

Low-Ki and Red go at each other now. Low-Ki gets red upon his shoulders for the Ki Crusher and goes to the second rope. Red slides off and hits Low-Ki with a kick. Red goes up after Low-Ki on the ropes still, but Low-Ki catches him, hits the Ki Crusher from the second rope, and gets the pin.

Winner: AND STILL X-Division champion – Low-Ki

We cut to the back with Goldylocks and Truth. Truth says Monty Brown should be kissing his ass. Abe Lincoln freed the slaves, and 150 years later, Truth freed the black sports entertainer. Truth says he has a dream, too, that he sticks his boot up Monty Brown’s sorry ass. He’ll see Brown in his house, the Asylum.

Ringside now and we see fitness model April Hunter, and she has apparently accepted Miss TNA’s Bruce’s open challenge for the Miss TNA Crown. Back in the ring, and Monty Brown is out first, followed by Truth.

NWA-TNA PPV 10 (August 21, 2002) - IMPACT Wrestling
Monty Brown (shown on the left) and the NWA-TNA Champion, Ron’ The Truth’ Killings (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT Wrestling]

Match #6
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ron’ The Truth’ Killings vs. Monty Brown

Both men stare each other down, trash-talking to start. Then, they lock up, and Brown gets the advantage. Monty Brown taunts Truth a little. Both men start trading shots, and eventually, Brown gets the advantage and starts laying in the strong offense. Truth on the apron and Brown hits the ropes. Truth drops the top rope down, and Brown dumps to the outside. Truth hits the ropes and hits the dive on the outside.

Both men are back up, and trading blows all around ringside. Truth bounces Brown’s head off the announce table. Both men go for moves off the announce table, and both men counter each other. We go back around ringside trading blows until Brown eventually hits a belly-to-belly suplex.

Back in the ring, and Brown is on the attack. Truth finally counters and hits Brown with a leg drop off the top rope. However, with the pinfall attempt, he only gets the two count. To the ropes and Brown goes for the sunset flip and another two count. Back to the ropes, and Truth hits a heel kick and another two count.

Brown blocks a suplex from Truth and hits his own. Both men down, and the ref starts the count. Both men up and trade blows. Brown gets Truth up and hits the running power slam and combos into a running splash for a two count.

Brown sends Truth to the ropes, Truth ducks the shot and hits the ax kick, but again a two count. Brown counters and goes for the Alpha Bomb. Truth looks like he’s countering to a Canadian Destroyer, but Brown just lands on top of Truth. Truth still rolls for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner: AND STILL NWA World Champion – Ron’ The Truth’ Killings

After the match, Jarrett hits the ring with a chair and starts to lay everyone out. Truth fights him off, and Lawler hits the ring and attacks Jarrett. Lawler grabs the chair, and Truth stands Jarrett up for the chair shot. However, Jarrett pulls Truth in the way at the last second, and Lawler cracks Truth over the head. Security finally hits the ring and gets order restored.

We cut to Goldylocks and Jerry Lynn. Lynn says after tonight, AJ Styles will respect him. Styles rushes in a jumps Lynn as the bell rings.

Match #7
Best of Three Series
No DQ Match
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn (Lynn leads 1-0)

Both men pour out to ringside and trade shots. Then, they roll into the ring and continue to trade shots. Finally, Lynn hangs up Styles over the top rope and goes under the ring for a table.

Styles cuts Lynn off as he’s setting up the table. Styles goes back in, but Lynn cuts him off. Back outside the ring and styles goes for a springboard splash, but Lynn moves, and Styles missed impaling himself on the table by inches. Lynn tosses Styles back in the ring and gets a chair. Styles cuts him off and hits a leg drop with the chair.

Styles sets up the chair between the second and top rope in the corner. Both men go back and forth, trying to send each other into the chair. Lynn is finally successful, and Styles hits the chair hard. Another back and forth sees Styles go for the shoulder block through the middle rope but Lynn counters with the guillotine leg drop.

Lynn goes for the tornado DDT from the apron through the table but Styles counters. Styles lays a chair in the center of the ring, and both men hit each other with a clothesline onto the chair. They fight for the chair, but Lynn gets a shot to the gut in. Lynn goes for a roll-up, but Styles hits him with the chair. Pin attempt and a two count.

Styles picks up the chair a goes for the homerun shot, but Lynn kicks the chair back in his face. Pin attempt and another two count. Lynn sets the chair in front of the corner and hits a hangman DDT but missed the chair. Pin attempt, but Lynn picks Styles up. Lynn brings Styles over to the corner with the table and sets Styles up.

Styles counters and goes to stand up but Lynn crotches him. Lynn to the apron and hits a hurrincanrana through the table. Lynn rolls Styles back in the ring and pins him but only gets a two count. Lynn picks Styles up and goes for a move off the top rope, but Styles catches Lynn, hits the Styles Clash on the chair, and gets the three count.

Winner: – AJ Styles

Match #7.5? 8?
Best of Three Series
Ten Minute Iron Man Match AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn

No time to breathe; we are into the iron man match. Both men are down, but Styles rolls over and pins Jerry Lynn. Styles is up 1-0 eleven seconds in. Styles pins him again and is now up 2-0 twenty seconds in. Styles pins him again, but Lynn kicks out at two. Styles picks Lynn up and goes for a suplex but Lynn counters with a neck-breaker. Pin attempt only gets a two count.

The next two minutes are spent trading offense back and forth, and eventually, Lynn drops Styles on his head and gets a pinfall with six minutes left. The score is 2-1. Lynn goes for another pin, but Styles kicks out. Lynn picks him up for a piledriver but Styles counters. Styles throws Lynn into the corner and goes for a running dropkick, but Lynn moves out of the way. Springboard leg drop and another two count on the pin.

Lynn goes to the top rope, but Styles catches him and drops him. Pin attempt, and it seems like Lynn got his shoulder up, but the ref calls the three count. Styles is up 3-1 with three minutes left. Styles is in control until about two minutes left. Lynn is able to counter Styles and hit the piledriver to pull to 3-2.

Lynn goes for another piledriver, but Styles blocks him. Lynn instead hooks the arms with his legs and hits the Styles Clash for the pin and the three count. We are all tied up with one minute left! The next minute is a flurry of pin attempts. Chained pins after chain pins, neither man will stay down for a three count. Finally, the clock expires with both men down and exhausted.

The match is declared a draw.

Low-Ki hits the ring and looks at both men, and raises their hands. Low-Ki then kicks both of them and heads back up the ramp, and gets a mic. If it’s a title match they want, it’s a title match they will get. But the X Division is not about AJ Styles or Jerry Lynn, it’s about who holds the gold, and they will play by Low-Ki’s rules. Next week is a triple ladder match for the X Division championship.

Don West is running down next week’s card when we cut to the back where referee Scott Armstrong pleading with his father, Bullet Bob Armstrong, not to go out there with Jarrett. Jarrett hits the ring and demands that Bullet sends the surprise out.

Music hits and Bullet Bob comes out, and Jarrett blindsides him. Jarrett starts putting the boots on to Armstrong and says he’s going to unmask his old, decrepit ass after he gives him The Stroke. Jarrett sets him up, but Bullet Bob counters it. Bullet Bob hits a few shots and sends Jarrett out of the ring. Jarrett is looking in the ring, shocked when Bullet Bob actually comes out of the entrance ramp with a chair!

Who was that masked man? Find out next week! Thanks for reading NWA-TNA PPV 10.

Great show tonight, no Dupp Cup, no Miss TNA Bruce, and plenty of X Division. Truth is a legit champ, and Monty Brown showed he’s more than just an ex-jock. The ending was a downer from that Best of Three match, but it leaves you wanting to see what exactly was going on, which we will next time on the NWA-TNA/IMPACT Wrestling Sunday Night RetroView!


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