#NEWS Sin Cara Arrives in AAA

Tonight AAA was celebrating the event Guerra de Titanes in Cd. Madero, Tamaulipas. In the match between Puma King, Monter Clown, Willie Mack and Pagano against Chessman, Texano Jr, Taurus, and Killer Kross. This match was tables, chairs, and ladders. Rey Escorpion, another member of Los Mercenarios was watching the match. Killer Kross defeated Willie Mack to get the victory. After the match, Los Mercenarios, Chessman, and Killer Kross had one target… that was Pagano. The rudos were hitting Pagano with different objects when the crowd was surprised with Sin Cara’s arrival. Sin Cara cleaned house to help his friend Pagano.  He then took the microphone and said that his new home is AAA and he came to AAA to support Pagano. Sin Cara also said he will be making his official return in 2020.

A day before, he shared on Twitter that “Life gives surprises, Surprises gives Life”. And he made a great surprise, he returned to AAA. He worked in AAA as Incognito in 2005.

After then, he was working in the independent circuit until he worked in NWA, ROH, and CHIKARA. After that, he had the opportunity to be part of the great company that is WWE. Sin Cara was with WWE from 2010 to 2019 and he was one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions with Kalisto. Earlier this month, it was announced some wrestlers were let go by WWE and one of them was Sin Cara. These days, we were wondering where will be the best place where he could show his great talent. Now AAA gave us an early Christmas gifts.

Now, Sin Cara will be writing great rivalries and great moments in his new era on AAA. For the moment, he attacked Los Mercenarios and Killer Kross, so they are the first opponents who Sin Cara has his eyes on. We need to wait the next year to watch the first match of Sin Cara.