WWE Releases Four Superstars

In what could be described as the ‘Black Sunday of 2019’. The WWE announced the releases of four of its superstars. It first began with former NXT tag team champion, Sin Cara announced via his social media that he had been granted his release.

After Sin Cara was announced as the first release, it appeared as though the dominoes began to fall. The announcement of Luke Harper followed. This was met with the announcement that both Viktor and Konnor of The Ascension also being released. While it wasn’t necessarily reported whether or not Viktor or Konnor had asked for their release Harper and Sin Cara had.

It had been some time since Viktor and Konnor were seen on television in any capacity. For Luke Harper, he was last seen as part of the Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and Erick Rowan angle that took place a couple of months back. As for Sin Cara, he was recently part of a rivalry with Andrade on Raw.

Of all the names announced it appears the most attention appears directed towards Luke Harper. Fans may recall that Harper as early as last week had filed for a trademark on his former independent wrestling name Brodie Lee. Before joining the WWE, Harper (Jonathan Huber) competed regularly on the independent circuit. Among the places, he competed in was Ring of Honor. It was while he was part of Ring of Honor that Harper worked alongside former WWE producer Jimmy Jacobs and former WWE and Universal Champion Seth Rollins as part of Age of the Fall.

Harper also competed as part of the Dragon Gate USA promotion as part of the Blood Warriors.

Madison’s Mindset:

While details of each of the four superstars releases haven’t been shared by the WWE the online reaction of their departure from the WWE is positive. Current talent such as Jake Something and Brody King have shared their hopes in facing the now free Luke Harper. Speculation has already begun as to where each of these men will turn up but unless they do, nothing is concrete. We here at Pro Wrestling Post wish each of these men all best as they pursue new professional endeavors.