Ross and Marshall Von Erich Sign With MLW | #NEWS

Earlier today, Sports Illustrated broke the news that the sons of the legendary Kevin Von Erich have signed a multi-year deal with Major League Wrestling (MLW). Ross and Marshall Von Erich have been plying their trade across the world. USA, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Australia to name but a few countries.

Major League Wrestling CEO, Court Bauer spoke to Sports Illustrated and was quoted as saying –

“Ross and Marshall are not only world-class athletes but world-class people. I look forward to seeing their journey as they write a new chapter and usher in the future for their family and for pro wrestling fans around the world.”

MLW officials have confirmed that Marshall and Ross will debut for the company on June 1 at MLW Fury Road 2019 in Milwaukee.

The brothers have trained with renowned and legendary wrestlers from all across the world. From the watchful eye of WWE Hall Of Famer Harley Race in Missouri to learn the fundamentals, to Japan where they were put through their paces by Naomichi Murufuji to learn the art of puroresu.

A huge 6’4″ 250-pound man in the mold of his late uncle Kerry but honors his father Kevin by wrestling barefoot, Marshall is a badass in the truest sense of the word. Quite happy to brawl and ground and pound. He’s also not worried about taking to the skies with his picture-perfect dropkicks and moonsaults.

Ross, on the other hand, has a background in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. He has cardio like you wouldn’t believe, tiring out his opponents. Also adept at high flying manoeuvers like his brother, he is equally at home on the mat, wearing people down.

The pressure of their families legacy will be on their backs, but with the help of their father, they will succeed. They will show a new generation that the Von Erich’s are amongst the worlds best.

Blake’s Take: MLW has pulled off a major coup here by signing, Ross and Marshall Von Erich. The eyes of the wrestling world will be on Major League Wrestling even more now. The sons of the legendary Kevin Von Erich. The grandsons of Fritz Von Erich. They will literally have the weight of the family legacy on their backs. But under the watchful eye of Court Bauer, I’m certain that they’ll succeed and push the company to greater heights.

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