#NEWS: More Matt Hardy Cryptic Tweets

The always mysterious (on Twitter) Matt Hardy has been tweeting some cryptic tweets over the past few days.

Following his loss (and promo bashing) he recieved from Drew McIntyre on RAW this week he tweeted the following tweets, hinting about a countdown to Arcadia –

He then tweeted the following to say why he returned to WWE and how he feels right at this minute –

Busted Open Radio’s Dave LeGreca replied saying that Matt deserved more than what he’s getting on RAW right now. Hardy responded in kind –

Blake’s Take

Matt Hardy sure does like to stir up the IWC doesn’t he. Does this mean he’s looking to leave at the end of his contract – Feb 2020 – or is he dreaming up another new gimmick/angle? There has been quiet whisperings that Hardy and WWE officials have been talking about extending his contract. But who knows. But for the last 6+ years it’s been fantastic to just sit back and watch that amazing wrestling mind of his go to work. Who would have thought that the “Broken” gimmick would have got over as much as it did? So much so that Uncle Vince wanted him back in the WWE fold. Let’s just sit and wait, see what happens folks. Trust in his Mattitude  ?