#NEWS: Is Edge Returning To The Ring?

There has been lots of chatter recently that WWE Hall of Famer Edge (Adam Copeland) is returning to the WWE in an in-ring capacity.

It was widely reported back in October that Edge could return to the ring after he penned a new WWE contract. When these reports surfaced, Edge was in Pittsburgh for “WWE business”. Pittsburgh is also where Dr. Joseph Maroon is based. You may know that Dr. Maroon is the company’s medical director. Many superstars are sent to him to be evaluated before returning to the ring.

Edge was also reportedly talking to AEW during his talks with WWE, but he eventually re-signed with the promotion where he made his name.

PWInsider speculated that we could see Edge in the ring ready for Mania season. What better way to announce your return than as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble next month?

Edge himself has denied that he is gearing up for a return to the ring, but PWInsider has noted that there is talk within WWE. That he could be headed back to the ring but wanted to keep all talk to a minimum, to keep the surprise.

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Blake’s Take – It seems to be the day for possible ring returns. I spoke about Sting saying he’s a phone call away from taking on Taker for the first time, and now this. Would I want to see Edge back in the ring? The fan in me says yes. BUT…only if he’s been through rigorous testing that any bumping wouldn’t have any adverse effect on his stenosis. If he’s cleared, this could open the door for others like Paige to maybe get some closure on their wrestling careers.