New Evolution Wrestling Mass Destruction 9/28/19

New Evolution Wrestling based out of Queens, New York is a great mix of polished pros and hungry youngsters regularly putting on quality shows. Combine veteran greats who have wrestled around the world like ECW Pitbull Gary Wolf, Homicide, Julius Smokes, Bull James, former ECW tag team champion Chris Michaels and put them in the mix with youngsters who give their all and you have an unbeatable mix.

Their Mass Destruction card this past Saturday was another winner.  Homicide vs. Bull James could headline any indy card anywhere. To this day after watching him some twenty or so years, I’ve yet to see Homicide in a bad match. This was a barn burner, particularly with Julius Smokes in Homicide’s corner stirring things up. Smokes elevates any match he’s in with an energy level that’s off the charts and he wasn’t shy about interfering in the bout. He’s underutilized on the circuit and any promoter would be lucky to have him. Great stuff and kudos to all three for a memorable affair.

Hamlet Hurtssue opened the show with the best gimmick on the indies. He plays a Shakespearian character ala Hamlet talking to his skull- which also serves as a unique “foreign object”- and has a valet in full 1700’s gear. A theater major and trained Shakespearian actor, he’ll be directing the theatrical wrestling hybrid We Don’t Play Fight in NYC in Spring 2020. Hamlet always stirs up the crowd who most certainly aren’t there to hear the Bard’s words as he defeated a game, Jason Vera.

Another highlight was a brutal strap match between JT Riddick and Supa Nitro. A team of psychiatrists would have a field day watching two real-life brothers whipping each other for the viewing pleasure of a live audience, but hey, it worked. These guys are charismatic and in tremendous shape and I see a great future for them both.

New Evolution Wrestling
Photo / Evan Arnow

In the main event, Gary Wolf and Rage with valet Kaos won against Simply Sensational Fabiolous (AKA Chris Michaels) and up and coming Prince Ahmed subbing for an on the mend Simply Splendid Bobby C- with yours truly making a cameo as “The Chauffeur” Mr. Evans. Team Splendid was sent out to draw some heat (“YOU peons will never ride in OUR limo!”) before It turned into a wild brawl with a shocking ending as beloved face Rage turned on promoter Robert Saint and beat him with a chair. I know a lot of wrestlers would love to beat promoters with a chair- although Mr. Saint is “one of the good ones”- so this was most likely cathartic for some.

One thing I particularly like about the promotion is the use of heel managers which is a dying art. Mr. Big, Kris Krayven Julius Smokes, and others only add to the wonderful chaos. Throw in quality veteran refs like Pat Savino, David Zubin, and Alfonz Stevens and you have a winning package.

N.E.W. is a fan-friendly promotion who put on a tight 3 or so hour card. To see world-class vets and great young talent mix is a great experience for all. They return to the Elks Lodge Nov. 23rd. You missed the birth of your mother and father- don’t you dare miss this.

Video Clips:

Homicide 187 with Julius Smokes… – New Evolution Wrestling Homicide with Julius Smokes vs. Bull James


Hamlet Hurtssue W Jason Vera

JT Riddick W Supa Nitro Leather Strap Match

BX Strong (Ace Andrews & Big Cuzzo) and Steven Person W JD Alpha and The Haven

Lou Nova & Roxxy Tirado W Alexander Thorne and Masha Slamovich

Homicide with manager Julius Smokes W Bull James

Ghost Shadow with manager Julius Smokes W Black Zemis

Big Jym Anderson W 4 -way match vs. KC Lycan, Omen Rocksha, Nightmare w manager Kris Krayven

La Vorenza W Leandra Rodriguez

Sizzling Stan Styles W Colossal Mike Law with manager Mr. Big

Main Event: Pitbull Gary Wolf & Rage with Kaos W “Team Splendid”- Simply Sensational Fabiolous & Prince Ahmed with Simply Splendid Bobby C & Mr. Evans

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