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Relative AEW signee Marko Stunt is one of the most unique cases in the game today. Professional wrestling has long been regarded as a sport where giants thrive. While there’s truth to this sentiment, it shouldn’t discredit the successes of those that deviate from the norm.

From scrappy heroes such as Spike Dudley to world-renown superstars like Rey Mysterio, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight” is a cliché that holds considerable weight. When it comes to those in the modern age, few fit said cliché as well as Stunt.

Marko Stunt Reveals How Tony Khan Handled His AEW Release
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Marko Stunt | Always Measuring Up

Standing at 5 feet, 2 inches, “Mr. Fun Size” can still pack a punch in the ring. In this week’s AEW talent preview, we will dive into the career of Stunt, a high-flying Mississippi native with something to prove in this upstart wrestling organization.

With a background in gymnastics and a love for drama, Stunt’s transition to professional wrestling shouldn’t come as a surprise. Stunt began his training at the age of 18, in his home state, learning the basics. In 2015, he appeared for Ashlynn McClure Memorial 3, which helped to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Stunt competed in the opening battle royal, which was ultimately won by Alan Steel.

Stunt set his sights on Pro Wrestling EGO, based out of Ashland, Mississippi, in September of 2016. He debuted for the promotion in September, defeating Josh Matthews in the opening match. The following year, in April of 2017, Stunt faced Monty Warbucks in a losing effort at EGO Unite & Fight 3.

AEW Signs Marko Stunt – TPWW
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Stunt would pick up another victory in May, against Nathan Estrada, at Memorial Mayhem. June saw Stunt make his debut for Cape Championship Wrestling, based out of Missouri, in a losing effort to Austin Lane. It was in CCW where Stunt worked with numerous talents, including ACH, who went on to become Jordan Myles in World Wrestling Entertainment. He would also form a partnership with Mikey McFinnegan, which would pay off the following year.

In January of 2018, Marko Stunt made his way to IWA Middle-South, debuting for their 800th Show in Memphis, Indiana. Later in the month, he, along with McFinnegan, challenged for the CCW Tag Team Championship in a four-way match but came out unsuccessful.

Along with competing against the likes of Myron Reed and Shotzi Blackheart, he went on to compete in the Prince of the Death Matches tournament in March. In the first round three-way match, which specialized in thumbtacks, he lost. In April, Stunt and McFinnegan received another CCW Tag Team Championship match at Supershow 2.

Backstage Update On Marko Stunt's Current Status With AEW
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It was in a little over 11 minutes, the challengers defeated titleholders The Pinnacle, Stunt winning his first championship in the process. Following a strong showing in the CCW Ashlynn McClure Memorial Cup Tournament in May, Stunt brought his focus to the CCW Heavyweight Championship.

At Inferno 2, in June, he lost his title match to Jacksyn Crowley. The following month, however, Stunt overcame Crowley and Flip Gordon CCW Anniversary II to finally win the promotion’s top title. In August, Stunt had another strong showing, this time winning Scenic City Invitational’s Futures Showcase Tournament.

In September, Stunt had his greatest exposure by then when he competed at All In. At this large independent wrestling event, Stunt competed in the Zero Hour’s 15-Man Over Budget Battle Royal. Though he was eliminated near the end of the match, the brave, scrappy Stunt stood off with Bully Ray in one of the big moments of the match.

September of 2019 was also noteworthy in that Marko Stunt made his debut for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, competing in a first-round Battle of Los Angeles match against Trevor Lee. Near the end of September, at Southern Underground Pro’s Don’t Look in the Basement East, Stunt bested Dominic Garrini for the SUP Bonestorm Championship.

Marko Stunt – Online World of Wrestling
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Stunt made his Major League Wrestling debut in October, teaming with ACH and Rich Swann in a losing effort to Brian Pillman Jr., Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Teddy Hart, collectively known as The Hart Foundation. Stunt would go on to drop the SUP Bonestorm Championship to Brett Ison in November.

That same month, Stunt achieved more notoriety at GCW Joey Janela’s LA Confidential in a 15-minute-plus showdown against Eli Everfly. In January of 2019, Stunt kicked off the year at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3, where he defeated Janela in the opening match.

Later that May, Marko Stunt made his first appearance for All Elite Wrestling at Double or Nothing’s “Buy-In” pre-show. In the Casino Battle Royale, as one of the “Spades,” Stunt was eliminated by Ace Romero, who he fought in MLW the November prior. In July, though he wasn’t on the main card of AEW Fight for the Fallen, Stunt stood in the corner of Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus in their three-way tag team match.

Though A Boy and His Dinosaur failed to win, they had a strong showing and Stunt got physically involved as well. On July 30th, on his 23rd birthday, Stunt took to Twitter to announce that he signed an official deal with AEW.

To say that Stunt is a dog with plenty of fight would be an understatement. Along with his AEW endeavors, he continues to work various independent shows leading up to AEW’s primetime premiere on TNT. His recent GCW Heavyweight Championship match against Nick Gage at Lights Out is a testament to the 23-year-old’s toughness.

For Marko Stunt to be successful in AEW moving forward, he will have to approach this opportunity with the same bravery, toughness, and charisma he has become known for.

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