Madhouse Wrestling Presents We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

Madhouse Wrestling Presents We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes. This Saturday, the Madhouse Wrestling era of independent pro wrestling in Iowa begins as they presents We all Go A Little Mad Sometimes. From the maniacal minds of Malice and Luke Raven, Madhouse Wrestling’s first-ever show takes place from the Countryside Wedding and Events Center in Knoxville, Iowa.

Read about how Madhouse Wrestling came to be here.

Not only will there be an action-packed night of wrestling, that will push the boundaries of how crazy a pro wrestling promotion can get, but a champion will be crowned. A key component for any new promotion finding their footing is crowning a champion that will give them instant credibility. Madhouse Wrestling has nothing to worry about when it comes to that…

Four certifiable contenders are competing in a single-elimination tournament for the gorgeously crafted Madhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Jeremy Wyatt, 1 Called Manders, AJ Smooth, and James Jeffries have been successful everywhere they’ve wrestled and each has won a bevy championships.

Each man knows how huge of an opportunity it is to be the inaugural champion of Madhouse Wrestling. 

“Madhouse could last 20 years, and there could be 50 guys that hold the Championship in that time, but only one can say they were the first. Only four of us have the chance to say that.” – Jeremy Wyatt

“It means a lot. Especially in Iowa. I get to wrestle in the state I love so much. I wanna prove why I’m the best around these parts.” – 1 Called Manders

“Being in this tournament means that someone takes a look at me and knows that I can represent their company well, and that they know I don’t need it handed to me.” – AJ Smooth

“It means a lot to me.  It’s a tremendous opportunity to be asked to be a part of this tournament and I hope to prove myself to Madhouse Wrestling and to the fans.” – James Jeffries

The tournament to crown the inaugural Madhouse Wrestling Champion isn’t the only action fans will get Saturday night in Knoxville. No sir, this card is stacked full of what the kids call “Bangers.” Let’s take a look at the card. 

Madhouse Wrestling Presents We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes
Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semifinal
1 Called Manders vs “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt

There is an old saying that “styles make fights” and this one has all the makings of a classic. In one corner we have Jeremy WyattA man many consider one of the best technical wrestlers on the independent wrestling scene. 

His ability to break down an opponent piece by piece is unparalleled and 1 Called Manders knows he’s in for one hell of a challenge Saturday night. 

“He’s one of the best around,” Manders said. “He may be the very best technical wrestler. Gonna be a clash of styles but the “Boss Of The Plains” has some aces up his sleeve. 

In the 1 Called Manders, you have the prototypical barroom brawler, but don’t underestimate his ability to grapple with the best. With Manders rough and tumble approach and overall versatility, Jeremy Wyatt knows he’ll be in for a fight Saturday night. 

“Manders is a big, tough guy who is capable of knocking your head off your shoulders,” Wyatt said. “He’s improved by leaps and bounds, but he’ll be standing across the ring from me. That makes him the underdog.”

These two have crossed paths before but the stakes weren’t nearly as high and both men come in fully confident they will become the very first Madhouse Wrestling Champion. 

“Saturday night I beat Manders,” Wyatt said. “Then I go to the finals. I win that match and I become the first ever Madhouse Wrestling Champion. Write it in pen.”

“I’m gonna show why I’m the best around these parts,” Manders said. “It’s going to get VIOLENT, and BLOODY. I have a point to prove.” 

Madhouse Wrestling Presents We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes
Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semifinal
AJ Smooth vs James Jeffries

Familiarity breeds contempt and AJ Smooth and James Jeffries are very familiar with each other. Crossing paths a plethora of times in Impact Pro Wrestling, the two have engaged in battles over every championship imaginable. 

Now, this Saturday, the two ring veterans meet once again, this time for a chance to become inaugural Madhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. Jeffries, the current IPW Heavyweight Champion, has long been one of the most respected wrestlers in Iowa, a sentiment Smooth shares with the masses.  

“I’m not saying that I hate him, but I definitely enjoy hitting him in the face,” Smooth said. “He’s extremely good in the ring, though, so beating him means that I’ve got a great shot at winning the tournament, and that’s what it’s all about.

AJ Smooth is a former IPW Heavyweight Champion and has built a reputation as a guy who delivers every time he steps in the ring, no matter the opponent. His resume and skill set is a reason James Jeffries knows he’ll have his hands full Saturday night. 

“AJ Smooth is one of the best wrestlers in the entire world and he is always tough and intense,” Jeffries said. “The first-round match will be tough and AJ has proven time and time again that he can beat anyone and will do anything to get the victory.”

Madhouse Wrestling Presents We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes
Madhouse Scramble Match
Jimmy Wylde vs Augustus Draven vs Damien Saint vs Clay Cooper vs Ricky Bronson vs Dustan Moseley

Simply put, this one’s going to get wild. Basically, there are no rules when these six men step in the ring Saturday night, and the last man standing will be crowned the winner. It’s very timely this match is taking place just a little over a month before the theatrical release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

The connections between these six men span across of the multiverse that is Iowa independent pro wrestling. Jimmy Wylde and Clay Cooper are not only two of the most exciting high flyers in the midwest, but they team together as the Super Step Brothers in IPW. 

Ricky Bronson and Damien Saint began their careers together feuding in IPW. Dustan Moseley and Augustus Draven are two of the most despised men on the SCWPro roster. The most interesting connection heading into this match is the one between Saint and Draven.

Both men, currently serve as the right-hand man to JT Energy. Draven, working with the Iowa Champion in SCWPro and Saint as a tag team champion with Energy – who is also the Heavyweight Champion – in Central Empire Wrestling. Lots of combustible elements in this match that is surely going to be out of control. 

Madhouse Wrestling Presents
Knuxville Street Fight
Justin Decent vs Gable Galileo w/ Max Chill

A lot of history between these two. In fact, Decent helped train Galileo when he got his start in pro wrestling. They’ve feuded over tag team gold numerous times and know each other so well. 

That knowledge and familiarity will bring this fight to a fever pitch. Neither man is afraid to bend, break or obliterate the rules so putting them into a street fight is almost poetic. Possibly the biggest factor could come in the form of Max Chill being in Galileo’s corner. 

The two, known as Chillileo, have some of the best chemistry in the midwest. Chill would love nothing more than to help his friend get a big win Saturday night. But, even with the numbers stacked against him, fans can be certain Justin Decent will have a few tricks up his sleeve. 

Madhouse Wrestling
First Time Ever
Matty Star vs Lars Metzger

This was originally scheduled to be Matty Star versus Brooke Valentine. But an injury to the Queen Bee is keeping her from competing. Instead, we get a first-time-ever meeting between two wrestlers whose reputations precede them. 

Matty Star is as cerebral as they come when he steps into the squared circle. Always one step ahead of the competition, Star always has a plan and backs it up with a vicious streak. 

Lars Metzger is a legit monster who strikes fear in the men who stare across the ring from him. His path of destruction across the independent wrestling scene is unmatched and he’ll fit right in with the chaos that will be Madhouse Wrestling. 

This could be a show-stealer.

The game officially changes in Iowa independent pro wrestling Saturday night as Madhouse Wrestling begins to carve their legacy of absolute chaos. 

It truly is time, to get a little nuts!