Lion’s Break Collision Coming to NJPW World

Starting Friday, July 3rd, a new weekly series joins the New Japan World streaming service. The new program, Lion’s Break Collision, will feature stars of the NJPW LA Dojo against the hottest independent wrestlers. The new weekly series will air at 10 PM EST on Fridays from July 3rd-24th and promises “The Future Meets The Present.”

New Japan has announced two matches for the inaugural episode of Lion’s Break Collision. NJPW young lions Clark Connors and Alex Coughlin will open the show in singles action. The main event will feature Jeff Cobb and LA Dojo head trainer Rocky Romero versus Karl Fredricks and TJ Perkins in a tag team match. NJPW has also announced several other wrestlers from the independent scene who will be participating. Included on the list are Rust Taylor, Danny Limelight, The DKC, and MLW’s “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

Lion’s Break Collision Coming to NJPW World

Major League Wrestling had previously teased a cross-promotional match featuring Tom Lawlor. The former MLW World Champion is the first wrestler to represent MLW in New Japan. MLW is clearly very excited about their former world champion competing in New Japan. They posted a press release to their official website earlier today congratulating the captain of Team Filth.

In 2018 and 2019, New Japan Pro Wrestling held special two-night events under the Lion’s Break Project banner. These events at the Anaheim Convention Center featured talent from the NJPW LA Dojo against established NJPW stars. Many American rookies, such as Karl Fredricks and Alex Coughlin, made their debuts for NJPW here. New Japan had scheduled a third event for April 2nd of this year, however, they had to cancel due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Lion’s Break Collision joins the batch of new, exciting content NJPW promised when they announced the return of live events.

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