IPW Inside Take with Mark Blake #Episode4

Hello, Bonjour, Gutentag, and welcome to all as once again I give to you the Pro Wrestling Post IPW Inside Take with yours truly!

As always I am reviewing the IPW:UK show that is featured on The Fight Network UK each and every Friday at 9 PM, and as you know the deets (as the cool kids are saying, so I’m told), here’s Episode 3! Enjoy!

Ben Basden vs Maverick Mayhew

The former MMA student Basden versus the aerial threat of Mayhew. Both men are still young and very early on their pro wrestling journey. I have a feeling that these two will be seeing a lot of each in the middle of the ring through the years.

Basden began the contest by showing his grappling skills, continually taking down and neutralising the threat of Maverick. That’s not to say that Mayhew isn’t a slouch on the mat. Each and every time he got out of the hold or made the ropes. He’s a slippery little sucker.

The action makes it’s way off the mat and Mayhew picks up the pace, running the ropes and looking like a mini Ospreay (would that make him an Oz??) before he’s caught by Ben and a chop exchange takes place in the centre of the ring.

Ben’s chops seem decidely timid to Maverick’s but it didn’t matter as Basden took control after the exchange and hit a gorgeous brainbuster for a two count. The crowd chanting Gollum at Basden was a particular highlight 🙂

Somehow Mayhew fought back from the brainbuster and got a chance to hit his Swanton finisher on a prone Ben. But he hits the mat instead as Basden transitions into an armbar and grabs an impressive victory.

Winner – Ben Basden

Promo time, this time around it’s the turn of Dr Phoenix to introduce himself. A 17 year veteran, here he explains why he’s turned his back on the fans and killed off Luke “Dragon” Phoenix and reinvented himself as the Doctor. He makes it known that he is coming for the IPW Junior Heavyweight title and bringing back to the UK.

David Starr vs Ciaran Donnelly

Uh oh! That ring announcer is in trouble! He forgot a part of Starr’s many MANY monikers. Something I would never ever do, being a ring announcer myself you know 😉

Being a TV taping, there’s gonna be some quick matches. Add this to the pile. Super quick match where David was totally and utterly dismissive of Donnelly. The match basically went llike this:

Whip into the corner.
Diving cross body onto prone Ciaran.
Black Heart Buster.
Readying for the Han Stansen….

And then Rob Sharpe appears and makes himself comfortable on the stage to watch the rest of the match. Starr is more concerned with watching Sharpe that he disregards Donnelly and gets rolled up! Ciaran picks up possibly the biggest win of his singles career!

Winner – Ciaran Donally

After the match, Rob Sharpe brags about David’s loss and offers him a match against himself for next week……with his #1 Contendership on the line!

A quick Anti Fun Police promo to introduce Chief Deputy Dunne and Los Federales Super Santos Jr to the public. Listen to me folks, these two guys are just tremendous both on the mic and in the ring. They’re a major part of the BritWres scene and if you haven’t seen them yet, I URGE you to go out of your way and fins some of their work. I haven’t let you down yet folks 😉

IPW World Tag Team Championship
Team Storm (Storm/Corr) vs Anti Fun Police (c)

Four episodes in and at last the crowd actually pop hard for someone! AFP are super over with this crowd. Easily the best reaction from the crowd so far in this series. Onto the match....

Match starts with the biggest guy in the match, Santos, hitting a sweet enzuguri onto Corr! Crowd pop again! AFP in control with frequent tags until the other members of Team Storm (Dunne and Garner) get involved and stop Dunne from entering. Cadet Nelson of the Anti Fun Police then gets involved to stop Team Storm but referee Chris Hatch has seen enough and sens all three men to the back. They’re OUTTA THERE!

But in all the confusion, Andreas Corr takes down Santos and concentartes his attack on the recently rehabbed left ankle. With Team Storm now in control the roles are reversed and the quick tags are in their favour. They really work over that ankle and Santos is selling it beautifully, both with actins and his voice. It can be heard over the crowd, Great work!

A hot tag from Santos to Dunne and the place explodes! He knocks down Storm off the apron, hits a 999 (his version of a 619) onto Corr and finished off the sequence with a great cutter for a two. He then tags Santos who goes to splash Corr in the corner but the referee gets in the way and is taken out!

Then all of a sudden Russo is back booking and we get the screwy finish. A good match wasted due to the damn finish….Anyway, the Bone Brothers run in and take apart Santos while Dunne keeps Deputy Dunne at bay. Cadet Nelson runs in and tries to even the odds with a great moonsault off the top to the outside.

With everyone down Garner comes in and does a great Mr Fuji impression and throws not salt but flour in the face of Santos. Storm places him in the stretch muffler submission to pick up the win and the belts!

Winners – And NEWWWWW IPW Tag Team Champions, Team Storm

James Castle vs Dr Phoenix

A back and forth match that surprisngly had a lot of rest holds and submission attmepts. I say surprisng as Castle is known as a brawler but really showed a different side to him here, which was great.

The match changed when Phoenix went toe to toe striking with Castle. You just don’t do that! He came off the worst and was given a really quick snap/fluid Michinoku Driver for a two.

A brainbuster is next and again James gets a two. Sensing he needed to put Phoenix away quickly led to the Dr to perform a beautiful Saido suplex and roll up for two, and then transitions into an Indian Death Lock. Good stuff here! Castle escapes got to his feet first and hit the Nail bomb running knee for the win.

Winner – James Castle

The show goes off the air with Basden giving mocking applause to Castle from the entrance way.

Blake’s Take

  • Ricky Slatter upped his game here. He seemed more invested in the matches which is definitely better than last week but his storytelling is still lacking.
  • IPW management are really pushing Basden. I can see something in him, and hope that the inevitable feud with Castle will bring that out of him.
  • Anti Fun Police vs Team Storm could be a long term story if it’s booked right. Overbooked trash like the end of today’s match isn’t needed and could kill it before it’s begun. Let the story breathe before shenanigans are involved, please.

And that’s that folks! What did YOU think of it? Was my Blake’s Take spot on? Any thoughts, feelings, or questions about the show or my review can be left in the comment section or via my social media links, which are located below.

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