IPW Inside Take with Mark Blake (#Episode 2)

Welcome again one and all to the IPW Inside Take. The weekly series that re-caps the brand new IPW:UK TV series that’s shown on The Fight Network over here in the UK on Friday nights.

Now without further ado, let’s crack on with Episode 2 of my IPW Inside Take! Enjoy!

Once again the show begins with a quick promo, this time from Kip Sabian. He explains that he was friends with Chris Ridgeway until Chris turned on him at Undisputed II in December. He warns Riddy (as he calls him) that he will get answers, even if he has to spill blood to get them.

#1 Contendership Match For The IPW World Heavyweight Championship
David Starr vs ‘Filthy Gorgeous’ Rob Sharpe

Some great taunting from David Starr leads to Sharpe using his superior size and strength but it doesn’t amount to much which gives the momentum of the match back to David.

Starr is in control for a good 3-4 minutes, cutting off Sharpe at every comeback attempt. Rob does his best to claw his way back into this match, but no matter what he does, he still gets cut off by the more experienced Mr. Americanrana.

But it seems that Starr’s over confidence leads to his undoing, as after being caught pinning Sharpe with his feet on the middle rope, and arguing woth referee Tom Scarborough about it, Rob quickly hits the Ducky Driver (Tombstone) for the win.

Winner – And newwwww number one contender for the IPW World Heavyweight Championship, Rob Sharpe

Big Grizzly vs Gene Munny

Last week Big Grizz shot an introduction video and this week he makes his really imoressive (for a squash match) debut.

The size difference between Munny and Grizzly is considerate and has a definate impact on the match, as Grizzly is a huge beast! Imagine a taller, bigger version of NXTUK star Dave Mastiff.

Watch this match if you ever want to see the definition of a squash match as Munny garnered no offence at all. This whole match was to show how much of a beast Big Grizzly is, and in all fairness, it worked. The second rope senton looked impressive and nasty at the same time. Poor Munny 🙁

Big Grizz really likes that second rope as he hit his finisher, The Grizzly End from it (a second rope sit out powerbomb) for the win.

Winner – Big Grizzly

A quick Ben Basden promo here to show that he gave up a promising amateur MMA career to cross over and dominate the junior division of IPW.

Ben Basden vs The OJMO vs James Castle vs Cieran Donnelly

The announcer, Dave Bradshaw, puts across via commentary that Basden and Castle have some kind of issue relating to their match at the Junior Heavyweight tournament last month.

That ‘beef’ rears its ugly head as soon as the bell rings as they pair off and began to beat the tar out of each other, while OJMO and Donally do the same. As in all four way dances, it’s a two in two out kind of match.

I think this match was supposed to highlight Basden but I came away more impressed with The OJMO if I’m being honest. Great charisma, great look, and a promising future for the youngster. A great spot outside the ring where he hit a senton off the barrier onto all three men was a standout highlight.

Eventually, the action spills back into the ring and as Basden was selling a gut shot, James Castle hit a double foot stomp onto Ben’s back, and at the same time slid off his back and hit another foot stomp onto the prone Donnelly on the mat.

Picking up Donnelly, Castle then hit his Nail Bomb finisher, but is thrown from the ring by Basden who steals the pin and the match.

I came away from this match thinking that Basden was a chicken shit heel, not a legit MMA/Matt Riddle bad ass….

Winner – Ben Basden

Team Storm (Jonny Storm/Andreas Corr) vs Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne/Cadet Nelson)

Storm, the nearly 20-year veteran, began the match against Cadet Nelson (who looks like he’s 14 years old), but it’s Joe that makes the early running, literally. He’s super quick and very talented, even in these early exchanges..

Jay Garner and Ashley Dunne (members of Team Storm that are outside the ring) get involved by tripping Nelson as he runs the ropes near them. The referee sees the illegal involvement and sends the pair to the back, much to the delight of the fans.

Corr, after the shenanigans, is now in total control and throwing around Nelson like a human bumping machine. I’m nit kidding, I knew nothing about Nelso before this match and now I want to know A LOT MORE about him, he’s frickin great!

Storm tags in and shows the world that he’s still a great talent. He literally looked like he hadn’t missed a step in all these years. Chief Deputy Dunne soon jumos in and clears house including a nice looking 619 onto Corr.

Nelson hits and assisted Sliced Bread to pick up the win in a super quick fun match.

Winners – Anti Fun Police

After the match Garner, Dunne and the Bone Brothers rush the ring and beat down the Anti Fun Police.

Main Event
Kip Sabian vs Chris Ridgeway

Kip grabs the mic from ring announcer Chris Hatch and says that yes he lost the title and a friend at Undisputed II but right now, let’s see who the better man is.

A really great technical start to the match, counters, and reversals galore here from both men. I do love technical wrestling folks!

It’s not long until it breaks down when Riddy (as Kip calls him) kciks the holy hell out of Sabian’s bad knee.

Back to the technicality as Chris slaps on a really tight STF – take note Mr. Cena – but Sabian makes to the ropes. Ridgeway again with the ground game with a side headlock takedown but again Kip escapes and hits a springboard dropkick and double jumping knees to turn the tide.

Riddy, on his knees in the centre of the ring, dares Sabian to kick him in the chest. Kip obliges, a few times with a side thrust kick to the head for good measure. Jumping up to the top turnbuckle to hit a doubel foot stomp but misses and injures his bad knee even more.

Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Riddy slaps on a single leg Boston crab to cause the tap out, and when that doesn’t work, transitions into an ankle lock, so fluid! But again the ropes come to Kip’s aid and the ref calls for a rope break.

Incensed, Ridgeway loses it and decks the referee! Kip springs into action and hits a double leg take down onto Chris and unloads! The locker room spills out to break up the brawl as the show goes off the air!

Blake’s Take

  • Once again the announcer Dave Bradshaw did a great job with telling the backstory to the viewers.
  • I like the gimmick of Basden, I think it can go far especially with a feud with James Castle on the cards.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing where Big Grizzly is going. Will he be in the main event picture soon?
  • Cadet Joe Nelson was amazing. He really reminds me of a young Will Ospreay, and we all knwo where his career went 😉

And that’s that folks! What did YOU think of it? Was my Blake’s Take spot on? Any thoughts, feelings, or questions about the show or my review can be left in the comment section or via my social media links, which are located below.

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So until next week guys and gals….