IPW Inside Take with Mark Blake (#Episode 3)

Hello, Bonjour, Gutentag, and welcome to all as once again I give to you the Pro Wrestling Post IPW Inside Take with yours truly!

As always I am reviewing the IPW:UK show that is featured on The Fight Network UK each and every Friday at 9 PM, and as you know the deets (as the cool kids are saying, so I’m told), here’s Episode 3! Enjoy!

The show begins with a very passionate and determined Rob Lynch backstage, talking about his career in the London Riots, how the actions of someone nearly cost him his career, and how 2019 will be HIS year…

Kip Sabian vs Kurtis Chapman

The latest All Elite Wrestling recruit Kip Sabian took on The Keyboard Warrior Kurtis Chapman in the opening contest. Obviosuly this match was taped well before it was announced that Kip was AEW bound so no mention was made, but I can’t stop myself. I’ve said for months that Kip is amazing, you should listen to my words of wisdom 😉

The match begins with both men trading holds and pin attempts. Really quick start to get the crowd into the match which ends when Sabian runs the ropes around 8 times and drops Kurtis with a leg lariat.

A missed double foot stomp gives Chapman an opening, which he takes with both hands, A codebreaker off the second turnbuckle and a calf killer/single Boston leg submission nearly wins the contest.

But Kip is on a roll of great momentum and wins with his Burning Hammer finisher called Deathly Hallows Pt1 (seems Kip is a Harry Potter fan).

Winner – Kip Sabian

After the match, Kip demands a microphone. He tells Chris Ridgeway that they’re not done just yet…

Pretty Deadly vs The OJMO/Myles Kayman

The high flying team of Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley) were never in trouble against the makeshift team of OJMO and Kayman. I’vs said before that The OJMO is a star in the making. Looking forward to bigger and better things from him this year. It’s just that in this match himself and Myles were just fodder for Pretty Deadly.

A fast start, strong offence, and intensity from Howley and Stoker was just too much for OJMO and Kayman. Stoker in particular impressed me with a spinning torture rack that trasnitioned into a single leg spin was great.

As too was the finish, a Doomsday Device (but a forearm instead of the diving clothesline). A simple tv tag match here folks.

Winners – Pretty Deadly

Jaxon Stone vs Rob Lynch

I feel bad for the debuting Jaxon Stone. He has the look and moveset. It was just a shame that his debut was against a returning, homegrown Rob Lynch.

Stone did show off a little bit of what he can do. It was mainly strikes, but they looked clean and crisp. Some humor too when he realised he may have “effed” up when chopping Lynch 🙂

But this was always about Lynch, his return to the company where he cut his teeth, and how he will be a major player in IPW this year.

A great second rope shoulder tackle led to an impressive second rope moonsault which popped the crowd (and myself) hard! A roaring elbow and a gutwrench sitdown side slam gave Lynch his first win of 2019

Winner – Rob Lynch

IPW Womens Championship
Jayde vs Sierra Loxton (c)

Jayde jumps the bell here and attacks the champ from the get go! Really giving it to Loxton in spades.

It’s here that I tap out with the commentator. He really is awful and gives nothing to the matches at all. He even said, live on air “If you’re not enjoying what you’re seeing, tweet and let us know”…..Is he serious?!?Whereas the guy that’s done the last two episodes has given backstory and gravitas to the matches, this new guy (Ricky Slatter) doesn’t even know the names of moves, let alone try and inform the viewer of any story in the ring. Get rid quick!

Back to the match – Jayde is in control and not giving Loxton a way back into the match. Pin attempt after pin attempt but she still can’t put the champion away.

But a missed big boot from Jayde and the match flips on it’s head and it’s all Sierra from then on. A huge uranage into a senton for a two. A spear out the corner and her running hip attack finisher for the win.

Another match where the champion looked in peril before the big comeback. I’m hoping Sierra’s next match will go down a different way.

Winner – And STILLLLLL IPW Womens Champion, Sierra Loxton

IPW World Heavyweight Championship
Rob Sharpe vs Mark Haskins (c)

Using a play straight outta the Russo Play Book Of Wrestling Booking, IPW used the main event of the evening as a way of making an angle.

Rob Sharpe came out to the ring looking pumped and hyped for his title match. But as his back was turned out ran David Starr, steel chair in hand, and proceeded to beat the living tar out of Sharpe, only stopping to say that Rob stole his spot (even though Sharpe beat Starr fair and square last week in the number one contender’s match).

Starr left to a chorus of boos from the crowd while the referee checked on Rob Sharpe.

Blake’s Take

  • I try to be positive, I really do, but DAMN that announcer was flat out terrible! As I stated above, he isn’t a patch on Dave Bradshaw and I hope and pray, that this was the only show he’s on.
  • Sierra Loxton as Women’s champion isn’t working for me at the moment. She is a super strong, tough woman. The fact that she keeps playing a weaker opponent just doesn’t wash with me. Book her as super strong (Cena-esque) to make her believable….please?
  • Really surprised how good Stoker and Howley are as Pretty Deadly. Great look, young, and can go in the ring. A real standout in the IPW tag division.
  • Rob Lynch – a guy that I’ve said for years could carry a promotion – is back and looks mean and determined like never before. I really hope IPW pull the trigger on him this year.

And that’s that folks! What did YOU think of it? Was my Blake’s Take spot on? Any thoughts, feelings, or questions about the show or my review can be left in the comment section or via my social media links, which are located below.

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