IPW Inside Take with Mark Blake 3/22/19

Welcome to you all! Once again I give to you the Pro Wrestling Post IPW Inside Take with yours truly!

As always I am reviewing the IPW:UK show that is featured on The Fight Network UK. It is shown each and every Friday at 9 PM. Now the intro is done, let’s crack on with a great show! Enjoy!

Anti Fun Police vs Myles Kayman & The OJMO

This is the first match for Deputy Chief Dunne and Los Federales Santos Jr since they lost the IPW Tag Team championship. With Cadet Joe Nelson outside and the crowd behind them, the AFP looked very good here.

The OJMO is a talent that’s for sure, it’s just a shame that he seems to tag with people that just quite aren’t at his level just yet. But both himself and Kayman put on a good showing here in this match.


When they finally got some control on the match, they cut off the ring really well. They went to town on the isolated Dunne. But you knew that the Deputy Chief was going to get that hot tag, and eventually he did! Santos came in like the proverbial bull in a china shop, thrwoing his size around to great effect. A massive sit out powerbomb onto Kayman drew a two count. But Myles squeezed out of a double team move, and sent Santos outside. While Dunne was hit with a Falcon Arrow/Frogsplash combo that was as slick as you like for another two count.

Eventaully Santos returned, got the tag and hot a brutal looking Side Walk Full Nelson front slam fpr the win. Team Storm should take note, there was no funaaaaah here, just all business from the Anti Fun Police.

Winners – The Anti Fun Police

International Battle Royale Qualifier
Ricky Knight Jr vs Kip Sabian

The winner of the International Battle Royale recieves a title shot of his/her choosing within 365 days of winning the opportunity, to be redeemed at their discretion. Just like a Money In The Bank opportunity.

Ricky Knight Jr is the younger brother of WWE superstar Paige. He was trained in Norwich by their parents Roy and Saraya. In a quirky twist of fate, Kip was also trained by Roy and Saraya. This could be a great contest with amazing chemistry.

Technical start with both men trading armdrag takedowns. Things soon turned when Ricky went to shake Kip’s hand but was met with a swift kick. That just pisses Roy off who John Woo dropkicks Kip into the corner. He begins to unload on him, including a great diving uppercut from the top rope for a two.


Kip replies with some stiff jumping knees to the face of Knight. But it’s Sabian who gets floored with a superkick from nowhere! A Death Valley Driver on the apron leaves Kip in agony. Knight compounds that agony even more with a Swanton Bomb from the top rope for another near fall.

Sabian regains his composure and delivers a springboard DDT and Penalty kick for a very close two count. But as he picks up Ricky to hit his finisher, the Deathly Hallows Part 1, an inside cradle from Knight gives the win to Ricky and a place in the International Battle Royale!

Winner – Ricky Knight Jr

#1 Contenders Match IPW Womens Championship
Zoe Lucas vs Bobbi Tyler

Super quick match here, think they were running over and had to leave the main event some time. But still a nice little TV match with some hard hitting action.

Jade was supposed to be facing off against Lucas here but for reasons unknown, the former IPW Womens Champion Bobbi Tyler is inserted into thsi match instead.

With both women not long back from a STARDOM tour of Japan, you could see that their trip had left an influence on themselves as their strikes and kicks were crisp and sharp. Very much the Strong Style way.


A crucifix double armbar, with added elbow strikes for emphasis, grabbed the win for Bobbi as she looks to reclaim the crown she lost to Sierra Loxton last December.

Winner – And #1 Contender, Bobbi Tyler

Jimmy Havoc’s IPW Farewell
The MJF vs Jimmy Havoc


The Milton Keynes crowd showered MJF with some “You’re nothing but a baby Cabana” chants as he entered the ring. Jimmy on the otherhand was treated like a rock star.


Before the match, MJF grabs the mic and stresses to Jimmy that they’re now work colleagues, and he’s very happy that after all these years that he hasn’t contracted hepatitis. Everybody knows he won’t last long in AEW due to their stringent drug testing policy. He offered Jimmy a five-pound note to lay down and take an easy loss. Jimmy then proceeded to take the cash and then use it to slice the webbing in between MJF’s fingers!! Great promo from MJF.


The bell rang and we were off to the races. Being Jimmy’s last match in IPW, you knew it was going to be al about him, and it really was. He showcased his violent best to his baying audience while the opportunities that MJF had were kept to traditional wrestling, hammerlocks and rest holds.

A spot where MJF spat at into Jimmy’s open mouth, who promptly spat it back and went bat shot crazy on his ass was possibly the grossest thing I’ve seen on a mainstream TV wrestling show. But it’s Jimmy so it gets a pass from me 🙂


MJF just couldn’t get an advantage so he resorted to grabbing a chair and then passed it to Havoc saying that he’s nothing more than deathmatch garbage and he can only win this way, but if he did he wold call Cody and fire his ass! Jimmy picks the chair up and goes to hit him with it. MJF covers up as Jimmy hands the chair to the referee and gives him a good old fashioned kick in the balls followed by an Acid Rainmaker for the pinfall victory.

Winner – Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Fucking Havoc

After the match, Jimmy celebrates with the crowd by grabbing a fan’s beer and downing it. In the words of Michael Cole, vintage Havoc!

Blake’s Take

  • The way that Ricky Slatter told the back story to the Anti Fun Police’s last match was great. More of that please!
  • Somebody for the love of all that is wrestling please give The OJMO a showcase match. The guy is gold when given the chance.
  • Bold move by IPW management not to have Kip Sabian in this year’s International Battle Royale. He won the event last year so it is a bit of a shock. Ballsy move to add Ricky but he’s earnt it in my opinion. Let’s see what he can do with a step up in talent.
  • It was a shame that the women’s #1 contenders match was so short but from what I saw I enjoyed. I do love me some strong style, even more when it’s the women laying those strikes in!
  • No more Jimmy in IPW saddens me. The blood sweat and tears he’s given the comppany over the years means he earnt the big last hurrah, and to join a globally recognised company in AEW. Good luck Jim son, you’ve definately deserved it!

As was mentioned on the show, next week will be IPW’s season finale and my last Inside Take for a while. No news yet if they will be back on the Fight Network UK but fingers crossed they are as the episodes got better each and every week.

What did YOU think of it? Was my Blake’s Take spot on? Any thoughts, feelings, or questions about the show or my review can be left in the comment section or via my social media links, which are located below.

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