IPW Crowns New Tag Team and Women’s Champion

IPW Crowns New Tag Team and Women’s Champion. A little over a year ago, three up-and-coming wrestlers in Impact Pro Wrestling united behind a common goal. During one of IPW’s Facebook live shows from the Vault, Max Chill, Adam Love, and Brandon “The Shank” Eubanks formed the Max Chill Mafia. Their goal was to become the most dominant faction within the IPW locker room. Read about their story here.

This past Saturday, during IPW’s final show of 2021, their prophecy of gold came true. The Max Chill Mafia defeated Justin Decent and Ethan Everheart to become the new IPW Tag Team Champions. 

It was Inevitable. From day one, all we’ve talked about is Throwing ‘em up and cutting ‘em down, and that’s exactly what we did,” said Max Chill. “Now the best trio Impact Pro Wrestling has ever seen is the last team standing, and the “Dawn of the Max Chill Mafia era” has just begun.”

These two teams were no strangers to each other. Since winning the Tag Team Titles, Decent and Everheart continuously found themselves fighting off the MCM. Whether it be in six-man tag matches or tag title matches, the pair of teams fought more than a handful of times. 

However, each encounter ended with Decent and Everheat’s hands raised in victory, that was until Saturday night. The challengers entered first, welcomed by a chorus of boos from the IPW faithful.

Before the champs entered, Love and the Shank played a friendly game of paper, rock scissors to decide who would team with Max Chill in their latest title pursuit. Then, finally, the champions made their entrance to a raucous ovation from the fans. 

IPW Crowns New Tag Team and Women’s Champion

After a flurry of offense from the champs sent Chill and Shank running to the outside, the wily veteran Decent made Chill look silly by pinching his nose like Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid. However, once everything settled down, the MCM, with an assist from Adam Love, took control with vintage tag team wrestling and isolating Decent from his partner. 

Love’s interference didn’t go unnoticed as he was quickly sent to the locker room by the referee. While in control, the MCM were as cocky as ever, stopping numerous times during holds and submission attempts to taunt the crowd. 

Chill and Shank hit Decent with a double suplex before the former IPW Champion fought off their attack with a double clothesline. Seizing the opportunity, Decent reached Everheart with the tag, and the man from the jungle went wild on the MCM.

Everheart hit a splash in the corner on both Chill and Shank. This was before slamming both of their heads together, much to the delight of the IPW fans. With as intense as this rivalry is eventually all hell broke loose, with all four men battling in the ring. It was amidst this chaos where the MCM capitalized. 

After Everheart was sent tumbling off the top turnbuckle, Chill and Shank hit the big boot neck sweep combination they call the “Ice Shank” to get the 1-2-3. Then, with a dejected IPW crowd in complete shock, the nefarious trio made their way out of the Forte Center with their new titles held high. 

IPW Crowns New Tag Team and Women’s Champion
Briar Hale Becomes IPW Women’s Champion

The Hale twins, Sage and Briar, have been feuding for the IPW Women’s Championship for nearly a year. Sage has continuously held the edge over her sister during her extended reign as champion. They faced off once again this past Saturday, but they were not alone. Making this a triple threat championship match was former IPW Women’s Champion Brooke Valentine. 

The last time IPW fans saw “The Queen Bee” was during the Hall of Fame weekend back in July. That weekend she defeated Briar Hale in a singles match, and now she returned to the promotion Saturday with intentions of leaving with a championship.

The champion made her way out first, protesting that she had to defend her championship in a triple threat match. Annoyed by her whining, the IPW fans met her with a round of taunts and boos. Valentine came out second, not one to suffer any fools; she let the fans know exactly how she felt about them.

Briar Hale was the last out, and the fans met her with high fives and cheers.

It was apparent early that Valentine and Sage Hale were planning to work together to eliminate the fan-favorite. Valentine and Sage found early success together by utilizing a plethora of double-team maneuvers and trading submission attempts. 

But, like most triple threat matches, the alliance wouldn’t last forever. Both felt they should be the one to pick up the victory. An emphatic German suplex by Sage to Valentine officially ended their brief alliance. 

With Sage and Valentine trading punches, Briar climbed to the top turnbuckle before hitting a cross-body block on her opponents. Both of her attempts to pin each opponent ended at two. The three traded punches in the middle of the ring before all three went crashing to the mat. Valentine and Sage were the first to their feet when Valentine hit Sage with a spear. 

Side note: Brooke Valentine has one of the best spears in pro wrestling.

After breaking up the pin attempt, Briar Hale hit the most well-timed knee possible, sending Valentine ringside. With her opportunity knocking, Briar Hale connected with a twisting face slam to become the new IPW Women’s Champion. After the match, Briar Hale was greeted by Justin Decent, Jaxon King, and Daniel Mott as the audience serenaded her with a “You deserve it” chant.