The Max Chill Mafia | Impact Pro Wrestling’s Resident Triad

The Max Chill Mafia. When looking at the best pro wrestling trios, there is one thing all the greats have in common. These groups are comprised of unique individuals, each bringing a special dynamic to the group. For example, the original New World Order trio of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash successfully combined Hogan’s aura with Hall’s swagger and the coolness of Nash.

More recently, the Shield paired powerhouse Roman Reigns with the chaotic Dean Ambrose and the cerebral Seth Rollins. Each of these groups, along with trios like the New Day and the Freebirds, ability to mesh these unique personalities into a cohesive unit is what made them special.

Impact Pro Wrestling currently has their own trio looking to leave their mark on the world of pro wrestling, the Max Chill Mafia.

Born out of the ashes of the COVID pandemic, the Max Chill Mafia consists of Max Chill, The Shank, and Adam Love. Forming during a time when IPW couldn’t perform in front of fans, the MCM came together before one of the promotions Facebook live shows emanating from their Vault training center.

It was during these Facebook live shows that the MCM came to fruition. The three distinct personalities finding each other at the most opportune time of their careers.

“What brought the Max Chill Mafia together was we were all misfits and alone. We came together to be more than just a gang, a brotherhood. And now we never have to be alone, and as a unit we’re stronger than ever.” – Max Chill

Behold the Max Chill Mafia
The Charismatic Leader

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A little over two and half years ago, Max Chill began his pro wrestling journey. Inspired after seeing an Impact Pro Wrestling show at his local fair, Chill soon trained at the IPW Vault in Collins, Iowa.

Success didn’t come early for the future leader of the MCM. Struggling to find his voice as to who and what Max Chill was, he used these early struggles as motivation for the future.

“Before the MCM I was a lot lonelier and didn’t have a purpose. I went on a losing streak of over a year and became complacent, but now that I got my boys, I’ll never be like that again. We’ve shown what we can do when we’re motivated.”

Forming the trio with Shank and Love brought out the confidence and swagger in Max Chill. A series of self-filmed promos further emphasized this new self-assured Max Chill. What followed was a winning streak for Max Chill and his partners.

The Enforcer

Brandon “The Shank” Eubanks has only been wrestling for two years, but he’s been fighting for over a decade. Before trying his hand inside the squared circle, Shank had a successful mixed martial arts career.

During his time fighting for the Cedar Valley Fighting Association, Eubanks amassed an overall record of 15-5 and held the 205-pound championship. Coming in from MMA immediately made Shank a physical threat when he began wrestling for Impact Pro Wrestling.

As part of a tag team and donning a mask, early on, Shank was merely focused on physically performing in the ring. It wouldn’t be until he removed the mask that his unique personality began to shine.

“I used to wear a mask to hide my face because I was so focused on just wrestling. My coaches and trainers talked me out of using the mask and boy has it paid off. I couldn’t imagine being back under that thing.”

With Shanks’ legitimate MMA background, Max Chill had found his perfect enforcer for the MCM. A role the athletic big man thrives in, always protecting Max Chill and their “rock n roll” cohort Adam Love.

Behold the Max Chill Mafia
The Rock Star

While Max Chill and The Shank are in the early stages of their wrestling careers, Adam Love is amidst his second foray into pro wrestling. Like many others, love’s initial run in pro wrestling started as a backyard federation done by him and his friends.

Eventually, in 2010, he made a choice to give wrestling a real shot. Soon after, he signed up for training at the IPW Vault, learning under the likes of IPW legend TS Aggressor. With the birth of his daughter in 2011, Love decided to step away from the ring.

During his time away, besides raising his daughter, Love found his calling in the music industry. In May of 2020, the lead singer of the band Syck brought his rock star persona back to Impact Pro Wrestling and quickly found his wrestling soul mates in Max Chill and The Shank.

“We were the right people in the right place at the right time to come together. We shouldn’t work, we shouldn’t click or gel. But we’re so damn good together that you have no choice but to shut up and watch. Because no matter where we’re at, who we are up again or what we are doing, it’s going to be entertaining.”

Having been together for over a year now, the Max Chill Mafia has seen their share of highs and lows. The groups’ initial Facebook live show win streak is hitting the peak of their success so far.

No matter the highs or lows, the Max Chill Mafia is united in their quest to become the most dominant force in Impact Pro Wrestling. Something they were all quick to let the world know in their individual interviews.

“Our plan is to win at any cost. If we have to cheat to win, we will. And hopefully, we can catch some gold here soon.” – The Shank
“We are going any damn where that we please. A trio of trailblazers is what you’re looking at. We don’t need the beaten path because whatever you throw up in our way, we’re gonna cut it down and keep marching forward.” – Adam Love
“The MCM have already put the IPW locker room on notice, so the future is simple. We will hold all the gold, it’s simply inevitable and we will keep moving forward until it happens.” – Max Chill