IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road 2020 | Preview

On last week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, we learned that Victory Road takes place this Saturday, October 3rd. This year’s Victory Road is an IMPACT Plus exclusive event, available only through the app. But the app offers a free 30-day trial. With Bound For Glory set for October 23rd, the outcomes on Saturday will set in stone the lay of the land on the build to the pay-per-view. Here’s a look at what IMPACT Wrestling has announced for Victory Road 2020.

IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road 2020
Tommy Dreamer vs Brian Myers

“The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers has had a curious run with IMPACT wrestling since he returned in July. For his in-ring re-debut, he answered Eddie Edwards’s open challenge for the IMPACT World Championship but failed to capture the gold. Then he entered a mini-feud with former X-Division Champion Willie Mack. Myers managed to score two wins, both in an underhanded fashion, before Mack defeated him on September 15th.

This week on IMPACT Wrestling, Myers had a tense moment with Tommy Dreamer in a hallway, leading to Dreamer challenging Myers to a match at Victory Road. A build unfitting for the first time ever that Brian Myers and Tommy Dreamer will meet in singles competition. However, this match promises to be the start of a feud that will help Myers re-establish himself in IMPACT Wrestling.

IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road 2020
Jordynne Grace vs Tenille Dashwood

IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road

Tenille Dashwood made her return to IMPACT Wrestling on September 1st, interrupting Deonna Purrazzo’s “Black Tie Affair” segment. Dashwood put the new Knockouts Champion on notice, saying she was coming after the belt. Former Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace wasn’t having any of that. Grace wanted to make it clear to Dashwood that she would have to wait for her turn like everyone else.

But with her personal photographer Kaleb at ringside, Dashwood has put up a fight. Last week, she defeated Jordynne Grace in her in-ring return, but this week Jordynne came back with the receipt. These two talented ladies will meet for a third time this Saturday night to determine the pecking order in the Knockouts division.

Ace Austin vs Karl Anderson vs Alex Shelley vs Josh Alexander

A late addition to the Victory Road card sees the tag team division in somewhat different circumstances. MCMG will put their IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championships on the line at Bound For Glory on October 24th against The Good Brothers, The North, and Ace Austin & Madman Fulton.

In a novel twist, one partner from each team is involved in this four way. As in most four way matches, I’m sure there will be carnage. But in this case? I’m certain that there will be some outside interference from the respective partners!

Unsanctioned Match
Heath & Rhino vs Reno Scum

IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road

The former Heath Slater made a surprise appearance on July 18th at Slammiversary, announcing his free agency. However, his name recognition and 16 years in the industry weren’t enough to secure him a contract. He would have to impress IMPACT Wreslting executive Scott D’Amore if he wanted the job.

He had his first opportunity against Moose on the August 4th  episode of IMPACT Wrestling but came up short. This week on IMPACT Wrestling, Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend attacked Heath and Rhino after they stole money from Hernandez. They brought it to D’Amore, who offered Heath a contract if he and Rhino can beat Reno Scum in an unsanctioned match at Victory Road.

IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road 2020
X-Division Championship

Rohit Raju (c) vs TBA


Rohit Raju shocked fans when he captured the X-Division Championship from Chris Bey at Emergence. He inserted himself into a singles match between Bey and TJP by offering to protect Bey from TJP’s massive cohort, Fallah Bahh. But Bey should have known better than to trust the Desi Hit Man, who turned on him to secure the victory and the championship.

Since then, Raju made just one title defense, when he offered Trey Miguel a title match immediately following Trey’s #1 contendership victory. The Desi Hit Man rolled up his exhausted opponent with a handful of tights to get the win in less than a minute. Rohit Raju is scheduled to defend the X-Division Championship again on Saturday night, but against who? Will it be Trey Miguel or Chris Bey in a rematch? Could it be TJP’s turn for a title shot? Or will it be somebody else altogether?

Knockouts Championship
Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Susie


Deonna Purrazzo’s rise to the top of the knockouts division has been meteoric. She captured the kockouts Championship in only her third match for IMPACT Wrestling, retained it in a grueling 30-minute ironman rematch, and found a henchwoman in Kimber Lee. The Virtuosa is on top of the mountain, and she’s used this position to bully the rest of the division.

Lately, she’s set her sights on Kylie Rae, trying to get under her skin by provoking her best friend, Susie. When Susie debuted almost a year ago, nobody was quite sure what was going on. The former “Undead Bride” Su Yung, Susie has maintained a bright, cheery attitude. This has led some to try to bring out her alter ego. Tasha Steelz tried and failed, but The Virtuosa has gotten very close, with Susie winning two matches after using The Panic Switch, Su Yung’s finishing maneuver. Will Saturday night be Susie’s breaking point?

IMPACT World Championship
Eric Young (c) vs Eddie Edwards

IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road

While Eddie Edwards conducted his open challenge for the IMPACT World Championship, Eric Young was biding his time. Constantly a figure lurking in the shadows, EY played mind games with the now former champion. The World Class Maniac finally declared his intentions at Emergence Night Two, and the following week he made good on those words. After winning his second IMPACT World Championship, Eric Young went to town on Edwards, raining blows on his injured knee.

Edwards hasn’t had a match since he lost the title on September 1st, likely resting up for this very rematch. However, as IMPACT Wrestling came to a close last week, he got jumped by a mystery attacker, later revealed to be Ken Shamrock. Eddie Edwards is a talented, driven competitor, but after this attack could he be well enough to regain the Impact World Championship?


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