Brace for IMPACT 9/29/20 (The Road To Victory Road)

This week, in addition to the build to Bound For Glory, IMPACT Wrestling begins the build to Victory Road. Last week, they announced that Victory Road will be held as a special on the IMPACT Plus app this coming Saturday. Also announced was that Eddie Edwards will get his IMPACT Wrestling world championship rematch against Eric Young in the main event. Who else might find themselves on the card for Saturday night? Join us as we explore everything announced for IMPACT Wrestling, Tuesday at 8 PM EST on AXS. This is your Brace For Impact 9/29/20

Johnny Swinger vs Fallah Bahh

Brace for IMPACT 9/29/20

This week, Johnny Swinger returns to the ring against Fallah Bahh. These two haven’t met in a ring, one-on-one, since October 18th, 2019. The 425-pound behemoth, Fallah Bahh won that match in 6 minutes, 20 seconds. But a lot has happened in the intervening year. Having been away from Skyway Studios as a housemate on Wrestle House, Johnny Swinger has a lot to prove. A win over the gigantic Fallah Bahh would establish Swinger’s presence in a big way. However, the prize for this match, the honor of serving as John E. Bravo’s Best Man, might inspire an even more dominant display from Fallah Bahh.

Brace for IMPACT 9/29/20
The Rascalz vs The Good Brothers

Last week, Dez and Wentz of The Rascalz interrupted a conversation between The Good Brothers and The Motor City Machine Guns to demand this match.  After coming up short in their last two matches against Shelley and Sabin, The Rascalz are hungrier than ever. However, Gallows and Anderson have been a decorated duo in every company they’ve worked for, and they deserve a title shot as much as anyone else. As the road to Bound for Glory continues, everybody wants an opportunity at the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championships. Whoever wins this match will find themselves one step closer to those coveted belts.

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs The North

Brace for IMPACT 9/29/20

Two weeks ago, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton teamed with Josh Alexander and Ethan Page of The North to take on The Good Brothers and MCMG in 8-man tag action. With the Motor City Machine Guns bringing an end to The North’s record-breaking run as tag team champions, they had a lot to prove. During that match, it seemed like Page and Alexander had the win over The Good Brothers when Ace Austin sneaked in to secure the pin. There was visible tension between both teams as the show went off the air. This week, both sides will have the opportunity to solve their dispute and perhaps earn a shot at the IMPACT Wrestling tag team championship.

Brace for IMPACT 9/29/20
Who Attacked Eddie Edwards?

Brace for IMPACT 9/29/20

As IMPACT Wrestling came to a close last week, we saw Eddie Edwards making his way out of Skyway Studios when the camera feed cut out. When it came back, Edwards was laid out on the floor. Someone clearly has a bone to pick with the former IMPACT World Champion, but who could it be? Some say the obvious answer is Eric Young. However, as reigning IMPACT Wrestling World Champion, what reason does EY have for hiding? Is Edwards well enough to defend his title on Saturday night? Find out this Tuesday on IMPACT Wrestling!

What Else To Expect

  • John E. Bravo and Rosemary prepare for their wedding
  • #Heath4Impact continues
  • Moose responds to EC3
  • X-Division Action


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