Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Farewell Forte | BATTLE Preview

For seven years, Impact Pro Wrestling has called the Forte Center in Des Moines home. But, this Saturday, the stars of IPW past and present say goodbye to the Forte Center as IPW moves to a new venue in 2022 and Impact Pro Wrestling presents Farewell Forte. 

Ending their time at the Forte Center with a bang, IPW has an absolutely stellar card planned for Saturday night. Let’s take a look.

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Farewell Forte
IPW Heavyweight Championship Match
“Golden God” Bryce Jordyn © vs. Lonestar J Double

When Bryce Jordyn won the IPW Championship last July at the IPW George Tragos/Lou Thesz Hall of Fame show, it was a feel-good moment that he shared with his friends, peers, fans, and mentors. One mentor, James Jeffries, was one of the first people to hug him in celebration after the monumental victory. 

Two days later, everything changed when the newly minted “Golden God” arrived at the Forte Center. That Sunday afternoon, Jordyn shunned the fans before turning his back on Jeffries, a man who helped train him to become a professional wrestler. 

Months later, when they were scheduled to face off for the first time with the championship on the line, Jordyn’s shenanigans made it so Jeffries couldn’t wrestle in Des Moines for a year. That’s when Jeffries’ good friend Lonestar J Double emerged. 

The masked competitor has been a thorn in the champ’s side and has caused Jordyn a bit of paranoia. Firmly believing that Lonestar is, in fact, James Jeffries, Jordyn has added a stipulation to their championship clash Saturday night. 

If he defeats Lonestar, the masked man has to reveal his identity, and if it does, in fact, turn out to be James Jeffries, he is banned from wrestling for IPW in Des Moines for a second year. 

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Farewell Forte
IPW Tag Team Championship Match
The Max Chill Mafia (Max Chill, The Shank, Adam Love) © vs. Justin Decent & Ugly

After forming the Max Chill Mafia during the IPW Vault era, Max Chill, Adam Love, and The Shank vowed to win the tag team titles. That vow came to fruition during IPW’s final show of 2021 when they finally wrangled the straps from Justin Decent and Ethan Everheart. 

It was the crowning achievement for the trio and one they aren’t willing to let be short-lived. Facing them Saturday is the team of Justin Decent and Ugly, who briefly teamed together during a few of IPW’s summer fair show events. 

It will be interesting to see if this rough and tumble pairing can win the gold but even more interesting to see if the MCM continues the roll they ended 2021 on. Here are Adam Love’s thoughts on winning the gold and this Saturday’s show here as he joined Shotgun Wrestling Radio for an interview here.

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Farewell Forte
IPW Extreme Championship “Fans Bring the Weapons Match”
Malice © vs. Gable Galileo

This historically fierce rivalry writes its latest chapter this Saturday, and no better way of doing so than allowing the fans to bring weapons for both competitors to use. As a matter of fact, almost two years ago to the day, Malice and Galileo met in their first “Fans Bring the Weapons Match.”

That match, which also took place at the Forte, had everything from kendo sticks and a barbed wire-wrapped telescope to computer keyboards and even lightsabers. With this Saturday being their final tango in the Forte, the craziness of this match could be at an even higher level. 

Impact Pro Wrestling: Farewell Forte
Last Hoorah Rumble
20-Man Battle Royal

What better way to say goodbye to the Forte Center than a good old-fashioned Royal Rumble-inspired battle royal. Twenty competitors will compete in this match to earn a future IPW Heavyweight Championship opportunity. 

After the first two competitors begin the match, wrestlers will enter in regular intervals. Eliminations occur when a wrestler is tossed over the top rope, and both feet hit the floor. The last man standing will be the winner. 

Current IPW stars already announced for the match include Zay K47, Cole Cannon, Damien Saint, AJ Smooth, and Jaxon King. Fans can expect plenty more current IPW stars along with some surprise entrants as a new number one contender will be crowned. 

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Farewell Forte
Tag Team Grudge Match
Jaxon King & Cowboy Bob Orton vs. The Legend Killers (Matty Star & Sparrow)

Back in July, during the return to the Forte after the Hall of Fame show, Jaxon King teamed with Jay Briscoe and successfully defeated the Legend Killers. Since then, the nefarious duo, one of IPW’s most successful tag teams, has been a constant thorn in the side of Jaxon King. 

Continuously attacking and berating King at every turn. Fed up, King recently wrestled both members of the duo in singles competition and is now bringing in new reinforcements. Enter WWE Hall of Famer, Cowboy Bob Orton. 

Having a pro wrestling legend and father to his pro-wrestling hero Randy Orton by his side could help King finally silence the boisterous duo. 

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Farewell Forte
Tag Team Grudge Match
Briar Hale & Karly Khaos vs. Sage Hale & Queen Bee Brooke Valentine

During IPW’s final show of 2021, Briar Hale finally won the IPW Women’s Championship. Hale overcame the odds and defeated her sister Briar and Brooke Valentine in a triple threat match. 

Now, as the Hale rivalry continues, it’s time for tag team action. Sage Hale and Valentine showed some chemistry working together in the December triple threat match. But egos and the opportunity for championship gold eventually drove a wedge between them. 

It will be interesting to see if they can get along during this tag team match to earn a victory. The wild card in this tag team match is Karly Khaos, who came ever so close to winning the IPW Women’s Championship the last time fans saw her compete at the Forte Center. 

She is teaming with the champ, which is always a tempting place to make an impact by staying loyal to the team or seizing an opportunity to make a claim at a title shot. Lots of combustible elements in this one. 

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Farewell Forte
Singles Match
Damien Saint vs. AJ Smooth

AJ Smooth could be considered the gatekeeper within the IPW locker room. Up and coming stars, wanting to make a name for themselves at one time or another, have to cross paths with IPW’s franchise player. He’s done it all when it comes to IPW and is more than willing to give younger wrestlers a chance to test their mettle.

Unfortunately for most, Smooth is still at the top of his game, so he’s never an easy W. Damien Saint is the next up and comer to get a shot at Smooth. Saint, who has been aligned with IPW Champion Bryce Jordyn as of late, would love nothing more than to start 2022 with a win over a former IPW Heavyweight Champion. 

Both men are pulling double duty Saturday night as both are officially entered in the Last Hoorah Rumble, so we’ll have to see how much this singles match affects their Rumble performance. 

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Farewell Forte
The Big Picture vs. The Death Dealer

Some men are just destined to fight forever, and the Death Dealer and the Big Picture fit that category to a T. These two have gone to battle everywhere, from small-town fair shows and the Vault training facility to multiple wars inside the Forte Center. 

Each time both men give everything they have to assert their dominance, and this final meeting of the two at the Forte Center could be the most intense yet. The Big Picture is looking to get back on track to reclaiming the IPW Heavyweight Championship.

The Death Dealer had an opportunity at the big gold belt during IPW’s final show of 2021 but fell just short against Bryce Jordyn. Whoever wins this match will begin 2022 with a ton of momentum that could eventually lead them to the title. This has the potential to be a show-stealer. 

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Farewell Forte
Last Time Ever Grudge Match
Dalton Cooper vs. Clay Cooper

The Cooper brothers step into the ring together one final time this Saturday, and both are determined to prove they are the dominant sibling. For years, IPW fans have showered Clay Cooper with approval and praise, appreciative of his high flying prowess inside the squared circle. 

Meanwhile, Dalton has been on the receiving end of the fans-ire, through, in his opinion, no fault of his own. That treatment has festered inside Dalton Cooper for years, which drove him to stoke the fire of the fans’ dislike in a feud with fan-favorite Malice and IPW as an entire promotion. 

The two have engaged in a war of words on social media, so there is no better place to put an exclamation point on this sibling rivalry than during the final show at the Forte, which is where the rivalry kicked off years ago. 

Bell time is 7 p.m. this Saturday as Impact Pro Wrestling says goodbye to the Forte Center, and with the card they have scheduled, this farewell to the Forte could be an explosive one.