Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Fall Fight 2021 | Preview

This Saturday, Impact Pro Wrestling presents Fall Fight 2021 as the promotion returns to the Forte Center in Des Moines, Iowa, for their final show of 2021. IPW, like most wrestling promotions, has navigated its way through the COVID pandemic. They were avoiding shutting down completely and finding ways to entertain their fans.

At the start of the year, IPW ran a handful of Facebook live shows from the Vault training center in Collins, Iowa. In front of just a handful of fans and their fellow wrestlers, the stars of IPW were able to build angles, rivalries, and storylines in a unique fashion. It was here where former WWE Superstar Mike Bennett and AJ Smooth put on a classic.

Eventually, IPW returned home at the Forte Center for their 20th Anniversary show. It was an action-packed way to return in front of fans. During the summer, IPW, after missing a year due to COVID, held their annual Hall of Fame weekend in Waterloo, Iowa. The entire weekend was a spectacular time for pro wrestling in Iowa.

Following that was a string of fair shows around Iowa, each delivering the goods like only IPW can. Bringing us to Saturday and the final return to the Forte for 2021. Grudges are set to be settled, three championships are scheduled to be on the line, and a Survivor Series style elimination match will be held.

Let’s look at the card.

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Fall Fight 2021
IPW Heavyweight Championship Match
“Golden God” Bryce Jordyn © vs. The Death Dealer

Some say that since winning the IPW Championship at the HOF show in July, the gold has gone to Bryce Jordyn’s head. Brash and arrogant are the words best used to describe the current IPW Champion. His shenanigans, along with the likes of Damien Saint, made it so James Jeffries cannot wrestle in Des Moines for a year.

He’s managed to weasel his way out of every title defense so far, with his championship still intact. Saturday, he’ll have to look into the eyes of the grim reaper when the Death Dealer stands across the ring from him.

During IPW’s Hall of Fame weekend, the Death Dealer won a battle royal to earn a future championship match. Last month, the Death Dealer made his intentions well known with an emphatic Death Cutter to end the show. Either the Death Dealer’s time has come, or the Golden God will continue his pompous reign atop IPW. Either way, this match should be a banger.

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Fall Fight 2021
Tag Team Grudge Match
Malice & 2 Cold Scorpio vs. The Big Picture & Dalton Cooper

The rivalry between IPW Extreme Champion Malice and Dalton Cooper has been raging for over a year. These two are hell-bent on destroying each other. Meanwhile, Malice and the Big Picture’s distaste for each other is well documented. Last month at the Forte Center, Cooper and the Big Picture aligned to attack Malice, leading us to Saturday.

After the attack, IPW officials announced that at the final show of 2021, the nefarious duo of Cooper and Picture will take on Malice and the ECW original, 2 Cold Scorpio. With Scorpio by his side, Malice has a fair shot at getting revenge on Cooper and Picture. 

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Fall Fight 2021
IPW Tag Team Championship Match
Justin Decent & Ethan Everheart © vs. Max Chill Mafia (Max Chill, The Shank, Adam Love)

Justin Decent and Ethan Everheart have been the definition of fighting champions. Willing to take on any challengers, the champs have represented IPW for over a year. They would love nothing better than to continue their reign into 2022. A constant thorn in their side has been the Max Chill Mafia. 

The trio, who have been a group for over a year, are running out of opportunities. Saturday could be considered a must-win because if they lose, they head to the back of the title contention line. They do have the element of surprise as it hasn’t been announced which two of the group will compete. 

It will be interesting to see if the MCM will finally capture the gold or if Decent and Everheart will continue to run the IPW tag division. 

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Fall Fight 2021
8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match
Team Lonestar: (Captain) Lonestar Double J, Zeke Dynamics, Jimmy Wylde, Cole Cannon vs. Team Smooth: (Captain) AJ Smooth, Gable Galileo, Mason Reaper, Damien Saint

Taking a page out of WWE Survivor Series weekend, IPW brings their fans a good old-fashioned tag team elimination match. On one side, we have Team Lonestar. Led by the mysterious Lonestar Double J, this team consists of three up-and-comers who do some wild things in the ring. 

Jimmy Wylde blows away IPW fans each time he steps in the ring. Zeke Dynamic is willing and ready to fly around inside and outside of the ring. And Cole Cannon moves like a cruiserweight, an impressive feat for his size. 

On the opposite side is a team led by AJ Smooth. The Franchise of IPW’s team consists of three guys willing to do whatever it takes to win. Gable Galileo is a future IPW Heavyweight Champion. The “Prince of the Universe” could be the x-factor in this match. Mason Reaper is one of IPW’s most intimidating wrestlers. 

He’ll take great pleasure getting the chance to eliminate any of his opponents. Damien Saint is a loose cannon, and fans can never be sure where his loyalties lie. With that said, he gives Team Smooth a very dangerous competitor. Tag team elimination matches always have the potential to be wild, and this one is no different.

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents Fall Fight 2021
Briar Hale vs. “Queen Bee” Brooke Valentine

Brooke Valentine returns to IPW with one goal in mind, becoming IPW Women’s Champion once again. Her path back to the championship starts with Briar Hale, whose twin sister Sage currently holds the title. 

Briar and her sister have been feuding for the championship for over a year now, and each time, it’s a close fight. These two have met before, so we will see who has the advantage when they square off once again. The winner most likely slides into a title shot.

Singles Match
Jaxon King vs. Sparrow

Last month Jaxon King went the distance with Sparrow’s tag team partner, Matty Star. It was the next step in his ever-growing momentum towards IPW Heavyweight Title contention.

Saturday, he gets another opportunity to add an impressive victory to his resume when facing Sparrow. The Legend Killers have been looking to get back to their winning ways; maybe a pair of singles victories can start that ball rolling. 

Singles Match
Zay K47 vs. Matty Star

Matty Star has done it all in IPW, and now he’s out to teach the young upstarts a lesson. Star, much like Sparrow, wants a win as they move towards the new year. A win for Zay K47 gives the rookie a spectacular finish to 2021. It’s the age-old tale of a cunning veteran taking on the energetic rookie.

All this, along with Sage Hale defending her IPW Women’s Championship against a competitor yet to be named, takes place this Saturday at the Forte Center in Des Moines, Iowa.

Card subject to change