IMPACT Interrogation for 5/3/19

Tonight’s show comes hot off the heels of Sunday’s Rebellion PPV six days. The fallout from the event could prove to be monumental. Our IMPACT Wrestling interrogation for 5/3/10 is underway. Mike Elgin opens the show, slowing walking to the ring where he picks up a microphone. Chants of “Big Mike” erupt from the crowd. Elgin puts new Impact World Champion Brian Cage on notice claiming he put him in the hospital. He makes the case that Canadians should never cheer for Cage because they should be cheering…HIM. Big Mike vows to take the World Title from “The Machine”. This brings out former champion Johnny Impact. He quickly insults Mike Elgin.

They trade barbs about each other’s manliness and hair before Konnan makes his way to the ring. K-Dogg wants to inform both men he now represents former champion Pentagon and that Penta is next in line for the World Title. He claims that both Elgin and Impact should get in the back of the line. Mike grabs Konan bringing out Pentagon from the back to defend his mentor. Security hits the ring separating the three men. Impact bails to the outside leaving Elgin and Penta, restrained by security, in the ring. Elgin destroys security, tossing them pillar to post. Johnny and Mike stare each other down…

Coming back from commercial we learn Impact has made a three-way No. 1 Contender’s match as a result of the night’s opening events. Pentagon v. Johnny Impact v. Mike Elgin

The opening match of the night pits Austin Ace against Petey Williams, two men from Rebellion’s six-man match. Williams looks to get a measure of revenge over his opponent. The two lock up in the middle of the ring before exchanging some quick grappling holds. Williams send Ace to ringside then dive onto him through the ropes. He rolls his opponent back into the ring but gets knocked off the apron by Ace Austin hitting Petey with an offense of his own. Back on the apron, both men try to trip each other up. Back in the ring, Petey hangs his opponent in the corner, stepping on his groin.

Ace throws off Petey Williams taking control of the match again throwing his opponent to the rope then locking him in an armbar. He takes a playing card out of his wristband slicing his opponent’s hand. Petey wrests back control quickly rolling up Austin in a schoolboy for a near fall. They exchange blows in the corner before Austin regains control with a backdrop leaving Williams reeling. Austin goes in for a kick but is caught by Williams in an attempted Canadian Destroyer that Austin reverses into a neckbreaker for a quick near fall! Austin attempts a double knee driver which Petey reverses into a Sharpshooter. Austin Ace gets to the rope and rolls to the apron climbing to the corner hitting a Famasser on Williams for another near fall. Another quick exchange sees Petey take control again. Petey goes to the top before he is stopped by Austin who headscissors his opponent back into the ring before hitting “The Fold” finisher for the win via pinfall!

We see Rosemary dragging the Undead Maid of Honor through the backstage area. She speaks ominously of the “Firefly” making their return…

Cut to Sami Callihan and O.V.E. Callihan talks being screwed by Impact management. He challenges Rich Swann to a 4 on 4 tag team match next week on Impact!

Rosemary makes her way to the ring pulling the Undead Maid of Honor on her chain behind her for her match against Kiera Hogan. Hogan goes on the offense with repeated chops on her opponent. The Girl on Fire is just that tonight. The pace of the match slows down when Kiera hilts a headscissor then a crossbody from the top. Rosemary recovers hitting a sidewalk slam then mounting her Hogan. She throws in her into the ropes but Hogan reverses with a kick to the knee dropping Rosemary to the mat. Kiera kicks Rosemary in the face several times gaining a two count. Rosemary reverses Hogan’s suplex attempt into her own German style suplex folding Hogan in half. Rosemary misses a spear into the corner but hits an elbow on her charging opponent before flipping over the top applying her “upside down” submission. Rosemary is caught by a kick on the apron knocking her to the outside. Kiera follows her and quickly dispatched to the floor…Su Yung and the undead bridesmaids come out attacking Rosemary. Su Yung unleashes her Undead Maid of Honor. The maids surround Rosemary in the ring. Kiera Hogan hesitates to get into the ring backing up the ramp as the Su Yung takes out Rosemary in the ring hitting the Panic Switch leaving Rosemary laid out in the middle of the ring.

Taya Valkyrie is interviewed by Melissa Santos. She claims she has beaten everyone but is interrupted by Madison Rayne who holds two pinfall victories over the champion. Taya tells Rayne she will not get a match and leaves telling Melissa to come with her.

We cut to the back where Melissa Santos is standing outside a locker room. We can hear Taya Valkyrie yelling at Impact management about her title defenses. She emerges from the room to tell Melissa she knows she doesn’t have to defend her Knockouts Championship for 30 days. She tells Madison Rayne she can have a match next week but NOT for the title

In the LAX clubhouse, they are clearly celebratory after regaining the Impact Tag Team titles Sunday at Rebellion. We find out Santana and Ortiz have been invited to the Rascalz’ treehouse.

Eddie Edwards (w/Kenny) v. Fenix

The kendo sticks gets an intro now…(yes, I’m stealing Callis’ lines now) Edwards kisses Kenny and sets him in the corner. The two shake hands before the lockup transitioning into some flashy chain wrestling. They lock up again with Edwards trying to throw Fenix to the outside but Fenix stays in the ropes coming back into the ring with some sudden offense. Eddie picks up the kendo stick but is stopped by the referee. Eddie becomes frustrated picking Kenny back up stopping Fenix in his tracks. He puts down the stick again only to be dropkicked. Fenix goes to the ropes again but is instead kicked to ringside by Edwards. We see Killer Kross, on the ramp, looking on menacingly as Eddie rolls his opponent back to the ring. Fenix takes control and hits a Crucifix bomb on Edwards who rolls to the outside. Edwards get into the ring and hits a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Kross continues looking on. Fenix gets a rolling cutter on Eddie leaving him reeling. Fenix hits the rope but is stopped by Edwards who hits a Tigerdriver for a two count. Killer Kross walks to the ring picking up Kenny(the kendo stick) offering it to Eddie Edwards but refused to release the weapon causing a distraction. Fenix takes advantage by hitting Edwards with a superkick and hitting a muscle buster finish for the pinfall victory. Killer Kross walks away carrying the kendo stick with him as he goes. Eddie Edwards starts to come apart in the ring with the realization that Kenny(the kendo stick) is gone.

Tommy Dreamer talks to Rich Swann about Sami Callihan’s challenge. He offers to team with Swann next week. Scarlett Bordeaux interrupts to suggest Fallah Bah.

Rob Van Dam makes his first Impact appearance since the Homecoming event two months ago. He grabs a mic to tell us all he came back, not to put over talent, but for himself. He talks influencing the younger generation which is why he returned. Ethan Page interrupts RVD carrying folding chairs to the ring. Page also has a microphone as well. He sits in the middle of the ring calling himself a friend to RVD. He offers Rob Van Dam a seat. Ethan challenges the assertion that RVD is his hero assuring the Whole F’n Show he never stole his moves. RVD takes a chair in hand…RVD challenges Page to a match that Page wants next week. RVD tossed the chair to Ethan Page and promptly delivers a Van Terminator.
We see The North in the back, Page holding his head. Josh Alexander is upset that Page got himself a match with RVD. In steps Moose to assure both men, he can tag with Alexander next week
against LAX.

We see a vignette of Gail Kim that cuts to Sunday night after her match with Tessa Blanchard is seen celebrating with her legendary father Tully. Tully comments on the match complimenting his daughter and comparing her moment to his own career giving nothing but praise for both competitors.

IMPACT Contenders Collide
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Johnny Impact w/Johnny Bravo v. Mike Elgin v. Pentagon

The main event of the evening is a triple threat match to name a new number one contender to Brian Cage and his Impact World Championship. Mike Elgin makes his Impact debut against Johnny Impact and Pentagon. The match starts with the three men volleying for a position by exchanging roll up near falls. Elgin charges at Impact but Johnny pulls down the top rope spilling him to the floor. In the ring, Johnny and Penta exchange some quick moves before Elgin drags Impact to ringside grabbing him under the bottom rope. Pentagon dropkicks both men through the ropes going to the outside. Pentagon tosses Johnny Impact back into the ring. Johnny goes to the apron but is caught by Elgin who powerbombs the forward champion into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Elgin smashes a shoulder into Pentagon then hitting a suplex. He puts Pentagon onto the corner but Penta slips out instead stomping on his opponent. Pentagon goes to the top but is cut off by Big Mike. The two trade chops in the corner. IMPACT is back up on the apron. He hits Elgin with a springboard German suplex pulling Pentagon into a superplex. Johnny is the first to his feet hitting a kick on Pentagon sending him to the floor. Pentagon recovers and is back in the ring as Johnny hits a flipping elbow drop on Elgin. Pentagon slips back into the ring kicking Johnny multiple times in the hamstring. Pentagon then hits multiple kicks and plays to the crowd which gives Elgin a chance to recover. Elgin hits a suplex on Pentagon who rolls outside. Inside the ring, Elgin hits multiple clotheslines on Johnny. Pentagon breaks up the pinfall taking control of the match against Elgin. Pentagon kicks his opponent into the corner playing again to the crowd. The two are once again in the corner this time with Pentagon in control, both men standing on the turnbuckles.

Johnny Impact jumps back onto the apron and pushes Pentagon to the floor regaining control by planting Elgin to the mat with a crucifix bomb for yet another near fall. Johnny pulls Elgin into the corner but misses Starship Pain by playing to the crowd. Elgin rolls out of the way and plants a superkick in Johnny’s face from the corner. Elgin goes for the Elgin bomb but is interrupted by Pentagon who hits his own a slingblade on each. He then hits a Pentagondriver on Elgin pushing him to the outside. Impact comes back into the ring only to be powerbombed and pinned. Johnny kicks out at two. Both men are back in the corner climbing to the top. Elgin is back up and quickly back down courtesy of a Pentagon kick. Johnny kicks Pentagon to ringside before dispatching Elgin with a superkick at ringside. He grabs a chair that he drives into Pentagon’s head before rolling Mike Elgin back into the ring. He lands several kicks to the head setting up his Starship Pain from the corner. Elgin narrowly avoids the impact and hitting Johnny with a clothesline. He buckle bombs, Johnny, setting him up for the sit-out powerbomb and pinfall. Your new number one contender for the Impact World Championship, Michael Elgin!

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Originally written by Tavish York