IMPACT Interrogation for 4/26/19

The last stop before Rebellion Sunday IMPACT starts with Eli Drake who addresses Eddie Edwards. He taunts him(Eddie) about being “old and flappy”. Eli mocks Eddie for talking to Kenny(the kendo stick). Eddie comes out attacking Eli before grabbing Kenny and using him to clear the ring of Eli before diving out after him. Edwards swings the kendo stick, striking Drake several times before pursuing him into the back Eli running like the proverbial “scolded dog”. The show is off to a red hot start.

Look, I shouldn’t but really, the Twitch feed with Callis and D’amore is amazing.

UPDATE on Eli Drake: he’s been chased from the building

Cut to a vignette for Tessa Blanchard v. Gail Kim at Rebellion this Sunday

Tonight Rich Swann goes the O.V.E. compound on tonight’s show

The first match of the night is always exciting Ace Austin vs. hometown boy, Aiden Prince. Austin seeks retribution for Prince picking his ankle, costing him the 6 man last week. The match quickly moves to the outside after Prince hurricanranas Ace out of the ring. The two exchange a quick series of outside dives. Ace Austin rolls into the ring to break up the count before another diving corkscrew to the outside. Finally, the match gets back into the squared circle. Austin hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. The pace slows as the two exchange kicks in the middle ring. Next Austin ties Prince in the tree of woe. He attempts a flying senton but misses. Prince gets the upper hand with some fast-paced offense. A near fall for Prince. Prince then attempts a 450 splash but is caught by Ace Austin who locks him in an armbar. Ace Austin uses his momentum to catch Aiden Prince with his “Fold” finisher for the pinfall victory. Ace Austin then beats down Aiden Prince after the match bringing out Petey Williams for the save and chasing Austin from the ring.

We cut to Jordynne Grace working out. Taya Valkyrie comes in, pushing the barbell against Jordynne’s throat! Jordan temporarily gets the upper before Taya escapes. The two come to blows with Taya gaining back the upper hand by hitting her with a small barbell. Valkyrie viciously DDTs Grace onto a weight she placed on the floor.

Vignette of RVD hyping his in-ring return to the company. He has a list of people he wants to kick in the face

The Rascalz are back for more shenanigans. Each of them got a note to meet in the hallway. Wentz fumbles around in his pocket for his copy of the note….the guy blew his nose in it. Cue Moose. He proposes expanding “the group”…ominous The boys confer. Moose brings in The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) and then proceed to lay waste to our scrappy friends.

Cut to a promo of Johnny Impact hyping his match against Brian Cage. Johnny trashes the fans while Cage talks Impact’s betrayal.

Rich Swann has found his way to the Calihan compound.

Scarlett Bordeaux! She will do a live “Smoke Show” at Rebellion!

The next match of the night is the “Undead Maid of Honor”, accompanied by Su Yung vs. The Demon Assassin Rosemary. The match starts with the Undead Maid of Honor charged at Rosemary who moves out of her path leaving her to bounce off the turnbuckle. Rosemary mounts her throwing rapid punches to the face. Su Yung passes in the bloody glove to no avail as Rosemary hits the “poison mist” on her opponent and suddenly spearing her of the pinfall victory.
Rosemary then uses the chain she carries to lock up the Undead Maid of Honor dragging her away.

Rich Swann is looking for Sami Callihan. He is greeted by the brothers Crist. He is not satisfied hearing Calihan is not home. Swann knocks on a door but gets no answer. Rich Swann then sits at the door talking about being brothers with Sami. He talks the bond the two share; about the death of Sami’s mother. After getting emotional Swann walks away saying he’ll see Sami Sunday for their match. Sami peeks out the door to looking somber.

Johnny Impact runs into the Lucha Bros. in the back, he tells them he can’t understand them speaking Spanish. (Johnny is a fabulous heel)

Killer Kross makes his way to the ring against Willie Mack. Kross stoically stares down his opponent before they lock up. Kross is shot into the ropes for the leapfrog arm drag takedown from Willie Mack. They lock up again with Kross taking the advantage. A little chain wrestling, both men getting the better of the other before Mack straight busts Kross in the mush with a fist. Kross whips Mack into ropes but it backfires and Mack hits him with the flying elbow for a near fall. Killer Kross makes a very arrogant pin of his own before Mack kicks out easily. They exchange punches again before another near fall from The Mack. Kross continues to be relentless, smacking and kicking Mack. Mack mounts some offense with very quick German suplexes. He has the best of his opponent in the corner smashing into him with a flurry of fists, kicks and hip attack. Kross blocks the stunner by Mack. Mack floats into a neckbreaker. Mack goes for a standing moonsault. Kross instead catches Mack in the straightjacket Kross choke causing Mack to pass out. Killer Kross gets the win by a knockout!

We come back from break on a vignette hyping the tag title match Sunday between LAX and the Lucha Bros.

The Deaners make their Debut! Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake make their way to the ring for a match v. Halal Beefcake(Jidris Abrahim and Joe Coleman) Cousin Jake starts the match against — The Deaners easily take control of the match with power moves. Cousin Jake and Cody make quick tags cutting off the ring from their opponents. Halal Beefcake takes control of the match pressing Cody Deaner into the bottom rope by double push up(impressive and new to me). Cousin Jake is back in the ring off the tag. Cousin Jake lifts Abrihim for a “Deaner DDT” finisher making quick work of Halal Beefcake. The Deaners win in a very impressive debut!

Main Event time! The Mayor of Slamtown, World Champion Johnny Impact makes his way to the ring accompanied by his wife, Knockouts Champ, Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Bravo.
Johnny cuts a promo about his title defense Sunday against Cage. Taya also cuts a promo about Jordynne Grace. Lance Storm is invited to the ring. He hugs Taya when gets into the ring. Lance wants to get serious for a minute. He tells Johnny he taught him so much better than his behavior. Taya slaps Storm. Lance superkicks Johnny who tried to attack. The Lucha Bros make their way to the ring completing the champions team. LAX makes their way to the match before their partner for the night Brian Cage completing the challenger’s team. The match starts with Santanna of LAX and Fenix. They exchange quick shots back and forth. Santanna tags in Brian Cage as Penta comes into the match. The two go back and forth. Cage lands some heavy blows but Penta takes him down. Johnny Impacts tags in once Cage is down. Cage wrests control from the smaller opponent. The match goes to the outside. Penta, then Ortiz and finally Cage dive to the outside taking out everyone outside the ring leaving only Fenix standing inside the ring. Fenix dives outside onto LAX. The action goes back to the ring. Johnny Impact back breaks Santanna then takes out Ortiz. Ortiz is back up and throwing opponents back to the outside. Inside the ring, legal man Bage F-5s Pentagon. He goes for the clothesline on Impact who ducks and hits a superkick on the larger opponent. Cage is now legal. He and Lucha Bros. triple team Johnny giving Cage another near fall on the champion. Johnny Bravo pulls the referee from the ring. Cage once again has Impact down. He reaches for Fenix outside the ring who hits him with a chair. Impact now has a chair. He swings wild missing Cage. The Machine hits his Weapon X finisher for the pinfall victory on champion Johnny Impact! Winners of the Match Brian Cage and LAX. The show closes on Brian Cage, covered in his own blood, celebrating his win over the World Champion.

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Originally written by Tavish York