IMPACT Interrogation for 4/19/19

In the latest edition of the IMPACT Interrogation, we recap night that was including singles matches with Moose and Dez, Madman Fulton and Tommy Dreamer and more. Onto the show.

Moose vs. Dez of the Rascalz starts out with Dez playing to the crowd. He tries to slam Moose to no avail. Moose grips Dez before the latter squeaks out. Moose takes control of the match with power moves. Dez is thrown into the turnbuckle “snakes eyes” style. The pace slows as Moose keeps on Dezmond, throwing him from corner to corner chopping the chest. Suddenly Dez hits a Ranna from the corner momentarily stopping Dez. Moose stomps on his opponent before standing on his spine. Moose mocks his opponent before a hard whip into the turnbuckle once more. Moose uses him to keep Dez in the corner. Dez moves as Moose charges at him smashing his shoulder into the buckle. Moose rolls to the outside where he catches a diving Dez, driving him into the steel steps. The Rascal pull off the win with assistance from Wentz on the outside. Off the distraction, Dez is able to roll up Moose for the win. “Mr. Impact Wrestling suffers his first loss to a member of the Rascals.

We see Keira Hogan confront Rosemary. They have a heated exchange briefly before Rosemary attacks “The Girl on Fire” with a steel chain choking her unconscious.

Moose rants backstage to the camera. He screams about the Dezmond Xavier cheating to beat him. Impact Wrestling is obviously keeping him down.

The GWN flashback is OGZ v LAX Slammiversary 2018

Tessa Blanchard cuts a promo on Gail Kim. She hypes their match Rebellion. She blames for costing her the Knockouts Championship. Tessa taunts her for being famous for “sleeping with a chef”. Then Tessa looks for Gail’s husband, storming into the kitchen. She berates customers and assaults staff on her way through the kitchen. She looks into the camera and tells Gail Kim she’ll see her at the match

Cut to Gail Kim on the phone with someone(presumably her husband). She cuts a promo about Tessa Blanchard. She vows to teach her opponent a lesson

Next up is the Newly christened Madman Fulton w/Sami Callihan v Tommy Dreamer in Fulton’s debut singles match for Impact. Callihan smacks Fulton to prepare him for his match. Fulton goes on the attack against Tommy. Dreamer tries to run through Fulton with no results. Callihan gets involved on the outside. He is thrown from ringside. Dreamer gets back into the ring only to catch a foot to the face from the Madman. Fulton creepily taunts a downed Dreamer. The ECW turns the tide by getting out of a bearhug. They brawl outside the ring, with Dreamer bouncing Fulton from the guardrail. They go back and forth throwing each other into and across the rail. Fulton rolls his opponent back into the ring then applies a gator roll. Dreamer takes a hard suplex before his opponent grips him again. Fulton gets a two count before missing a leg drop from the middle rope. Tommy mounts some offense in the way of big jabs and bionic elbow a la Dusty Rhodes. Then Dreamer takes another big kick before hitting a DDT and rolling back to the outside. He pulls out a Singapore Cane(kendo stick) from under the ring. Fulton stops him before being hit to hit a devastating finisher.

After the match, Fulton attacks Dreamer bringing out the rest of OVE(Callihan and the Crist Brothers) Willie Mack comes to Tommy’s aid. The numbers advantage quickly sees the Ohio boys take control of the exchange. Callihan stomps Dreamer’s arm clamped in a folding chair. OVE celebrates on the ramp.

GWN: Steiner Math again! (Scott Steiner is college educated damn it)

GWN flashback to Ultimate X and Kaz’s insane cutter

RVD cuts a promo on his return to the company. He hypes his wrestling career. He still masters the humble brags like no one else in the biz.

Deaner vignette. They ride a tractor to Impact. They debut next week.

We get a medical update Dreamer. Willie Mack is once again accosted by KIller Kross. Kross warns The Mack against Rich Swan’s intentions. Willie challenges Kross to a match next week.

Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring for her match against Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie. Taya cuts an in-ring promo. She hates her home country now, mocking them for being the country of “Sorry”. She’s decided she will not wrestle tonight because of her upcoming title match. Madison Rayne attacks her before Taya starts up the ramp only to be caught by Jordan Grace, her opponent at Rebellion who tosses back into the ring. Madison takes advantage, pinning Taya with a quick schoolgirl roll up. Taya is livid.

We go to Johnny Impact’s LA home for a special Melendez Report, where we see his pool boy(referee Johnny Bravo). “Mr. Bravo” seems a little broken. Impact talks and mocks opponent Brian Cage’s intelligence. Back in the arena Brian Cage physically confronts Don Callis. A shaken Callis frantically makes a phone call.

Scott D’amore gets a phone call from the previously frantic Don Callis. Our faithful announcer has lied to Cage about a plan by Impact to secure his match against Johnny Impact. Lance Storm intervenes to protect D’amore from the “giant moron”. Cage suggests Storm ref his upcoming title match, a plan which D’amore quickly claims as his own.

Next up we see Eddie Edwards (Kenny in tow) and Eli Drake comes to the ring for their Tag Title match vs champions the Lucha Bros. (I didn’t know these guys were Mexican Samurai now, but I don’t hate it) Fenix starts the match against Eli. The match starts hot with all four men finding their way into the ring. The Lucha Bros try for the double team but it’s broken up by Eddie. Eli pins for Fenix for a near fall. Edwards and Eli use quick tags to keep the ring cut off from Fenix. The Mexiking explodes with sudden offense until being caught by Eli. All four men are back in the center of the ring. Moment shifts as the Lucha Bros take over. Pentagon gets a near fall of his own on Eli Drake. Santana of LAX comes from the back distracting Penta but the Lucha Bros rebound. Penta drives Eli into the mat with the assist from Fenix for the pinfall. And still your Tag Champions! The Lucha Brothers. Santana and Ortiz then attack The Lucha Bros and they fight up to the ramp. Eddie and Eli convalesce in the ring, seemingly making up before Eli Drake attacks Edwards. He nails him with the Kenny(the kendo stick) laying him out in the ring. E. Li. Drake. Leaves the ring, kidnapping Kenny in the process and leaving Eddie Edwards in a heap in the ring. This concludes this week’s edition of the IMPACT Interrogation.

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