Genesis Professional Wrestling – Re-booted | Review

Genesis Professional Wrestling – Re-booted

Genesis Professional Wrestling - Re-booted

Welcome back, folks! Once again, I have returned with a review of my local promotion’s latest extravaganza…Genesis Professional Wrestling – Rebooted! It’s hard to believe that it was 21 months between their last show and this event. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to say this, but boy, had I missed them!

And they didn’t hold back with this show either. It felt like there was nearly two years of pent-up frustration ready to be let out by everyone involved. It was a great show from top to bottom. So I’ll stop yapping and get to reporting! Enjoy!…

At the beginning of each GPW show, the Gen Pro trainers bring the junior academy trainees into the ring as the crowd begin to file in. To show the audience exactly what happens at the Gen Pro academy each and every week. Activities like rolls, bumps, running the ropes. The juniors show the crowd all they’ve been taught at the academy and goes without any incident whatsoever. Until today that is…

During the showcase, Max, and Sofia, two of the juniors senior members, got into a heated argument. It came about when Max took exception to Logan (my son, by the way 😉 ) celebrating with the crowd after performing a rather nifty-looking shoulder roll. As he passed by Max, the elder Junior member pushed Logan down hard to the mat. It took every ounce of my being not to jump in the ring myself to have words with Max.

But I needn’t have worried, as Sofia got in Max’s face. Saying that he should try that with someone his own size. Some trash-talking from both sides then took place before GPW Owner Jon Moores grabbed a mic and explained that this isn’t how we settle things here. If they want to argue that bad, then they should have a match. A referee ran out and all of a sudden, we had a match!

Genesis Professional Wrestling – Re-booted
Junior Academy Match
Max vs Sofia

The crowd (and myself for obvious reasons) were 100% behind Sofia. And we were even more behind her when she ducked under two of Max’s attempted lock up’s! While the crowd were celebrating, you could see that Max was incensed. On the third lock up he finally grabbed Sofia’s arm and slapped on a wrist lock.

Then as all good heels do, and make no mistake Max was revelling in his heel role here, he paraded Sofia around the ring. Showing off his skills and telling the crowd that he was the better wrestler. Until Sofia reversed by rolling out of the hold.

Another lock up and again Max grabbed hold of that same arm, slapping on another wrist lock. But this time Max grounded her to the canvas. With the support of the crowd, Sofia raised her way back up, and flipped Max onto his back in the centre of the ring. But her happiness didn’t last long as Max hit back with a nice clothesline to send her backwards to the mat for two. See, I can be impartial folks!

Still annoyed, he laid some boots into Sofia as she was prone in the ring. When the referee began his count, Max quickly told him that he knew the rules as he was younger and better than the ref. Harsh words! By this point Sofia had crawled to the ropes, which gave Max the opportunity to use said ropes to choke Sofia! Man this kid has a mean streak!

As Sofia was using the corner to drag herself up, Max ran in for another clothesline. But Sofia ducked underneath and maneuvered herself into a crucifix on Max and then a Sunset flip. The referee made the three count and the place erupted!

Winner – Sofia

As Sofia was celebrating her well earned victory, Max ran over, scooped her up and slammed her to the canvas. Those cheers for Sofia soon became boos for Max, who quickly shouted “Screw you Snodland!” as he made his way to the back…

With that, the show began properly with Jon Moores (GPW Owner) in the ring. He thanked the crowd for attending the first GPW show in 21 months and promised that today was only the beginning of GPW. With that, he invited the Briggs Brothers to the ring.

Jon Moores, Gen Oro Wrestling Owner [Photo/@lipslikesugar67]
Bully and Tommy Briggs came to the ring with their usual swagger. Giving it large (talking smack for the uninitiated) to the booing crowd. Once firmly settled in the ring, Jon began to explain that William West, the GPW commissioner, had been fired. All of his decisions have now been classed as null and void.

Today is a new day for GPW and Jon is a forgiving man. He extends an olive branch to the Briggs Brothers by saying that the past is the past. They can either jump on board with Jon or can they can be fired. Their choice. While they thought it over, Jon Moores invited Leo Strong to the ring. Leo gained a big reaction from the crowd.

Jon explained that at the last show there was a Battle Royale to declare the new number one contender to the GPW World title. Ex-commissioner West called the match a draw when Leo and Bully hit the floor at the same time. As he said earlier, all of West’s decisions are now invalid. And with that in mind, the pair will face off right now as the first competitors in Genesis Professional Wrestling Rebooted!

Genesis Professional Wrestling – Re-booted
Bully Briggs w/Tommy Briggs vs Leo Strong

This new itineration of GPW kicks off with both men at a stalemate after two strong lock up’s. Quickly followed by both men trading running shoulder tackles. Real big boy wrestling here. Matching each other strength-wise. But that changes when Bully decides a shot to the breadbasket is the way forward.

He quickly pushes Leo back into the corner for a blatant choke and a stiff backhand chop. Incensed, Leo reverses and puts Bully in the corner for some payback. Giving him the exact same medicine. And as Bully staggered out of the corner, Leo tried a quick School Boy pin attempt but only garnered a two.

Bully is first to his feet and responds in kind with an uppercut and a wicked lariat for his first two count of the match. Bully then tries to keep Leo grounded with a rear chinlock on the mat, but Strong raises up and whips Bully into the corner. A big running splash and a Fisherman’s Buster suplex gains yet another two count.


Again Bully is to his feet first, and again he grounds Leo with what looked like a nerve hold of some description. With the crowd’s help, Strong gets back to his feet and takes Bully down with a strong shoulder charge. But as is the case in this match, Bully turns the tables once more. A running knee strike and a huge suplex puts Leo down.

A few more minutes of strong (pardon the pun) offense from Bully is finished off by hitting his TKO onto Leo Strong to pick up the victory.

Winner – Bully Briggs

Genesis Professional Wrestling – Re-booted
The Banshee Vickie vs Mumbles

With Vickie already in the ring, Mumbles music began to echo around the hall. He comes out from behind the curtain with three other people. One is wearing a circus ringmaster’s outfit who definitely looks like he’s the voice of the group with his confident swagger. This group walk around the ring and look to not only intimidate Vickie but the crowd too. And the eerie circus music of Mumbles makes it all the more menacing.

Eventually the ring bell is rung and the match begins. Both competitors lock up, but Vickie is swatted away with Mumbles. The guy is huge. Not sure what Vickie is thinking going for a lock up. Another lock up but this time Vickie rolls as Mumbles attempts to lock up. Maybe she does have a plan after all?

She is more nimble and quick than Mumbles. Vickie then hits the ropes and tries a shoulder tackle onto Mumbles. She goes flying backwards onto her back. She tries again, and the same outcome happens once more.

Vickie changes tack and attempts a running cross body. But the huge size difference comes into play once more. Mumbles simply catches her in mid-air and slams her to the mat. Hard. A simple hand upon the prone Vickie is all it takes for Mumbles to win this match.

Winner – Mumbles

The mad ringmaster climbs into the ring and is followed by the rest of the motley crew. He grabs the mic and talks about how Mumbles is the star of this group, the aptly named Mumbles Mad Circus. His two other associates are Nemesis and CT Monroe. And together, the Circus will inflict as much pain as possible onto the Gen Pro roster. This promotion is put on notice as they look to take it over…

Genesis Professional Wrestling – Re-booted
Edin vs Andros Jay

Up next are two best friends and members of Enigmatic – Edin and Andros Jay. An old-school Ring Of Honor handshake to begin the proceedings followed by some great technical chain wrestling. Lots of taking of the arms and put into wrist locks, hammerlocks, and reversals.

A great feeling out process to begin the match. Eventually, the quickness of both men came into play as they both ran the ropes with Andros taking down Edin with a hard shoulder tackle.

Not to be outdone, Edin gets up and throws Jay across the ring with a sweet-looking Japanese arm drag and a schoolboy rollup for a two count. More running of the ropes ensues until Edin hit a reverse elbow but missed the moonsault. Jay picked up Edin suplexed him for a two count. The crowd chant, “one more time.” Jay nodded his head in appreciation and delivered another suplex for two.

Edin backs into the corner, allowing Andros to run in with the forearm, but Edin moves out of the way. He in turn hits a running forearm onto Jay and a suplex for two. The crowd once again chant, “one more time.” Edin nods towards the crowd and delivers another suplex that again gets a two. The crowd are really into this match by this point.

Lots of dueling “Let’s go Edin” and “Let’s Go Andros” chants across the whole community center. I’ve missed live wrestling! Both men then trade some stiff-looking kicks but Edin hit a Dragon Screw to send Jay across the ring in a lot of discomfort. For those that don’t remember, Andros suffered a broken leg two years ago, and it looked like the Dragon Screw may have tweaked something there.


Andros jumped to the middle rope (or Bret’s rope as I call it) for a diving elbow. Again he can only get a two count. As Edin got to his knees, Jay hit him with a running PK (penalty kick) for two. The pace begins to quicken now and the shots both these men are taking are getting stiffer by the minute.

A great-looking quick DDT soon follows again for two. Both men get to their feet and legitimately begin to throw stiff forearms and kicks at each other. Really laying it in. I know you always bring you’re A-game when you face a friend but these two are at an A* level for me. Outstanding stuff!

Edin hit a Superkick that the Young Bucks would have been proud of. He follows it up with a running Shoot Star Press for a very very close two. Edin then made the mistake of not capitalizing. He began to shout, “why won’t you stay down?!” at Andros and show his frustration.

This enabled Jay to get to his feet and put down Edin with a Rock Bottom. But doesn’t stop there. He climbs to the top rope, bad leg notwithstanding, and performs his Swanton Bomb finisher. 1,2,3, and it’s all over.

What a fantastic match that was! It felt like there were two years of pent-up frustration in not being able to perform in front of a live crowd. When this event goes onto the Gen Pro You Tube page (click right here) you have GOT to watch this. Awesome stuff!

Winner – Andros Jay

Genesis Professional Wrestling – Re-booted
Percy Trainer vs Jon Jon Tavious

Two new guys to the Gen Pro audience were up next. And one of them was so hated by the crowd, that I became slightly deaf with the amount of heat he drew! Percy Trainer can only be described as Simon Dean crossed with Mr Motivator. I’ll wait here while you Google who I mean…..Back? See told you!

Percy instructs the MC to announce that he is the fittest man in the world with only 2% body fat. Some claim! Jon Jon walks from behind the curtain to a great ovation. Percy isn’t having any of that and plays up to his heel persona even more. The crowd were so loud in their booing of him! This is great stuff!

Percy tells Jon that they should warm up first by doing some push-ups in the ring. After consulting the crowd, Jon does some push-ups with Percy. But as you guessed, Trainer tries to cheap-shot Jon. But Jon knew it was coming and throws Percy outside the ring. Trainer then threw the first of many Christian-style hissy fits.

When Percy had calmed down and entered the ring, he was swiftly taken down again with a basement dropkick. Jon Jon is incredibly quick around that ring! A Snapmare takeover followed by a swift kick gained a two count for Tavious. An even quicker jumping Side Effect side slam was next but again it was a two from the referee.

Percy then chokes Tavious with the ropes while promoting his own brand of nutritional goodness. Imagine The New Day’s box of Bootyo’s being shown towards the crowd as Percy’s foot was on the ropes choking Jon Jon and you’ll get the picture. Lots of strikes and chokes were the order of the day next from Percy, gaining a two count. A nice suplex for another two and yet another hissy fit from Trainer.

The crowd are booing him relentlessly, making him throw even more tantrums! After hitting a reverse elbow on Tavious, Percy asks the crowd why no one is buying his DVD’s. The person next to me said “it’s all streaming services now you pillock!”

Mini comeback from Tavious with a modified Stunner followed by a clothesline for two. A great spinning Powerbomb was next from Jon Jon, but again all he got was a two count. Percy hit a Slingblade out of nowhere and followed it up with a Powerbomb, but again can’t put Tavious away. Percy lost it at this point.

He was throwing a tantrum so big, there were babies walking past the community centre thinking “I’m not THAT bad surely?!”. As Trainer got up from that enormous tantrum, he was met with a jumping Flatliner. And that was enough to give Tavious a well-earned victory. Great contest, although I fear I may have permanent damage in my left from now on 😉

Winner – Jon Jon Tavious

Before we headed into the interval, Jon Moores entered the ring, mic in hand. He wanted The Damned (current GPW World Champion) to come to the ring and surrender the title. Reason being that The Damned hadn’t fulfilled his champion obligations of defending the title every 90 days. Maybe Jon had forgotten about something called a pandemic which put paid The Damned’s defense opportunities??

But the champ hadn’t even been seen at all so far. Not even in the run up to the show. No promos or posts on social media. No taunting of the GPW roster. Nothing. This is strange behaviour from the champion. There’s nothing he likes more than to tell the world that he is the standard bearer for Genesis Professional Wrestling by being their champion.

With that in mind, The Damned’s music began but there was no sign of him. The MC even went backstage to find him. But again there was no sign of him. Jon went on to explain that The Damned has until after the interval to hand back the title, or he will take it from him himself. Not sure if Jon was annoyed or maybe he’s showing a new attitude today?


Back from the interval and Jon Moores is still waiting in the ring for The Damned and the GPW World title. Suddenly The Damned’s music plays again, but Bully and Tommy Briggs walk out from the back instead. And Bully is carrying the GPW World title as well as showing off the mask of The Damned. Did the Briggs boys attack the champion backstage?! The brothers climb into the ring and stare down Jon Moores.

After eyeing up the championship belt, Bully hands the belt over and shakes Jon’s hand. Has Bully turned over a new leaf? Or has Jon fully embraced his dark side? Jon then announces to the crowd that tonight’s main event will crown the new Genesis Professional Wrestling World Champion!

Genesis Professional Wrestling – Re-booted
Leo Strong vs Bruce Bravo

Leo is back out again to another great ovation. He really is well-liked here. His opponent is the debuting Bruce Bravo. He reminded me of a well built and put together Crocodile Dundee (again, Google him kids). He certainly raised the spirits of a few people around with me with his physique.

I think it’s safe to say that both these men have had amateur training before as the first three or so minutes of the match was spent on the mat. Trading submission holds and reversal out of them. Great stuff in my eyes. You could see that they were channeling their inner “World of Sport.” But as is the way, that all changed when Leo hit a great dropkick onto Bruce for a two-count.

Genesis Professional Wrestling - Re-booted

Quickly followed by a sunset flip for another two. Bruce was then sent into the corner to be greeted with a huge chop to the chest that made everyone’s eyes water. That lit a fire under Bravo and he reversed Leo into the corner and hit three chops of his own in retaliation. Two European uppercuts and a lariat took Leo down for a two.

As Strong got to his feet, he was hit with a Stroke for yet another two. Bruce really had the crowd on his side by this point. But Leo stood up and scoop slammed Bruce so strong that even the referee jumped! Strong grabbed the scruff of the neck of Bravo and hit a Tombstone piledriver! A Tombstone folks!!

But for some reason, Leo doesn’t go for the cover. He instead climbs to Bret’s rope (middle rope folks) to hit an elbow drop. But he took to long and Bruce moves out of the way. An Overdrive neckbreaker by Bravo and he picks up his maiden win on his debut!

Winner – Bruce Bravo

Genesis Professional Wrestling – Re-booted
Edin vs Nemesis

Quickly following on from the last match, we see crowd favourite Edin once more. This time he faced off against Nemesis from Mumbles Mad Circus. Once again accompanied by the Mad Ringmaster. This match was the epitome of a squash match folks. And that’s nothing against Edin who tried really hard. I just think the exploits of his earlier battle with Andros Jay took too much out of him.

Edin ducked under two attempted lock up’s from Nemesis. But the third time definitely wasn’t the charm as he was greeted with Nemesis’s big boot. That and a front slam is all it took for yet another maiden victory this evening. Nemesis didn’t show emotion at all, but the Mad Ringmaster sure did!

He seemed very happy as he led his charge to the back. Edin slowly left the ring to a great ovation from the Snodland faithful. He definitely has a place in their hearts now.

Winner – Nemesis

GPW Owner Jon Moores stood in the middle of the ring with the GPW World Championship. He had watched all the matches tonight and he’s decided the two competitors that have impressed him the most, and will battle for the title are….Bully Briggs and Andros Jay! And that match will take place now!

Genesis Professional Wrestling – Re-booted
GPW World Championship
Bully Briggs w/ Tommy Briggs vs Andros Jay

This match was the irresistible force against the immovable object. Andros Jay and his speed and guile against the strong ox that is Bully Briggs. And it showed from the start.

Bully made the early going, dictating the pace of the match. Strong strikes and big impact moves like suplexes. There was a moment in the early going where Andros was in the corner and took a big forearm. From my vantage point, Jay’s eyes look glazed over. He really didn’t look with it.

Tommy Briggs was on the outside shouting instructions to Bully. He could see the match was there for the taking. Briggs grabbed the left leg of Jay and hit a Dragon Screw. Jay let out an almighty scream as he hit the canvas! Could the earlier excess from his match against Edin go against Andros now?

As Jay was sitting up, Briggs hit a running PK that shook Andros to the core. Quick cover but only a two. Briggs instantly got into the face of referee Dr Steve Sezso. Ignoring the referee entirely, Bully stacks up Jay like a stack of dimes with a back suplex. But again only a two. Andros showed so much heart by trading strikes with Briggs as he was getting up.

Genesis Professional Wrestling - Re-booted

Bully screams at him for more, and Jay duly obliges. But a huge big boot and a Hogan-esque leg drop soon puts Jay back on the mat. Now both Briggs brothers are screaming at Andros to stay down, but the crowd were right behind the underdog, willing him up. But Bully decides a foot on the throat of Andros is enough to shut that down!

A modified leg lock is next on the agenda for Bully. He was really wrenching back on the damaged knee of Jay. But again, the heart and spirit of Andros shone through. HE used his free leg to kick Bully on the back of his head to get out of his predicament. But he didn’t last long as Briggs hit him with a running low cross body block – ala Bray Wyatt – for two.

You could see that Bully and Tommy were thinking what have they got to do to keep Andros Jay down. An attempted Thrust kick by Jay was caught and trapped by Bully. He used his weight advantage to turn Jay’s leg around into a modified Texas Cloverleaf. With the hall ringing with Andros’s yells of pain, Jay tapped the mat in submission.

Winner – And NEWWWWWWWW GPW World Champion, Bully Briggs

The booing was incessant as the referee handed Bully the championship belt as Tommy grabbed the mic. “Things are gonna change around here, don’t you worry!” said Tommy as Bully paraded around the ring with his new championship. And I have a feeling that things will definitely change….for the worse! As Genesis Professional Wrestling presented – Re-booted.