Friday Night Smackdown Synopsis for 1/24/20 (Bryan/Wyatt Contract Signing)

Friday Night Smackdown takes place in Dallas, Texas. The Usos come to the ring first as part of a six-man tag-team matchup. This is the final episode before this coming Sunday’s Royal Rumble. Roman Reigns is next to come to the ring. Cole reminds fans that Roman Reigns will be competing twice once against King Corbin and a second time as part of the Royal Rumble. We then get a recap of the last week’s match between Reigns and Roode. It is announced that it could be a falls count anywhere. The contract signing between Daniel Bryan and ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt takes place tonight.

Roman Reigns and The Usos vs. King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

Ziggler and Jey Uso lockup in the middle of the ring. A quick tag in the ring and Dolph is double-teamed but then forced back into his corner. He then tags Robert Roode back in the ring. Roode continues to stomp. A quick recovery turns into an advantage on Robert Roode. Jimmy Uso is hurt as he’s driven headfirst into the steel steps. The medical staff, Reigns and Jey Uso all check on Jimmy. He is then led out of the match and it quickly becomes a handicap match.

After a commercial break, it becomes a 3 on 2 affairs. Reigns tag Jey back into the match who continues to work on Dolph Ziggler. Corbin is then tagged back into the ring. However, Jey begins to fight off Corbin’s attack. King Corbin catches Jey in a deep six but only for a count of two. Jey is then thrown out of the ring and Roode and Ziggler get their shots in while the referee is distracted. Roode is tagged in and systematically begins to work on Jey. Corbin and Roode continue to make quick tags in the match. Jey, however, begins to make a comeback. An enziguri later and Jey tries to make the tag to Reigns.

Corbin continues to work on Jey Uso. However, Jey reverses it and whips Corbin into the corner turnbuckle. Reigns made his way back into the match. The Big Dog beats down the likes of Ziggler and Roode. Reigns then hit a big boot and takes in the emotion from the crowd. He then sets up and tries to hit a spear but a distraction by Corbin leads to a superkick by Ziggler. Ziggler berates Reigns who is being beaten down by all three opponents. Corbin continues to work on the fallen Reigns.

Roode is then tagged in the ring and appears to set up for the Glorious DDT. Reigns prevents it with a powerbomb.

As Reigns attempts to get to Jey Uso, Ziggler gets involved. Ziggler teases a superkick but eats a superman punch!  Jimmy Uso makes his way down to the ring and gets the tag into the match. King Corbin looks for End of Days but eats a Superman punch! With Reigns and Corbin doing battle outside the ring, inside the ring. Jimmy stops Robert Roode and finishes him with am Uso splash.

Winners: The Usos and Roman Reigns

A flashback of last week is shown with Daniel Bryan and how surprized the Fiend from last week’s episode. The two men will face each other in a strap match for the WWE Universal Championship.

After the commercial break, we are shown the history between Evans and Bayley this week. In particular, last week’s match between Lacey Evans and Bayley. Evans comes out and is interviewed about her questioning about the leadership about Bayley and Banks. Lacey’s story is true as she shares about her upbringing. Her emotion could be said to be fabricated but it couldn’t be further from the truth. We see last month’s situation of how Banks got involved with her family. As Evans began to share about that situation, Bayley attacks her.

Dana Brooke and Carmella come in and announce how both of them are getting involved in the Women’s Royal Rumble. They are then interrupted with Evans and Bayley battling backstage.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Fire and Desire (Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville)

Last week, we see how Otis saving Mandy Rose was a distraction to Sonya Deville causing a loss to Alexa Bliss. It seemed the issue with Otis getting involved in the match last week won’t lead to a further problem between Rose and Deville. Upon the bell ringing, Evans and Bayley charge the ring and battle with all other competitors interrupting it.

Winners: No contest

Elias discusses how the Royal Rumble is upon us. He shares how he will put his heart and soul into the Royal Rumble. He then sings a song engaging the fans but introduces  Braun Strowman to the ring. Elias asks Strowman if he’d like to sing with him. Upon his singing, he was interrupted by Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura with Sami Zayn.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Braun Strowman and Elias

Elias and Cesaro start the match off with one another. Elias then climbs the top rope and walks the top rope and comes down with a double knee. He is distracted by Sami Zayn and hit from behind by Cesaro. As he is thrown of the ring, Nakamura attacks him from behind but Strowman charges the other side of the ring and wipes him out.

Elias and Cesaro continue the match in the ring. Each time Elias tries to make the tag to Strowman the ring is cut in half. Nakamura is tagged in and takes out Elias. He seems set up to hit the Kinsasha but Elias charges back with a high knee. Strowman is then tagged into the ring and runs over Nakamura. Shinsuke clocks Strowman with a kick to the back of the head. Cesaro is then tagged in and both men work on Strowman. Nakamura hits a running knee and Cesaro quickly makes the tag. The referee attempts to distract the referee but Elias thwarts that effort. Elias is then tagged in and hits a flying elbow and pin on Cesaro.

Winners: Braun Strowman and Elias

Wyatt and Bryan’s contract signing is coming up later tonight. Big E is all oiled up with a guy trying to lift him up but can’t because he’s oiled up. Kingston then comes in and shares how he’s facing John Morrison later on in the show.

King Corbin is interviewed backstage and shares how he isn’t afraid of Roman Reigns. He says that he will beat him so badly that their last battles will mean nothing.

We are then shown the Rumble by numbers with all of those involved. This time around NXT will be an active participant in the Rumble matchup.

Kofi Kingston with Big E vs. John Morrison with The Miz

With Kingston already in the ring, a Sheamus shares how he went after Shorty G and charged back at him. We then get the familiar slow-motion entrance by John Morrison. The Miz shares how Morrison returned after an eight-year absence. He then says how both he and Morrison will be a part of the Royal Rumble.

The matchup starts with both men using a number of acrobatic flips and leaps. Kingston then hits a somersault onto Morrison on the outside. The Miz, however, distracts him and Morrison capitalizes.

After another commercial break, Morrison and Kingston return to the ring. Morrison then hits a knee on Kingston and attempts Starship Pain but to no avail. Kingston makes a quick recovery. Kofi then hits a hurricanrana and a leaping stomp on Morrison. He then makes a cover but only for a count of two. Morrison then blocks trouble in paradise with a spin kick of his own. Both men are then battling on the top rope. Morrison pokes Kingston in the eye with the referee distracted. He follows up with a Spanish fly off the top rope. Kingston then hits an S.O.S on Morrison. Kofi attempts a pin but only for a count of two. Morrison attempts to put his feet on the rope but is caught by Big E.

The Miz attempts to get involved by Kingston takes him out. Morrison clocks Kingston from behind taking him down. Morrison climbs the top rope and hits Starship Pain for the finish and a three count win.

Winner: John Morrison

Up next is the contract signing between Daniel Bryan and ‘The Fiend’ Daniel Bryan. Bryan makes his way down to the ring first. Wyatt tries to fax over the contract for the signing to Bryan but it doesn’t seem to work. He attempts to call customer service but to no avail. Bryan grows tired of Wyatt’s antics. He showed how this is all about Bryan’s big mistake. Wyatt then says that ‘he’ should be signing the contract against Bryan. The Fiend appears with the other side of the strap around his wrist and attacks Bryan in the process.

Wyatt rips the shirt of Bryan and proceeds to whip him with the thick leather strap repeatedly. The Fiend Bray Wyatt then proceeds to sit down and stab his own hand signing the contract in his blood overtop of Daniel Bryan.

Wyatt Bryan Contract Signing
Photo / WWE

‘He’ then throws it down at the feet of Daniel Bryan. The lights go out and come back on with a battered Daniel Bryan coming too with the contract at his feet.