#NEWS: Lacey Evans reflects on anniversary of father’s passing

Yesterday, WWE’s Lacey Evans opened up about the anniversary of her father’s passing. She shared about his battles with addiction and depression. These struggles led to a life of abuse for her but focus wasn’t about what she endured but what he did and the life left behind. In a selfless post, Lacey Evans reveals that his suffering doesn’t end for the families. The WWE star continues to share the message that it never is easy to lose a loved one especially one that was suffering themselves.

Four years ago today my dad took his last breath. Overdose. He left seven kids and a wife crushed with holes to this day we try and fill. He was broken, addicted and depressed but had so much life left to live. He lost. He let it win. A battle so many fight but don’t want to talk about Until the kids are left crying, wives lonely and parents heart broken. If you or someone you know are dealing with addiction or depression get help.

Don’t ignore the issue no matter how small it may seem. Work on it. Get the help and wake up every day knowing people love you. Life is short and it will get better. The sun will shine again, those good days will return and you are worth it. Dont let it win. Don’t lose. Don’t give up. #BreakTheCycle #Depression #Addiction #GetHelp.

Madison’s Mindset: Regardless of what some may think of her as a performer it is as a person that speaks volumes about her. Evans lived a life where she witnessed first hand what depression and addiction can do to someone. She is able to look past her father’s battles to know that it could be a means of helping someone else. Evans continues to act as an advocate and help spread her story in hopes that others will look for a resolution and not simply living with the problem.