Episode 23 – Pro Wrestling Post Podcast (King/Queen of the Ring/Double or Nothing & Fall Out)

Two guys walk back into a bar, one with a bottle of water in one hand and t an uppity coffee drink in the other, the result may be side-eye onlookers, or it could be intriguing as they dive into episode 23 of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast.

What does a King, A Queen, a Barbed Wire Steel Cage, and complete Anarchy in an Arena have in common? Outside of likely the worst way to ask someone out on a date they are all topics of discussion on this week’s episode.

In the latest edition of the podcast, our resident Commonwealth connection explored the results of last week’s WWE and AEW pay-per-views.

On top of looking at each of the shows, they also discuss the fallout shows of Raw and Dynamite. What did Blake and Madison have to say about them?

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Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 23
King and Queen of the Ring

In what was rather a unique outlook, one of our hosts shared their thoughts on the show while the other had the audacity not to watch it!

Actually, it was an interesting perspective to compare from one who saw the results and one who heard of the results.

Blake and Madison discuss the winners and losers and how each match was presented. Of note, whether it be the entrance of Sami Zayn or the performance of Logan Paul, the show appeared to be enjoyable.

That said, the two hosts touched upon his respectful disdain for one performer on this night (you’ll have to listen to find out who they are referring to) and the performance of one Judgment Day member who seems to make a habit of making mistakes…or is he?

Does one of our hosts continue on with their irresistible appreciation for one Queen of the Ring finalists? Spoiler: No, they don’t. But don’t let that stop you from listening to them share their thoughts regardless.
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Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 23
King and Queen of the Ring – RAW Fallout Show

Two days after King and Queen of the Ring took place, our two hosts discussed a number of things that took place in light of the pay-per-view.

Our hosts discussed who will face Damien Priest at SummerSlam if, in fact, he retains at Clash at the Castle.

With a number of scenarios discussed, the hosts explore the possibilities with one result likely leading to nuclear heat. One possibility may lead to an international incident!

Another idea was the potential for a multi-man match at SummerSlam, which may very well fit the appetites of several potential contenders. The scenario gives thought to what potential chess pieces could fall after SummerSlam as well.

Blake and Madison discussed an array of items on the show including a kiss that didn’t miss! While we don’t rate whether or not that kiss was believable, they did discuss how those linked to this situation may, in fact, feel about it.

Episode 23
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Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 23
AEW’s Double Or Nothing

The very busy weekend of wrestling continued on Sunday and depending on where you were watching from into Monday. After more than four and a half hours, the dust settled on what was another exciting event.

New champions were crowned, and two brutal matches took place that pushed the envelope for those in attendance and at home. Our hosts also discussed the turn by one popular talent in the women’s division.

As Sunday turned to Wednesday, a number of questions appeared to come from the result of the show. And while a dad might often say, ‘I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.’

So, he became a point of discussion as a new champion in a match that will see him contend for the AEW World Championship.

Does this champion have the potential to pull a REVERSE CODY after winning the Forbidden Door Gauntlet match?

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